TEMPEST Hanbin: Profile, Facts, First Male Vietnamese K-pop Idol

TEMPEST's Hanbin

Everything You Need to Know About TEMPEST’s Lead Vocalist Ngô Ngọc Hưng a.k.a Hanbin!

Do you know about the South Korean boy group, TEMPEST? If you still don’t know about them, TEMPEST (Hangul: 템페스트) is a K-Pop group that debuted under Yuehua Entertainment and has a line-up of 7 original members with Hanbin, Hyeongseop, Hyuk, LEW, Hwarang, Eunchan, and Taera.

In this article, there’s a piece of detailed information about one of the members of TEMPEST, which is also the first Vietnamese K-Pop idol who made his debut! Do you know who he is? If you are still unfamiliar with him, don’t worry! Let’s get to know better TEMPEST’s Hanbin starting from his full profile, fun facts, pre-debut story, to his debut era, in the article below.

TEMPEST Hanbin Profile

TEMPEST's Hanbin
  • Real Name: Ngô Ngọc Hưng
  • Stage Name: Hanbin (Hangul: 한빈)
  • Place and Date of Birth: Yen Bai, Vietnam, January 19th, 1998
  • Star Sign: Capricorn
  • Height: 176 cm (5’9″)
  • Blood Type: A


  • Vietnam Yen Bai Tran Neng Juet High School (Graduation)
  • Marketing, International Studies, Hanoi University of Commerce, Vietnam

Family Members: Parents and an Older Sister

Nationality: Vietnamese

TEMPEST’s Hanbin Fun Facts

TEMPEST's Hanbin
  1. TEMPEST’s Hanbin has two cats named Bông and Bơm
  2. TEMPEST’s Hanbin taught himself how to dance when he was fifteen
  3. TEMPEST’s Hanbin was the founder and leader of the dance group CAC (2016–2019)
  4. TEMPEST’s Hanbin used the stage name Hưng Bin during his time at CAC
  5. TEMPEST’s Hanbin officially began training in July 2019
  6. TEMPEST’s Hanbin was a contestant of I-LAND. He was initially relegated to the ‘Ground’ after Episode 1, but moved on to Part 2 after ranking 12th in Episode 7. He was ultimately eliminated in Episode 11
  7. TEMPEST’s Hanbin held his first solo fan meeting, Hanbin !00%, on October 31st, 2020
  8. TEMPEST’s Hanbin officially left BE:LIFT Lab on June 2nd, 2021, and joined Yuehua Entertainment later that day
  9. TEMPEST’s Hanbin’s keyword is CHALLENGE
  10. TEMPEST’s Hanbin has been training for 11 months
  11. TEMPEST’s Hanbin’s MBTI personality type is ESFJ
  12. TEMPEST’s Hanbin was revealed in the 2nd batch of applicants on June 2nd, 2020, KST
  13. TEMPEST’s Hanbin’s Chinese zodiac sign is an Ox
  14. TEMPEST’s Hanbin’s other nickname is Hubi
  15. TEMPEST’s Hanbin’s favorite food is Samgyeopsal
  16. TEMPEST’s Hanbin would be Aladdin if he became the main character of a movie
  17. TEMPEST’s Hanbin appeared in the pre-stage of BigHit’s “2021 New Year’s Eve Live” and performed “I&credible”
  18. TEMPEST’s Hanbin’s favorite season is Spring
  19. TEMPEST’s Hanbin’s favorite color is sky blue
  20. TEMPEST’s Hanbin said that he listened to Taylor Swift’s “Speak Now” during the fan meeting that was held in October 2020, he said, “Although it’s an old album, when I listen to it, it feels fresh, and the guitar sound, in particular, makes me feel comfortable”
  21. TEMPEST’s Hanbin is the first Vietnamese K-Pop idol in history
  22. TEMPEST’s Hanbin’s symbolic keyword, CHALLENGE, is a word that expresses Hanbin, who has been running endlessly for his dream of becoming a singer
  23. TEMPEST’s Hanbin’s official emoticon is sunflower (🌻). He chose it because he thought the bright energy of sunflowers suited him
  24. TEMPEST’s Hanbin announced that he had left Belift Lab to begin forging a new future for himself on June 1st, 2021
  25. TEMPEST’s Hanbin announced on his personal Twitter that he had signed with Yuehua Entertainment on June 1st
  26. TEMPEST’s Hanbin chose to travel far away by plane with his family, hold a world tour concert, help those in need, and have a good time with his fans
  27. TEMPEST’s Hanbin picked his smile as his charming point
  28. TEMPEST’s Hanbin’s habit is ‘singing a high-pitched song while taking a shower’
  29. TEMPEST’s Hanbin likes home baking. When he can afford it, he makes his own egg tarts or cupcakes and gives them to the other members as a gift
  30. TEMPEST’s Hanbin is the only member of the group who has a motorcycle license

