Compilation of Top 7 Songs From FIESTAR You Have Been Missing All These Years


Fiestar, The Late Girl-Group You Might Have Missed

Fiestar was a South Korean girl group under Kakao M, the same agency that manages the famous soloist, IU. Fiestar was originally formed with six members, Cao Lu, Hyemi, Linzy, Jei, Cheska, and Yezi, and debuted on August 31, 2012. They started getting attention even before their debut, thanks to their collaboration duet with IU, titled “Sea of Moonlight”, for LOEN Entertainment’s collective label album.

Unfortunately, Fiestar ended up being disbanded when their contracts expired in May, 2018. They had some good songs that people might have missed, so Byeol Korea will give you the rundown on Fiestar’s top seven songs which really worth hearing, stay tuned!


Vista was Fiestar’s debut song, released on August 31, 2012, as their first official single. This upbeat debut song charted in the K-Pop Billboard Hot 100.

The song was about being confident with your own style. However you are, if you believe in yourself you will shine like a superstar. The song is really catchy, especially the chorus. Yezi’s fast rap became many listeners’ favorite part in the song. As one netizen commented, “Best Rap ever by any group starts at 3:51“.

The music video used science-fiction scenes, with Fiestar shining in the Vista show competition. The costumes were quite simple, yet good, showing the confident and delicate young women. This was really good song for their debut, as 2012 become Fiestar’s year for winning so many rookie group awards.

I Don’t Know

I Don’t Know was released on November 1, 2013, from their third single album, Curious. It was their first single after spending a year on hiatus. It was released by LOEN Entertainment and was their first single under LOEN’s music label, Collabodadi. The song was ranked 4 places higher than their previous songs, at #17, but couldn’t beat their debut song, which ranked at #9.

The song is an easy listening type. The lyrics was tell us about a girl that experienced her first date moment with her boyfriend. She was quite shy, clueless, and didn’t know anything about her boyfriend’s reactions.

The music video had a cute, yet adult concept. The girl was described as the innocent and naive one, and the boy was described as the pervert boyfriend. He always invited his girlfriend to his house at night, and sneaked into the girlfriend’s breast, thinking of dirty things. But when the boyfriend wanted to kiss the girl, she refused and left. The innocent girl was left confused about it.

Wicked (feat. Tiger JK)

This time, Fiestar collaborated with Tiger JK, a South Korean-American rapper and producer, to make a single titled “Wicked”. The song was released in 2012 as part of the Vista single album.

The song was an upbeat hip-hop tune. It was sung at a higher pitch, resulting in the cute and kid-like sound at the chorus. The lyrics were about a wicked girl who always wanted to be the prettiest and stand out from everyone else.

Sea of Moonlight (feat. IU)

Sea of Moonlight was a lucky song for Fiestar, as it led to them getting a lot of attention before their debut, because IU was a famous soloist. The song was released on July 26, 2012 around a month before Fiestar’s official debut and was domestically successful.

Sea of Moonlight was a bright and easy-listening summer song with the fun beat. The song describes how beautiful summer was, the bright day, fresh grass, and beautiful night sky, like sea of moonlight. The music video was simply about girls who were having fun outdoors, camping and enjoying their summer vacation.