All You Need to Know About T-ara’s Jiyeon (Solo Debut, Leaving MBK Entertainment, and Instagram)


Leaving MBK Entertainment, T-Ara’s Jiyeon Signs a New Contract with a Chinese Label!

On May 17, news emerged that the former T-ARA member, Park Ji-yeon, signed an exclusive contract with an influential Chinese label. According to reports, Park Ji-yeon entered into an exclusive partnership with Longzhen Culture Development back in April, 2018.

However, this is not the first time that Jiyeon has worked with this company. In 2014, Core Contents Media reported that her girl group, T-ARA, had signed a contract with Longzhen Culture Development. With the help of this agency, the group planned to officially debut in China, where they would perform, make appearances on local television, and more.

Before entering into an exclusive contract with this company, Jiyeon had reportedly met with officials in person to ensure that it was the right fit for her. In addition, she also visited the company’s headquarters to actively discuss what she wanted to accomplish in the future.

Now that a deal had been struck, Longzhen Culture Development plans to provide full support for Jiyeon as she pursues activities in different fields. Since Jiyeon debuted as part of T-ARA in 2009, she has developed herself as a proficient singer and actress. As such, she is expected to continue these activities as a solo act. The company will manage her music, acting projects, performances, broadcasts, and commercial deals.

Between Us

Yeah1 Music

Jiyeon again made her melodious voice heard through a duet with Soobin Hoàng Sơn, a solo singer from Vietnam who has a melodious and gentle voice. With sweet vocals, the pair came out with a pop love song with lyrics and melodies that will spoil the ears of every listener. Apart from releasing the song Our Distance in Korean, the song was also released into Vietnamese, requiring each of them to learn each other’s languages.

One Day


Jiyeon finally released a solo music video that was much anticipated by her fans. The video, titled One Day was released through her YouTube channel on Saturday (22/12/2018). One Day is a medium-sized ballad, which was delivered with soft vocals from Jiyeon. This music video was also released by singer as a gift for her fans for the 2018 Christmas holiday.

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