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Everything You Need To Know About The East Light Vocalist Lee Eun-sung

Do you know about the hitmaker of “You’re My Love” that was released in 2017? If not, then you should learn more about South Korean band The East Light (Hangul: 더 이스트라이트) who made their debut in 2016. The East Light consists of 6 talented members including Lee Seok-cheol, Lee Eun-sung, Lee Seung-hyun, Kim Jun-wook, Jeong Sa-gang, and Lee Woo-jin.

In this article, there is a piece of detailed information about one of The East Light members who holds the position of vocalist and used to be a contestant of Mnet’s Voice Kids. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about The East Light’s Eunsung starting from his full profile, fun facts, appearance in the Mnet survival show Voice Kids, to his career journey as a member of The East Light, in the article below.

The East Light Eunsung Full Profile


Real Name: Lee Eun-sung (Hangul: 이은성)

Stage Name: Eun-sung (Hangul: 은성)

Place and Date of Birth: Haeundae, Busan, South Korea, September 7th, 2000

Star Sign: Virgo

Blood Type: A

Position in the group: Vocalist, Keyboardist


  • Buheung Middle School
  • Graduated from Bangbae Middle School
  • Graduated from Seocho High School

Nationality: Korean

Religion: Christian

Official Site: Instagram (@theeastlight_eunsung)

The East Light Eunsung Facts

  1. The East Light’s Eunsung has one older brother
  2. The East Light’s Eunsung took part in Mnet’s The Voice Kids in 2013 and was in YoonSang’s Team
  3. The East Light’s Eunsung and Sagang reunited with Yoseob in Mnet’s I Can See Your Voice 4, they sang Yoseob’s song “Caffeine” and they performed a part of “Plz don’t be sad” together with HIGHLIGHT
  4. The East Light’s Eunsung appeared in “Tour Avatar 2”, together with Sagang and Woojin
  5. The East Light’s Eunsung sleeps a lot
  6. The East Light’s Eunsung speaks in his sleep
  7. The East Light’s Eunsung is a close friend of Berry Good’s Seo-yul and Lee Su-min
  8. The East Light’s Eunsung’s bangs were grown so that they completely covered his eyebrows, and his beauty potential exploded after his appearance in Real Men
  9. The East Light’s Eunsung can sleep everywhere as long as he can rest his head on a surface
  10. The East Light’s Eunsung won the gold price at a children’s song competition
  11. The East Light’s Eunsungh’s voice suits children songs according to the other members
  12. The East Light’s Eunsung has (at least) one older brother
  13. The East Light’s Eunsung can speak English fairly good
  14. The East Light’s Eunsung’s special talents are voice imitations (imitating Voldemort from Harry Potter) and holding his breath for a long time according to himself
  15. The East Light’s Eunsung has (more or less) a lot of ear piercings
  16. The East Light’s Eunsung enlisted in the military service on November 25th, 2019, and was discharged on June 9th, 2021
  17. The East Light’s Eunsung joined Peak Entertainment

The East Light Eunsung Filmography


The East Light Eunsung Appearance in Mnet The Voice Kids in 2013

Lee Eunsung, who appeared in Mnet’s Voice Kids, made women’s hearts flutter with his warm appearance. Lee Eunsung, who has a warm appearance that is not inferior to Lee Woo-jin sang Ian’s “Pisces.” Lee Eunsung showed off his unique beauty and mournful singing ability through a video released before the broadcast, attracting attention.

Lee Eunsung’s stage received the judge’s All Turn. Lee Eunsung showed confidence, saying, “I will listen to the songs the coaches sing and choose.” In response, Yang Yoseob presented his solo song “Caffeine”. Mnet’s Voice Kids is Korea’s first survival program to discover kids vocalists, aired on Mnet and Tooniverse.

Eunsung Debut with The East Light

Having appeared in variety shows and dramas several times, Eunsung finally managed to get the chance to debut as a band member. The East Light debuted on November 3rd, 2016, with a single titled “Holla”.

The East Light had a career for approximately 2 years by releasing several top hits, such as “I Am What I Am” (2016), “You’re My Love (Tropical Mix)” (2017), “Love Is…” (2017), “I Got You” (2017), “Real Man” (2018), “Are You Okay” (2018), and their latest single “Love Flutters” (2018).

The East Light Eunsung Reunites With HIGHLIGHT Yo-seob

Before debuting as a member of The East Light, Eunsung appeared in Mnet’s Voice Kids and made it into the Top 8. It made for an unforgettable experience for him, especially when he had the opportunity to be trained by a member of HIGHLIGHT—Yang Yoseob.

