Did THE BOYZ Members Have Plastic Surgery? Find the Explanation Here!

theboyz byeol korea

theboyz byeol korea

THE BOYZ: The Members’ Visual and Plastic Surgery Accusations

Do you know about a boy group named THE BOYZ? They were formed under Cre.ker Entertainment and are currently managed by IST Entertainment (a part of Kakao Entertainment). Consisting of 11 members currently, all of them have many talents and will make you fall in love with their charm, especially with their visuals.

Those 11 members have different attractiveness when it comes to visuals. However, some people are contemplating the “real” visual of the members. It also leads people to assume other things such as whether THE BOYZ members had plastic surgery or not. In this article, Channel Korea will explain it to you, so stay tuned!

THE BOYZ’s Sangyeon Never Confirmed Plastic Surgery: Pre-Debut Pictures, Visual, and Plastic Surgery Accusation

Let’s start with the group’s leader and vocalist, Sangyeon! He has many talents that make him look even more attractive, but his mature visual makes people fall for him even more. There are no major differences if you compare THE BOYZ’s Sangyeon’s pre-debut and his current appearance.

His small eyes remain the same, and his nose and jawline shape are not much different as well. People think that he just basically grew up from a child to a mature person.

The plastic surgery issue has never been confirmed neither by him nor the agency. What do you guys think about that?

THE BOYZ’s Jacob: Pre-Debut Pictures, Visual, and Plastic Surgery Accusation

THE BOYZ Jacob pre debut

You can never get rid of THE BOYZ’s Q’s charms since he can be everything that you want. He is a great dancer, a guy with adorable dimples, and even a guy with cuteness overload. Q has a cute image, but, at the same time, he can transform into a fierce guy.

In his pre-debut pictures, Q already radiated his adorable image with his small eyes. However, his small eyes disappeared, and, now, they look bigger. At the same time, people think that he has monolid eyes as well.

Despite the accusation, Q has never confirmed whether he has had plastic surgery or not. One thing is for sure, those pretty dimples are real without any surgery!

THE BOYZ’s Younghoon: Pre-Debut Pictures, Visual, and Plastic Surgery Accusation

THE BOYZ Younghoon pre debut

Every K-pop group has one or even two people as their visuals. In THE BOYZ, one of them is Younghoon who is well-known as a vocalist as well. According to the other members, they agree that Younghoon has the best physical and facial appearance in the group.

However, some people found differences between Younghoon’s pre-debut and his current appearance. In the past, Younghoon had very small eyes that looked monolid. Meanwhile, he has bigger eyes which makes people assume that he has had cosmetic eye surgery.

Furthermore, there’s a difference in Younghoon’s nose as well. He used to have a bigger nose bridge, but, now, he has a sharper and elevated nose. However, there is no confirmation regarding that plastic surgery issue from both Younghoon and the agency.

THE BOYZ’s Hyunjae: Pre-Debut Pictures, Visual, and Plastic Surgery Accusation

THE BOYZ Hyunjae pre debut

THE BOYZ’s Hyunjae is one of the group’s visuals, and many people praise his angelic look. Aside from being the group’s visual, he is the group’s lead vocalist and lead dancer. Hyunjae has that kind of attractive visual that easily makes you unable to stop staring at him.

Moreover, it is reported that many plastic surgery patients want to look like THE BOYZ’s Hyunjae, especially with his gorgeous eyes. Hyunjae also has beautiful thick eyebrows and a tiny jawline that increase his attractiveness level even more.

But, did Hyunjae have plastic surgery? If you take a look at Hyunjae’s childhood pictures or his pre-debut pictures, you can see that he was indeed born with those handsome genes. Other features like his double eyelids and beautiful nose also look the same if you compare his appearance from then to now!

THE BOYZ’s Juyeon: Pre-Debut Pictures, Visual, and Plastic Surgery Accusation

THE BOYZ Juyeon pre debut

Another member of the visual line of THE BOYZ is Juyeon! He is in charge as THE BOYZ’s center, vocalist, and main dancer as well. Juyeon has the vibes of an anime-character-turned-human in real life, as you can see in his facial features.

