List Top 15 Popular U-KISS Songs That Make You Missed Them!


Here Are The Top 15 U-KISS Songs That You’ve Probably Missed!

Have you ever listened to the group U-KISS (hangul: 유키스)? The K-Pop group, which debuted in 2008 under NH Media, has been released many top songs that have earned them fans around the world. The group originally had six members and has not only been active in South Korea but also made their debut in Japan with the release a full-length album. Take a look at the top 15 songs that U-KISS has released so far. The songs below will make you fall in love with this talented group!

Not Young

The song, Not Young, was the first released from U-KISS on September 3. 2008, along with their first mini album, titled New Generation (N- Generation). U-KISS also performed the song Not Young, as their debut single on Mnet.

On this debut stage, U-KISS performed with their original membership, which included Alexander Lee, Kim Ki-bum, Soohyun, Eli, Kevin and Dongho. The rookie boy-group had their debut stage on several music shows such as Music Bank, Mnet, and others.

The group was a newcomer in the K-pop industry in 2008, but was still considered to be part of a Japanese-Korean collaborative project which was being sponsored by a popular entertainment company in Japan, Yashimoto Group, starting U-KISS on the road to international popularity.

Round and Round (Bingeul Bingeul)

U-KISS released a full-length album called Only One on February 3, 2010, and the lead single was 빙글빙글 (Round and Round). Before the agency decided that 빙글빙글 (Round and Round) would be their lead track, they had been planning on using the track Without You. For this album, U-KISS also got promoted in the Philippines and released the album on March 28, 2010, under the label of Premiere Entertainment Philippines (PEP Inc.). U-KISS had a chance to promote their first album for three days while attending mall shows in the Philippines and they also appeared in GMA Network’s Party Pilipinas and Walang Tulugan with the Master Showman.

U-KISS gained attention in Philippines from their promotions after attending the mall shows and sold more than 5.000 copies of the album, earning an estimated 1 million pesos. The huge success U-KISS had in the Philippines led them to hold their first concert, titled “First Kiss Tour in Manila” on June 14, 2010, at the Araneta Coliseum.

Here is the track list for U-KISS’s full-length album, Only One!

No. Title Length
1 Intro 00.20
2 Bingeul Bingeul  (빙글빙글; Round & Round) 03.16
3 Without You 03.19
4 Mworago  (뭐라고; What) 03.29
5 Bang Bang Bang 03.30
6 Dancing Floor 03.16
7 Man Man Ha Ni  (Remix) (만만하니; Am I That Easy?) 03.41
8 OK!  (Remix) 03.26
9 I Like You  (Remix) (니가 좋아) 03.40
10 Talk to Me  (Remix) 03.30
11 Not Young  (Remix) (어리지 않아) 03.02
12 Give It To Me  (Remix) 03.31
13 Bingeul Bingeul  (Instrumental) 03.18
14 Mworago  (Instrumental) 03.29
Total length : 44.38

Man Man Hani

U-KISS made a comeback with the release of an EP on November 6, 2009. The album was titled ContiUKiss, with the lead track 만만하니 (Man Man Ha Ni). A new member was part of this comeback, and now the group was made up of Alexander Lee, Kim Ki-bum, Soohyun, Eli, Kevin and Dongho plus a new member, Lee Ki-seop. This is the new format from U-KISS since they had seven members in this comeback.

The single 만만하니 (Man Man Ha Ni), was produced by Brave Brothers with the release of a Japanese version on February 29, 2012, as a track of U-KISS’s first Japanese album, titled A Shared Dream. The lyrics of 만만하니 (Man Man Ha Ni) told listeners a story of a boy who keep being chased by a girl who keeps coming around and playing with his feelings.

Here is the track list for the EP, ContiUKiss!

No. Title Length
1 Intro 01.07
2 만만하니 (Am I That Easy; Man Man Ha Ni) 03.32
3 OK! 03.24
4 만만하니  (instrumental) 03.31
Total length: 11.32


On September 1, 2011, U-KISS released their second full-length studio album, with two new members, Hoon and AJ. In this album the lead track was Someday, which was released on August 26, 2011, in digital format. Meanwhile, the album’s second single, Neverland, was released along with the album on the same date.

In this comeback, members Alexander and Kibum left the band and were replaced by two new members, Kim Jae-seop (AJ) and Yeo Hoon-min (Hoon). U-KISS made their  appearance in this comeback with a stronger concept by releasing the music video for Neverland. The lyrics are about an invitation to go into the Neverland, a fantasy place, to escape from the reality.

This is the track list of U-KISS’s second full-length studio album, Neverland!

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1 Intro 00.56
2 Neverland  Misfit Adam Kapit, Ryan Jhun, JD Relic 03.35
3 Baby Don’t Cry Kim Ji-hyang, GR8MOON (Rap) Ryan Jhun, Jay Deasel, JD Relic 03.12
4 Someday Misfit Denzil  iDR  Remedios, Ryan Jhun 04.00
5 Take Me Away  (Hoon & Kevin Woo) David D.A. Doman and Kim Ji-hyang David D.A Doman, &E 03.33
6 On The Floor Taewan aka C-Luv Taewan aka C-Luv, Stay Tuned 03.31
7 친구의 사랑  (Love Of A Friend) June, AJ (Rap) Park Seong-su, JaBong from S2 Revolution 04.04
8 4월 이야기 feat. 은영 of 브레이브걸스  (Story Of April; Soohyun) SWIN SWIN 03.26
9 Obsession (AJ & Lee Kiseop) AJ SWIN, AJ, Lee Kiseop 03.47
10 TOP THAT Kim Ji-hyang, AJ (rap) Ryan Jhun, Antwann Frost, JD Relic 03.07
11 Tell Me Y  (Dongho & Eli Kim; feat. Swin) AJ, Taewan aka C-Luv, Je Yu Young Taewan aka C-Luv, Je Yu Young 03.14
12 다시 만나요  (We’ll Meet Again; with Paran) Won Sang-woo Won Sang-woo 06.53
13 Someday (instrumental) 04.00
Total length: 47.18

Take Me Away

On the previous album, Neverland, the group members that participated through the songs were Hoon & Kevin Woo. They sang together in a song titled Take Me Away. Although this song wasn’t released with a music video, fans will still enjoy this beautiful song through the lyrics and meaning.

