Get Closer With All Members of The Boyz (Profile, Facts, Debut, and Instagram)


Pre-debut of The Boyz

In 2016 and early 2017, various members appeared in different artists’ music videos, either in cameos or leading roles. Kevin was first introduced to the public as a contestant on Kpop Star 6, where he was eliminated early in the competition. After that, he had the opportunity to release the OST for the Saimdang drama, Light’s Diary in April, 2017. Sunwoo became a contestant for the High School Rapper in January 2017, where he was also eliminated early in the competition. In March, 2017, Ju Haknyeon participated in Produce 101 and reached 19th place during the last episode. On July 4th, the group was first announced as Cre.kerz, through the agency’s social media. On July 18, their official name was announced. From August 23 to October 11, their first reality show, Flower Snack, was aired, producing the song I’m Your Boy. They held their first fanmeeting “Heart to Heart” for 1,000 fans on October 28.

In November of the same year, the twelve members signed contracts as exclusive models for the Skoolooks school uniform brand, as well as for the Siero Cosmetics brand. On December 4th, Cre.ker Entertainment confirmed the group had signed a contract with Sony Music for their Japanese promotion.

Curious about members pre-debut moments? Here we will give you some videos of them!

Haknyeon on Produce 101

This is a compilation of Ju Hak-nyeon’s or Haknyeon’s moments during Produce 101 season 2. At the time, it seemed like a shame he didn’t make it to the top 11 and join Wanna One, but that led to him debuting with THE BOYZ, so please support him!

One post of Haknyeon’s performances during Produce 101 season 2. In this video, he performed What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction.

Kevin on Kpop Star 6

This is Kevin’s performance during K-Pop Star 6. He was performing  the song Almost is Never Enough. Kevin also showed his talent playing the piano.

Sunwoo on High School Rapper

These two videos show Kim Seonwoo or Sunwoo during the High School Rapper program. In this video you can see his screentime during episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 8.

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