If you are comparing his pre-debut and current appearance, you might notice that there are no major differences. However, in some of Juyeon’s pre-debut pictures, he used to have small eyes, and he did not have the double eyelids of his current appearance.

Not only that but Juyeon’s nose bridge in the past was bigger than his sharper nose now. However, it is still unconfirmed whether he has indeed had plastic surgery or not.

THE BOYZ’s Kevin: Pre-Debut Pictures, Visual, and Plastic Surgery Accusation

THE BOYZ Kevin pre debut

Next, we have Kevin as THE BOYZ’s main vocalist. He has successfully made people fall in love with his voice, his personality, and even his visuals. Even Kevin once revealed that he thought that his charming point was his eyebrows.

If you see his pre-debut pictures, you will see no difference from Kevin’s current appearances. He used to wear glasses, but he doesn’t use them any longer. His facial features like his nose, eyes, and lips are quite the same.

Kevin himself said that he won’t erase his past pictures since they have been out there and people have seen them. Meanwhile, he never talked about plastic surgery as well.

THE BOYZ’s New: Pre-Debut Pictures, Visual, and Plastic Surgery Accusation

THE BOYZ New pre debut

Another main vocalist of THE BOYZ is New! Aside from his amazing vocal skills, many people have praised the K-pop idol for his stunning visuals. On the contrary, some of them think that New’s visual in the past looks different from now.

In his childhood pictures, New’s eyes look smaller and sort of straight. As he grew older, his eyes began to look bigger, and you can see the eyelids even clearer.

However, it remains unconfirmed whether New has had plastic surgery or not because, in other pictures, he looks the same as before, yet there is no official statement regarding that matter.

THE BOYZ’s Ju Haknyeon: Pre-Debut Pictures, Visual, and Plastic Surgery Accusation

THE BOYZ Ju Haknyeon pre debut

Ju Haknyeon is a Chinese-Korean member of THE BOYZ. With that mixed blood, Ju Haknyeon has an ethereal visual that you can’t easily forget. Ju Haknyeon has gotten many positive responses regarding his visual, and people even think that he hasn’t had any plastic surgery.

In his past pictures, Ju Haknyeon has shown off his natural appearance, and his facial features haven’t changed since then. However, people noticed that his eyelids change sometimes, but it can be caused by using eyelid tape.

There is no official statement from him or the agency about his plastic surgery accusation so far.

THE BOYZ’s Sunwoo: Pre-Debut Pictures, Visual, and Plastic Surgery Accusation

THE BOYZ Sunwoo pre debut

Let’s move on to the main rapper of THE BOYZ, Sunwoo. Although he isn’t the maknae, somehow, Sunwoo radiates the vibes of the adorable maknae image. Despite his charming looks, many pros and cons about his real visual are there.

If you compare Sunwoo’s pre-debut and after-debut pictures, there are some differences in his facial features. In the past, his eyelids looked very subtle, but, now, you can see them.

Sunwoo’s past nose bridge looked bigger, but, currently, it looks sharper which made people think he has had rhinoplastic surgery to get his nose job done. Neither Sunwoo nor the agency has said anything regarding that matter.

THE BOYZ’s Eric: Pre-Debut Pictures, Visual, and Plastic Surgery Accusation

THE BOYZ Eric pre debut

Last but not least, there is THE BOYZ’s maknae Eric. As the youngest member in the group, Eric appeared with his amazing visual most of the time, especially that fierce yet cool look of his image as the group’s rapper as well.

Despite much praise regarding his visuals, some people have accused him of having plastic surgery. During his pre-debut appearance, Eric used to have very tiny eyes. Aside from that, his facial features haven’t changed very much.

However, some people also think that his face remains the same until now, and the differences are because of his pose angle or the makeup on his face.

That’s everything about THE BOYZ’s members’ plastic surgery! Despite the contradictions regarding that matter, we should focus on THE BOYZ’s career and their achievements since the group’s debut until now. And, obviously, all of the members have such stunning visuals!

So, which member of THE BOYZ has the best visual based on your preference? Leave a comment regarding that matter below, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media!