Compilation of Top 7 Songs From FIESTAR You Have Been Missing All These Years



Mirror was the lead track for their second and the last mini album, titled A Delicate Sense, released on March 9, 2016. All the members were active participants in producing the album. In this album, only five members were involved, as Cheska left the group on March 20, 2014.

Many netizens said that this song could be a bop if people recognized the group more. Mirror is a good, yet underrated, song.

Mirror is a deep ballad, telling about a depressed girl who had recently broken up with her boyfriend. She hates herself and feels like she is losing her old self, crying over and over again, and she asked for someone’s help.

The music video suits the lyrics well. With the dark background, the members acted like depressed adult women. Sexy, yet so sad, the music video is so beautiful.

You’re Pitiful

On March 4, 2015, Fiestar released their first mini album, Black Label, with the title track You’re Pitiful. The album was made without Cheska, only the five remaining members of the group. The song was ranked at #11 in the Korea Gaon chart.

This song is about how pitiful an ex-boyfriend is after he dumped his girl. The ex-boyfriend used to be bossy and harsh, but now he is miserable and broke. He might regret breaking up with the girl and want her back, but the girl rejects him for good. You’re Pitiful sounds a little bit similar to Mirror, especially in the intro.

The music video shows more an adult side of the Fiestar members, with the sensual choreography. It also showed the pitiful ex-boyfriend and flashback scenes with the girl.


Today is one of the tracks from Black Label, Fiestar’s first mini album. The song was released in 2015 without making a music video.

After all the upbeat songs, Today is one of Fiestar’s ballad masterpieces. The song is about the loneliness of a girl after a breakup. The lyrics are quite deep, as you can see on the video above.

That’s all about Fiestar’s top songs. Do you think Fiestar need to reunite and start making songs again? Leave your thoughts in the comment section, below!