All You Need to Know About NCT’s Tae-yong’s Similarity With JYJ’s Jae-joong!


Facial Features of NCT’s Tae-yong’s and JYJ’s Jae-joong

Tae-yong has been known for his resemblance to Jae-joong since he debuted. Visually, Jae-joong and Tae-yong really have a lot in common. For example, their cheekbones and face shape. Both of them also have the same smile. Moreover, both of their eyes are equally sharp but also soft at the same time. Tae-yong and Jae-joong have also been seen having the same color and hairstyle.

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Hairstyles of NCT’s Tae-yong’s and JYJ’s Jae-joong

IDN Times
IDN Times

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