TEMPEST’s Hanbin’s Early Pre-debut Life

TEMPEST's Hanbin

Hanbin has loved to sing since he was young, and as he grew up he became interested in dancing. He saw himself studying hard at his mother’s words and he had to study hard to dance. At first, he thought, “Oh, I really want to do this job.”

Hanbin, who continued his love for dance by participating in local competitions and winning awards while working as a leader of a K-Pop dance cover team in Vietnam, became a trainee under Belief Lab in 2019 and boarded a flight to Korea.

TEMPEST's Hanbin

He picked the moment he came to Korea on a plane alone as his most unforgettable and most memorable moment when he came to Korea. It is said that he is living in a new country, and he is curious, scared, lonely, and nervous. So, while his trainee life was going on for about 11 months, he participated in I-LAND, a survival program produced by Belief.

Before his appearance, he didn’t know how good his dancing or singing skills were, but thanks to the program, he learned a lot about himself, “I can do better than I think.” When he participated in I-LAND, he introduced himself as a “super vocal”. On June 2nd, 2021, after the end of I-LAND, it was announced that he had signed an exclusive contract with Yue Hwa Entertainment and he will debut as a member of TEMPEST.

With a wide range and stable live dance, the chorus and bridge parts of the title song and b-side songs are divided into two parts with main vocal Hyuk and supporting vocals. As a young vocalist, Hanbin impressed many people with his handsome face and his wonderful choreography and he took first place with a large number of votes from the public.

Big Hit posted a video of Hanbin on the YouTube channel Big Hit Label on January 4th, 2021, and in 18 hours, it exceeded 658,000 views and 169,000 likes. It has now surpassed a million views. On January 5th, 2022, on the TEMPEST YouTube channel, they did an NCT 127 cover video, which recorded more than 1 million views and positive comments; it was uploaded as encouragement of Hanbin’s efforts.

TEMPEST's Hanbin

Not only fans in Vietnam and Korea, but also fans in many countries around the world have been impressed and amazed, but even Hanbin’s name was ranked No 1.

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TEMPEST’s Hanbin’s Debut Era

TEMPEST's Hanbin

On January 19th, 2022, Hanbin showed off his splendid visuals with blonde hair and dark features through the debut trailer. In the visual clip released along with this, Hanbin showed off his colorful charms by going back and forth between an expressionless face and a slight smile.

TEMPEST, newly introduced by Yuehua Entertainment for the first time in about 3 years since EVERGLOW, revealed the group’s name that means ‘strong storm’ and contains the meaning of a group that will sweep the music industry with bright energy and powerful performances.

TEMPEST’s debut album It’s ME, It’s WE is an album with infinite possibilities and potentials that the seven members, each with different personalities and charms, will show as one. With all-center visuals, as well as a variety of music that crosses genres and powerful performances, it is expected to shake up the music industry.

TEMPEST's Hanbin

TEMPEST’s Hanbin is a member of the group who has an optimistic personality. His favorite Korean phrase is “Let’s live optimistically.” The reason he said this is because he thinks it is meaningless to live pessimistically, and it is better to live life happily, confidently, and optimistically.

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Well, that was all the information about TEMPEST’s Hanbin and everything you should know about him. Let’s keep sending him a lot of love and support, so his career can shine even brighter in the future. If you like this article, please don’t forget to kindly share it on your social media and stay tuned for more interesting upcoming articles from Byeol Korea!