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Compilation List of Top 10 Soundtrack Songs from Korean Singer Baek Ji-young

Baek Ji-young Byeol Korea

Get to Know the Queen of Dramas’ OST, Baek Ji-young

If you’re a fan of Korean dramas and love to hear the beautiful soundtracks from it, you must be familiar with Korean ballad singer Baek Ji-young. She made her debut with the release of the album Sorrow in 1999. She has published eight studio albums throughout her career and won awards at the Mnet Asian Music Awards for Best Female Artist and Best OST.

From famous dramas like Iris, Secret Garden, Rooftop Prince, and even Love in the Moonlight, Baek Ji-young appeared in their soundtracks with her beautiful voice! The most popular so far was That Woman from Secret Garden, who won the 2011 Seoul International Drama Awards for Outstanding Korean Drama OST. Baek Ji-young said, “I love to be involved in soap music if I like the female lead after reading the script. It’s a pleasure to hear my song performed in soaps during melodramatic times.” She later published a 2013 album called Flash Back, a collection of the songs she recorded for television drama.

In this article, Byeol Korea will be providing you a list of Baek Ji-young’s best soundtracks from dramas you should listen to. So, stay tuned!

2009 – Don’t Forget Me (Iris OST)

Iris is one of the Korean dramas with the highest production cost in 2009, and Baek Ji-young participates in the soundtracks. Don’t Forget Me quickly become popular at that time alongside the drama. Since Baek Ji-young is also known as the queen of the ballad songs, the song is melodramatic and suitable for the storyline. For those who have broken hearts, this is a perfect song for you to dwell in your sadness.

Check out the painful lyric from Baek Ji-young!

We’ve loved each other
Though we’re parting now
Still, different places share a single heaven
Please don’t forget me

And this:

At the cold wind’s touch
The sound of your laughter
And your eyes where I was mirrored
Come back to me
I weep and weep still more for loneliness

Her voice really suits this type of song, and people are loving it, too!

[+23] Crying like a baby every time I hear this. Amazing.

[+12] this song gives me goosebumps listening to it

[+2] it bring me tears when I heard this song it was my favorite drama

Baek Ji-young really knows how to break our hearts with her gentle voice, huh?

2011 – That Woman (Secret Garden OST)

All out of the soundtracks she appeared, That Woman from Secret Garden in 2011 is her famous song. The love story between Hyun Bin and Ha Ji-won in the popular drama is really touching many people, and Baek Ji-young’s song as the soundtrack made the drama more moving. Many idols cover the song, and you can hear That Woman played in many Korean variety shows.

Let’s check the heartful lyric of a woman who has unrequited love.

One woman loves you

She loves you with all her heart
Every day she follows you like a shadow
She is smiling but is actually crying

And this:

How much more, just how much more
Must I gaze at you like this alone
This meaningless love, this miserable love
Must I continue for you to love me oh

Also this:

Come closer a little bit more
When I take a step closer, you run away with both feet
I, who loves you, is still next to you
That woman is crying

So sincere and painful, you can clearly feel the emotion of loving someone who doesn’t love you back. No wonder this song is so famous for breaking people hearts!

Let’s look at some of the netizens’ comments who are crying over this song!

[+167] I don’t understand why some k-drama’s ost makes me cry

[+12] This is the reason why I became a fan of Kpop and Kdrama 😍

[+2] Ahhhh this song makes me cry…

2012 – After A Long Time (Rooftop Prince OST)

Rooftop Prince is one of the popular drama in 2011 starred Park Yoo-chun and Han Ji-min, and it’s not a surprise if the soundtracks are also enjoyed by many people. After a Long Time by Baek Ji-young is another ballad song that suits the story of Park Yoo-chun and Han Ji-min in the drama.

Check out the snippets of the lyrics!

The talks we had as we looked at each other
The stories that only we knew
I guess I can’t erase them,
I can’t throw them away,
I can’t forget them

And this:

After a long time, I am here right now
Because I long for that time,
Though I tried to live without knowing,
I keep thinking about it
That’s how I am, it keeps coming into my eyes
The times we spent together, the memories –
they fall like stars
How about you?

Here are what people commented on the song!

[+3] this has the soul…really loving it <3 <3 <3

[+2] so in love with this song!

[+1] still listening in 2019

It looks like Baek Ji-young’s songs are immortal, huh?

2012 – Love and Love (Arang and The Magistrate OST)

Another popular drama with Baek Ji-young’s voice participates in the soundtracks is Arang and the Magistrate, a fantasy/horror drama starred by Lee Joon-gi and Shin Min-ah in 2012. As always, her lyrics always so sad and ready to break your heart.

Check out the snippets of the painful lyrics!

For a moment, for a short moment,
The fact that I let you go
was so hard that tears fell
Because it felt like our love was not allowed

And this:

How I longed for only you
Finally, finally,
can you recognize how I feel?
As much as it can’t be filled
with the mere words of “I love you,”
This love has grown bigger than destiny

One thing about Baek Ji-young’s song, it always suits with the essence of the drama. It makes you understand the feeling of the story more by listening to her soundtracks. Let’s what people thoughts on the song!

[+9] breaks my heart whenever i heard this song…… I love this one!!!

[+19] wow, i never knew there was a song like this… so heartbreaking

[+2] love this song and keep on listening every now and then

2012 – Today, I Love You Again (The Princess’s Man OST)

This time, Baek Ji-young participated in the drama The Princess’ Man OST. The drama starred by Park Shi-hoo and Moon Chae-won and really popular nationwide.

Check out the snippets of the lyric!

Because I cannot do anything but watch you
I’m sad because I cannot touch you
You who are standing right in front of me
And me who is there behind you
Always there in a shadow
Me who’s crying face is hidden
Me who cannot even beg you to turn around
Again tears are coming

Also this:

Even when tomorrow comes, I will love you
Even more than yesterday, I love you
The words within my heart
Which cannot be removed
I love you even today

Let’s see how people praising this song and her talent!

[+4] The best song

[+3] A beautiful voice, a beautiful song, very heartwarming

[+2] I became a huge fan of her, because of this song <3

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