In an interview with Hankyung Ten Asia that was held on May 28th, 2017, The East Light’s Eunsung shared his feelings about being reunited again with Yang Yoseob in another show.

“I remember the time when I appeared in Voice Kids. We had a lot of fun from then on. I remember playing pranks on my parents and brother in the waiting room. He also ran to me, hugged me, and begged me to buy him a hamburger,” The East Light’s Eunsung stated.

“I met the coach (Yang Yoseob) again in Mnet’s I Can See Your Voice 4 highlight section, and every minute and every second was trembling and thrilling. I was even happier because the coach picked me as 1st place,” he said.

“Thanks to our first place, we had a chance to stage a duet with HIGHLIGHT’s seniors. I was moved to think that we, who were taught by coach Yang Yoseob when we were young, would make our debut when we grow up and sing on the same stage again. The coach also said, ‘It’s a new feeling when you guys stand on the same stage as me’ and ‘My heart is beating.’ He also said, ‘You grew up really well’,” The East Light’s Eunsung said.

Eunsung Band Disbandment and Future Activities

All the members of the band The East Light have finally terminated their contracts with their agency, Media Line Entertainment.

The decision was made by the agency led by Kim Chang-hwan after careful consideration. The remaining four members, namely Lee Eunsung, Jung Sagang, Lee Woojin, and Kim Jun-wook, have terminated their contracts with the company, following Lee Seok-cheol and Lee Seung-hyun, who first decided to leave the group.

“After careful consideration, we announce that we have chosen to terminate the contract with the remaining four members,” said the agency representative on October 22nd, 2018.

The agency statement also explained that they had discussed with the parents of the four members discussing the best choice to be made. In addition, the press conference was originally planned for the remaining four members.

“However, we have our concern for the young members who will receive additional pain when they stand in the middle of this issue through a press conference. Taking into account their pain and their future, we concluded that terminating the contract was the best course of action. We also discussed the termination of the contract with the parents of the four members,” he said.

In a statement, Media Line Entertainment claimed to be worried about the feelings of the members who have uncertainty for their future with the termination of this contract. His party asked for the support of all parties so that they were no longer injured and could dream again after their wounds healed.

“In addition, as the controversy continues and continues to be noticed, we will no longer be responding to the press considering the potential pain of the six members of The East Light,” he said.

The agency also promised to participate in carrying out legal investigations that will be carried out. They said they would not shirk their responsibilities and would address the issue.

“We apologize for the speculative reports without investigation that may cause pain to the members. We will not release any more in the future,” he concluded.

The East Light, a band consisting of six young people who were still in high school, debuted in 2016. In the midst of their career achievements, in October 2018 reports emerged that they were physically abused by their producer Moon Young-il, and the CEO of the agency, Kim Chang-hwan, verbally, since 2015.

Lee Seok-cheol’s statement was refuted by Kim Chang-hwan. However, the members of The East Light, especially Lee Seok-cheol and Lee Seung-hyun, will still take legal action regarding this case. In this case, a petition was also launched at the Korean Presidential Palace to give justice to the members of The East Light who were abused as minors.

The two former members of The East Light, Lee Eunsung and Jung Sagang supported this statement by saying that Lee Seok-cheol shared that Lee Seung-hyun was physically punished by their father for causing trouble at their agency.

Regarding producer Moon Young-il and CEO Kim Chang-hwan, Lee Eunsung said,

“They are like teachers and fathers. Our house is outside of Seoul. CEO Kim let us stay and cooked for us. When we lived alone in Seoul, he took care of us a lot. I am very grateful to him because he has guided us to the right path. Producer Moon only wants us to be successful and he only thinks about us. He even borrowed money from the bank to treat us. He doesn’t want us to starve.”

“In our trainee days and early debut, we received corporal punishment. We weren’t hit so many times or locked in a room like Seok-cheol and Seung-hyun said. Physical punishment is just like being hit in the palm of the hand like it was done in schools in the past.”

“Seung-hyun said my head was hit until it bled. At that time, Seung-hyun caused trouble and we were all scolded. I don’t know why but I can’t help but laugh. The producer asked why I laughed when I was scolded so he just flicked my head. It didn’t hurt but somehow my head started bleeding.”

Eunsung continued, “Both of them had the choice of choosing their dream or giving up, but we didn’t even have that choice because our team suddenly disbanded one morning.”

Until this article is published, there is no other news about The East Light’s Eunsung regarding his recent career after the band decided to disband. He decided to enlist in the military service in 2019 and has completed his responsibilities in 2021, but he has not returned to the entertainment industry until now.

Nevertheless, let’s continue to give support to The East Light’s Eunsung: hopefully, he can get his passion for a career again as a musician and we can see his comeback as soon as possible!

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