The lyrics of the song, Take Me Away, tell a melodramatic story about someone who was moving on from the one they used to love. The feeling of heartbreak was written through this song and the two members of U-KISS singing the song give it beautiful voice.


As with Take Me Away, this song is included on the Neverland album, which become the first lead track of U-KISS second full-length album. This track didn’t include a music video either, but it was one of the best side tracks on Neverland.

The lyrics give the story of a champion and how it is okay about whether you win or lose. From the lyrics, listeners can see someone’s effort to reach their goals and how they keep fighting although it’s tiring, because no one knows what tomorrow will bring.


U-KISS went on a hiatus without comeback and did their activities in Japan around 2011-2012. After a long wait, the fans would see their idols again to in another comeback on stage as they released their sixth EP, titled DORADORA. The extended play released on April 25, 2012, after the group had been on hiatus for eight months.

On April 16, 2012, U-KISS’s agency announced that they would be having their comeback with the release of the album 돌아돌아 (DORADORA). This album was special since the rapper & songwriter, Jay Park, contributed to one of the tracks, 4U (For You), to fulfill the request of his friend, U-KISS’s Soo-hyun, since they used to be trainees together in JYP Entertainment.

The lyrics of 돌아돌아 (DORADORA) tell us about someone who is falling in love with their crush but they just leave them hanging since there are no certain feelings between them. The lyrics describe the behavior of a playgirl and they didn’t want her back or even put special feelings for them.

Here is the track list of the EP, DORADORA!

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1 돌아돌아 (DORADORA) Kim Hyung Suk, Brian Kim, Hur In Chang 03.39
2 4U (For You) Jay Park, Cha Cha Malone 03.26
3 사랑이 멈출 때 (When Love Stops) Kim Hyun Suk 04.19
4 AMAZING AJ 03.33
5 TICK TOCK (OUT OF TIME) (Korean version of Tick Tack) JD Relic, AJ 03.42
6 돌아돌아 (DORADORA) (Inst.)” (Instrumental) 03.39
Total length: 22.03

Stop Girl

On September 19, 2012, U-KISS released a music video along with their 7th mini album, Stop Girl. In this comeback, AJ wasn’t part of this new mini album promotion and he was announced to taking a hiatus so he could go to Columbia University. The teaser of U-KISS’s Stop Girl was revealed on September 12, 2012, and they held their first comeback with this album after their Japanese single and latest comeback stage in August and June, 2012.

The lyrics of this song are about a girl who is not serious about her feelings and the man who loves her really hopes that she will get karma because she has played with his feelings. Despite the fact it’s an upbeat song, it still revolves around the idea of heartbreak.

With this comeback, we can also see U-KISS’s choreography with female dancers and their performance in music shows, too. What made this comeback different is that Stop Girl is a song that would be performed with English lyrics, too.

Here is the track list of U-KISS’s 7th mini album, Stop Girl!

No. Title Length
1 IMMA NEW THANG (Intro) 00.29
2 Stop Girl (Title) 03.27
3 Time To Go 03.01
4 Remember (Acoustic Version) 04.18
5 Sexy Baby 03.07
6 Stop Girl (English Version) 03.37
7 Stop Girl (Instrumental) 03.22
Total length: 21.21

Standing Still

U-KISS made another comeback by releasing their 3rd full album on March 7, 2013, with the title Collage. This album had 12 tracks and a comeback where AJ made his appearance again after his hiatus a few months previously. U-KISS teaser images were revealed on February 28, 2013, and they had a concept with a dreamlike look and hazy colors.

A day after the album was released, the lead single, Standing Still, was released on their official YouTube account. There was a difference in feel between the teaser image they released previously with the concept for their music video, in which all the members had a sharper and more charismatic look.

This album included the members’ solos and duet tracks which they brought. The lyrics from Standing Still tell us a poetic story of a man that experience a heartbreak after his past relationship and expressed how he was still standing, even after the breakup.

This is the track list of U-KISS’s 3rd full album, Collage!

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1 Step by Step (Intro) 00.48
2 Standing Still (Title) Cameron Forbes, Ryan Jhun, AJ (rap) David Doman, Ryan Hyun 03.16
3 숨도 못 쉬어 (Can’t Breathe) 03.31
4 Missing You 03.35
5 나쁘다 (Bad Person) 03.54
6 아픔보다 아픈 (More Painful than Pain) 04.00
7 My Reason 03.33
8 Party All the Time AJ & Eli 03.21
9 Sweety Girl 03.02
10 사랑하니까 (Because I Love You) 03.56
11 아픔보다 아픈 (Instrumental) 04.00
12 Standing Still (Instrumental) David Doman, Ryan Hyun 03.16
Total length: 40.08

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