Complete List Top 10 JYJ’s Junsu’s Solo Songs You Have to Listen


Xia Junsu is a very talented idol from JYJ

Xia Junsu, or Kim Junsu, is an idol from JYJ who has a unique voice. Junsu has released a lot of songs that are a success and have brought him love from his many fans. Even though he had been hit by a scandal, he did not make his fans hate him. Here is a list of songs from Junsu that will accompany you daily! Enjoy these songs and have fun!

1. Flower ft. Tablo

Lyrics: XIA, Kim Tae-wan
Composer: XIA, Kim Tae-wan
Arranger: Kim Tae-wan

The song, which is part of the album Flower, successfully entered the Billboard, Gaon, and Oricon charts without promotion.

2. Yesterday

Lyrics: Lucia
Composer: Lucia
Arranger: Lucia

A top-of-the-charts pop song, “Yesterday” is a love song that is expressing a person’s anxiety about an uncertain future; it can also be interpreted as a promise towards his fans.

3. Intoxication

Lyrics: Junsu
Composer: Xiah
Arranger: Xiah

Junsu has some of the worst histories with crazy fans, or the so-called sasaeng, trying to break in and take pictures of him. This song is like a story-telling of an incident involving Junsu’s fans that disturb his privacy. Xiah’s album peaked at #2 on the Oricon Japan. This song also tells that an idol can also be hurt because a fan is too fanatic

4. Even Though I Already Know

Lyrics: Se-Jin Kim
Composer: PJ, Se-Jin Kim
Arranger: PJ

This song is about a guy who still only sees one person, which is the one he loves, but the two have already broken up and she has already moved on with no sign of regret, while he can still only see her in his eyes.

5. OeO

Lyrics: Xia, J.Kimb, Giriboy
Composer: XIA, Jeong Jae Yeop
Arranger:  Jeong Jae Yeop

This song describes someone who wants to reach his dream but no one supports him and he has to bear his own burdens to make it strong.

6. Uncommitted

Lyrics: Bruce “Automatic” Vanderveer
Composer: Bruce “Automatic” Vanderveer
Arranger: Bruce “Automatic” Vanderveer

A relationship that does not have a commitment that hurts the partner.

7. Rock the World

Lyrics: XIA
Composer: The Vanderveers
Arranger: The Vanderveers

Someone who is showing himself to the world and changing the world. Junsu’s wants to show everyone that has its own uniqueness

8. 11 AM

Lyrics: Francis
Composer: Francis
Arranger: Francis

A man who loves a woman but the woman he loves is not by his side and she does not even know that there is a man who loves her.

9. Incredible

Lyrics: Kim Moo Young
Composer: XIA
Arranger: XIA

A woman who can change the life of a man. This man was made to fall in love because this woman made a tremble inside him and emitted light from her face.

10. Tarantallegra

Lyrics: XIA, Bruce “Automatic” Vanderveer
Composer: Bruce “Automatic” Vanderveer
Arranger: Bruce “Automatic” Vanderveer

The song starts off well enough with a low drumbeat that builds up to an ominous orchestra, anyone who listens to this song will start dancing at one point.

Well, it would appear that all the songs he has created have their own stories and carry their specific vibe. Maybe you will feel better when you hear Junsu’s songs. Let’s support Xia Junsu!

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