List of Top 15 Popular Songs From Girls’ Generation That You Should Know!


Run Devil Run

Run Devil Run is a song that was released on March 17, 2010, as part of the reissued version of the previous studio album, Oh!, which was released on January 28, 2010. Run Devil Run is another comeback that has a very different concept than the previous ones, since they has a dark concept this time.

In this comeback, SNSD usually wears black costumes that made them look more fierce than the usual, with a touch of smokey eye makeup. SNSD reached the highest rank on the Gaon Singles Chart for two weeks after releasing Run Devil Run, while competing with other hit songs on the chart, such as KARA’s ‘Lupin‘ and 2AM’s ‘I Was Wrong‘.

There are 2 versions of the Run Devil Run music video, the original video which is located in two settings; a black and white room and the members dancing together with an individual close-up looks.

The story version is longer than the original, since it was continued from the Oh! music video where the girls are dancing, and there’s spilled cup where it damaged a computer. The Black Version of the SNSD members come out to reality and messed around the girls room.


Hoot (훗) is another comeback, with their 3rd extended play which was released in October, 2010. The song reached the top of the Gaon Album Chart and was at number two on the Oricon Album Chart. Hoot (훗) is also considered the third best-selling album in 2010 and won the group two awards in the category of Artist of The Year.

In this comeback, SNSD had Super Junior’s Siwon star in their music video and used a retro cowgirl concept which made this comeback more unique and different. In the music video, there is a mysterious woman who was actually Sooyoung.

The lyrics of Hoot (훗) tell a story about a woman who was falling in love with someone but he didn’t know she existed. The woman started to think that the man should learn a lesson and gave him a second chance since he was a trouble in her life.

Check out the track listing for SNSD’s third mini album below!

No. Title Lyrics Music Arrangement Length
1 Hoot (훗;Hut) John Hyunkyu Lee Alex James, Alex James, 03.18
Lars Halvor Jensen, Lars Halvor Jensen,
Martin Michael Larsson Martin Michael Larsson
2 Mistake (내 잘못이죠; Nae Jalmoshijyo) (lit. “My Fault”) Kwon Yuri Cheryl Yie, Kenzie 04.07
Jean Na
3 My Best Friend (단짝; Danjjak) (lit. “Buddy”) Wheesung Carsten Lindberg, Carsten Lindberg, 03.24
Joachim Svares, Joachim Svares,
Joleen Bell, Joleen Bell,
Jade Anderson, Jade Anderson,
Michael Jay Michael Jay
4 Wake Up Kim Boo-min Hitchhiker Hitchhiker 03.15
5 Snowy Wish (첫눈에…;Cheonnune…) (lit. “In the First Snow”) Hwang Hyun Hwang Hyun Hwang Hyun 03.28
Total length: 17.35


Paparazzi is a track the group released on June 27, 2012, in a Japanese version. This track is included as their second Japanese-language studio album, Girls’ Generation II ~Girls & Peace~ that was released on November 28, 2012, along with another 12 Japanese songs.

In this single, Paparazzi has three music videos which used different backgrounds and costumes such as the MV Dance Edit GOLD, MV Dance Edit 2, and the original music video. Each member performed like they are in a Hollywood musical, while wearing a unique and pretty costume in the music video.

The lyrics of Paparazzi tell a story about a star who has been chased by the Paparazzi who wanted to know the star’s secret life behind their fame.

Check out the track listing of SNSD’s second Japanese album below!

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1 Flower Power Johan Gustafson, Fredrik Häggstam, Sebastian Lundberg, Nasa Aprisia Florida, Junji Ishiwatari Trinity 03.18
2 Animal Hank Solo, Tom Aeio, Erik Nyholm, Eric Palmqwist Erik Nyholm 03.08
3 I’m a Diamond Dapo Torimiro, Priscilla Hamilton, H.U.B. Dapo Torimiro 02.56
4 Reflection Lars Halvor Jensen, Martin Michael Larsson, Zac Poor DEEKAY 03.50
5 Stay Girls Sebastian Thott, Andreas Öberg, Melanie Fontana, Kenn Kato Sebastian Thott 03.20
6 T.O.P Heidi Rojas, Allan Eshuijs, Kalle Engstrom Allan Eshuijs, Kalle Engstrom 03.37
7 Boomerang Charlie Mason, Oscar Gorres, Danny Saucedo, OZGO OZGO 02.50
8 Oh! (Japanese Version) Kenzie, Nozomi Maezawa, Kim Jungbae, Kim Younghu Kenzie 03.09
9 All My Love is for You Junji Ishiwatari, Sebastian Thott, Didrik Thott, Robin Lerner Sebastian Thott 03.43
10 Paparazzi Fredrik Thomander, Johan Becker, Junji Ishiwatari Miles Walker 03.47
11 Girls & Peace Anne Judith Wik, Ronny Svendsen, Nermin Harambasic, Robin Jenssen Dsign Music 03.27
12 Not Alone Erik Nyholm, Patrick Hamilton Erik Nyholm, Patrick Hamilton 03.31
Total length: 40.45.00

Mr. Taxi

Mr. Taxi is another Japanese song that was released in April, 2011. This song is the first original Japanese song that was released along with the Run Devil Run Japanese version. The music video of Mr. Taxi had two versions, the original music video and the dance version.

The song is having a concept of a taxi driver, with each member wearing a matching yellow outfit and dancing in front of a LED screen that flashes blue lighting and various patterns. After a minute, the members changed their costumes into black leather outfits as they looked more charismatic in the music video.

All My Love is For You

All My Love Is For You is another Japanese song by SNSD and was included on their second Japanese-language studio album, Girls’ Generation II ~Girls & Peace~. The music video for this song was released September 4, 2012, and was one of SNSD’s songs that had great lyrics.

The song tell us a story about the meaning and the power of love. All My Love Is For You is one of a songs that was added to SNSD’s Japanese concert and performed live. The lyrics were more defined as a strong love from SONE, who gave the group so much energy and support although they were on distant road.

Time Machine

Time Machine is one of SNSD’s Japanese songs on a repackaged album that was released on December 28, 2011, along with the music video that was released on March 13, 2012.

The music video for Time Machine had a dark concept as each members played the role of a heartbroken woman. Each of them were having their own problems in life, as it was seen with the individual scenes.

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