Facts and Details About TikTok Sensation ‘Any Song Challenge’ by Zico


Zico doing the Any Song Challenge with Hwasa

Zico and Mamamoo’s Hwasa started the challenge as a teaser for Zico’s Any Song. Their video was posted a day before the actual release of Any Song. By the end of March 2020, the post almost reached 4.9 million views. Zico put the caption “Please dance along with me” on the post. His Instagram followers, especially those that originated from outside of Korea, were wondering the meaning of the words on Zico and Hwasa’s palms. Zico and Hwasa selected matching outfits for the special occasion.

Zico doing Any Song Challenge with Kang Ha-na

Actress Kang Ha-na accepted Zico’s #AnySongChallenge, and posted it on her Instagram account, @k_hanna_. The video was posted on January 15th, 2020, just two days after Zico posted his challenge.

Two and a half months after she posted the video, it gathered more than 2.1 million views on her Instagram account. Kang Ha-na looked very cute and lovable in the video. She tripped and almost fall down, but regained her balance and continued the dance. Both of them looked very cute and lovable.

Compilation of the Best Any Song Challenges

Winner’s Mino accepted the #AnySongChallenge straight away. He posted his own video on the very same day. He used a sunflower banner in the background, and wore a sunflower scarf on his head. His post gathered around 1 million views by the end of March 2020. At first, he didn’t know that Zico started the challenge. Zico acknowledged Mino’s challenge video and posted it on his Instastory.

The Korean actress Park Shin-hye accepted the challenge and danced along with Any Song at the Grand Canyon in the United States. She nailed almost 70% of the choreography, but made it perfect with her lovely smile and contagious laugh.

K-Pop fans made a video  compilation of #AnySongChallenge by Korean idols, and posted on the YouTube channel. The video was posted less than a week after the release of Any Song. It gathered more than 1 million views by the end of March 2020.

That was all the information about Zico’s Any Song. Zico has made an excellent promotional act for his song. We can’t wait for more music and fresh breakthroughs from the talented musician, Zico. Don’t forget to share your opinions on Zico’s Any Song and its viral challenge in the comment section below!