What is 2PM’s Taecyeon’s Instagram? Let’s Find Out The Detail From His Feeds and News Here!


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What’s Inside 2PM’s Taecyeon’s Instagram Feeds? Let’s Take a Look Here!

Who doesn’t know 2PM? They’re a phenomenal boy-band from JYP, that’s also one of the second-generation idol groups that rides the Korean hallyu wave nationwide and internationally. They became popular with the song Hands Up that was released in 2011. Before that, they released many other hit songs, such as Heart Beat, Without U, I’ll Be Back and many more!


Right now, though, we’re not going to talk about the whole group, 2PM. Instead, we’re going to talk about one of the cool guys from 2PM who’s in charge of rap, Taecyeon.

Taecyeon isn’t just popular as one of the members of 2PM. He’s also pursuing a career in the acting field. He debuted as an actor in 2010,  by starring in a drama called Cinderella’s Stepsister, as Han Jeong-woo. The drama aired in KBS2.


Ever since then, he’s starred in various dramas and movies. Examples of his work include, Dream High, a KBS drama that aired in 2011, the tvN drama called Let’s Fight Ghost! that aired in 2016, and his latest drama before he joined the military service, Save Me an OCN drama in 2017.


Since we’re talking about military service, it’s true that Taecyeon, who’s been known as a fashion terrorist in his past, left to complete his military service in 2017. As he was born on December 27, 1988, he would reach the age of 30 by Korean age conventions at that time, and needed to complete his mandatory service obligation.

Even so, Taecyeon spent his teenage years in Massachusetts, and used to hold an American citizenship, but he gave it up his in 2010 in order to be able to join the military and serve the country. What a role model, he is!


Taecyeon officially enlisted on September 4, 2017, but don’t worry too much! Although he spent his time in military camp, there are still some updates on how was he doing there.

It is a bit unfortunate that Taecyeon doesn’t have an official Instagram account, even though he keeps on updating tweets on his official Twitter account, @taeccool. But still, sometimes he postes some pictures on 2PM’s official Instagram account, to keep in touch with his fans.

Let’s see Taecyeon’s Instagram feed to see what he’s been up to!

Instagram Feed

Remember the Pyeongchang Olympics that held in 2018? 2PM was one of the performers in the headline show of the Pyeongchang Olympics. It was originally only Taecyeon that was invited as a guest, but hearing this news made the other 2PM members arrange their schedules to perform for the event. Look at how happy they were to be reunited again!

Seeing them together again makes us miss 2PM, and makes it hard to wait for their comeback, don’t you agree? Taecyeon looks so cool along with other handsome and beastly guys, Nichkhun, Junho, Wooyoung, and Chansung. It’s so sad that Jun K couldn’t make it in the picture!

But that’s okay! Even though Jun K wasn’t in the picture before, he took a picture with the military man, Taecyeon, when he got days off.

What a cute picture from the two military men! Although this picture was taken in November, 2017, way before Jun K joined the military.

Here’s a picture of them together in military unform!

It’s good to see both Taecyeon and Jun K had a good time while they took some rest after the hard work they do in the military camps. They both look great in uniform, don’t you agree?

Let’s move on to the next picture! Who’s the owner of these sparkling eyes? Yep, none other than Taecyeon! This close-up photo of him makes his fan miss him even more.

As a military man, it’s usual to see Taecyeon with a military uniform in every picture. But wait, if you get bored with the uniform, you can check this latest photo of him, where he didn’t put on the uniform! Just like what he wrote in the caption!

Now this one will make your heart melt a little bit for sure. Still a close-up photo of Taecyeon, but now we can take a little peek of him with his military uniform. What a cutie  he is!

And how about this? The picture of Taecyeon wearing a suit makes him look totally fine.

It seems like not only Hottest (2PM fans) miss him, but the rest of his group misses this beastly guy, as well! Come back soon, Taecyeon!

Pst, let’s see bonus pictures from Taecyeon in other 2PM members’ Instagram accounts!

This might be not the latest photo of Taecyeon, but seeing them together as six makes us miss them more, don’t we? Well, Nichkhun misses 2PM too! Just like what he wrote on the caption.

Seems like Taecyeon spent a really nice day off with 2PM, if we look at the picture that Jun K posted on the new year.

Latest News

After all the pictures of Taecyeon from the 2PM official Instagram account, as well as other members’ Instagram accounts, you must be missing him so much since he’s still on duty in the military. But still, don’t worry too much! As he enlisted from September 2017, he will discharge soon and is predicted to come back on May 16th, 2019.


While he was doing his military service, a lot of things happened to him. For example, when other 2PM members renewed their contracts with their agency, JYP Entertainment, Taecyeon took some time to discuss his renewal contract, since he’s in the military. Instead of giving the news that he’d renewed the contract like other 2PM members, Taecyeon instead announced he’d signed with a new agency, 51K.


Apparently Taecyeon wants to focus more on his acting career, since the new agency that he signed with is the same agency used by actors So Ji-sub and Yoon Chae-sung. However, even though he’s no longer part of JYP Entertainment, he’s still continuing his career as part of 2PM. His previous agency stated that 2PM will continue to promote with 6 members, despite the fact that Taecyeon is no longer in JYP Entertainment.

It’s a bit sad to know that he’s no longer a part of JYP Entertainment, but even so, he still shows support to his former labelmate, Twice’s Jihyo. Jihyo has trained in JYP Entertainment for around 10 years, and has had lots of time to become friends with other fellow JYP artists, including Taecyeon.


When Jihyo was having a birthday on February 1, 2019, Taecyeon did a live broadcast on Twitter, wishing his precious little sister a happy birthday. He even asked fans to edit the video so that Jihyo could see a birthday message from him, since he was still in the military and couldn’t wish her a birthday in person.


He also replied to a tweet from JYP Entertainment’s Twitter account about Jihyo’s birthday with a cute message, “JYP sunabe, happy birthday!”. He addresses her as sunbae, which means senior, because Jihyo was training in JYP before Taecyeon joined the company as a trainee. And of course, as a dongsaeng, Jihyo replied to it cutely, too, “Omo, thank you JYP hoobae, Taecyeon sunbaenim. I watched the video (birthday message) too!”.

He also paid a visit when Chansung was shooting his latest drama, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?, and they took a cute selfie together. He’s a really supportive older brother for his fellow 2PM members.


Now that he will discharged from the military service soon, let’s keep on waiting a little longer and wish him the best for his next project. See you soon, Taecyeon!