Complete List of Support Compilation for Wendy Recovers From Latest Incident


Other K-Artists Sent Supportive Messages To Wendy

It turns out that it was not only fans who were supportive of Wendy’s injuries, but also other K-artists, as well!

A Wendy fansite shared a screenshot from a MAMAMOO live broadcast chat on their Twitter account, in which Solar shared her wishes for Wendy’s quick recovery after her fall at SBS‘s Gayo Daejeon, which caused her serious injuries.

The message from Solar read, “I hope Wendy really, really, really quickly gets better. She’s someone I really like.”

(Fun fact: Solar was also hurt at the 2019 SBS Gayo Daejun, but sources close to the situation have since disclosed that she is fine.)

Beside Solar, Wendy;s labelmate, Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk, updated his Instagram with a new selfie of himself as he mentioned the upcoming new year, as well as Red Velvet Wendy‘s recent accident in his captions.

He added in that artists sweat buckets while preparing diligently for all of their performances. He hoped that in the new year, they would be able to perform those stages in a safe and proper environment, without getting injured.

His caption read: “2019 is almost over. Is everyone closing off the year well? I hope in the new year you achieve everything that you couldn’t achieve this year. I’ll also prepare well for the upcoming 2020 to stand in front of you all. And in 2020, I really hope that all artists will be able to sing and dance the stages they prepared so hard for in a proper and safe environment, where they can be healthy and unharmed.”

His statement closely ties in with Wendy’s recent injury, where she fractured her right hip, cheek, and wrist after falling from a stage that was improperly prepared and unmarked. Fans thanked Eunhyuk for speaking up as Wendy’s labelmate senior.

Wendy and Eunhyuk are both under SM Entertainment, where Eunhyuk has seen Wendy grow as an artist ever since she was a trainee.

Red Velvet To Perform Psycho Without Wendy

After Wendy’s horrific incident, Red Velvet revealed that they decided to continue the promotion of their latest track, Psycho. Even without Wendy, the members continued their activities as usual.

” All four of us will promote this time,” said Red Velvet on a fan sign, Monday, December 20, 2019.

Regarding the performance, the member made sure to include Wendy’s singing part.

“We will include Wendy’s part,” said Red Velvet.

The group hoped fans would understand the situation they were experiencing right now.

“So we ask for your understanding even if we make a mistake,” they added.

Here is a clip of  Red Velvet’s “Psycho” performance without Wendy.


Wendy To Be Absent From Future Schedule

Not only the “Psycho” stage, but Wendy would be absent from the group’s future schedules.

On January 6, 2020, Red Velvet announced that they would be holding their Japanese tour with four members, as Wendy continues to focus on recovering from her injuries. The announcement was made on Red Velvet’s official Japanese website regarding the Red Velvet Arena Tour in Japan – La Rouge

The announcement read,

“Wendy will be unable to participate in this upcoming tour due to the injuries she sustained after falling from a stage during rehearsals for a performance in Korea last year.”

They stated that the tour would be held as planned with the four other members, Irene, Seulgi, Joy, and Yeri.

The statement also said,

“We are extremely sorry to everyone who was anticipating Wendy’s participation. We will assist anyone who wishes to get a refund on their tickets. We will notify you of Wendy’s return to activities in Japan once they are decided.”

Meanwhile, Wendy was still busy recovering from her incident.

Updates About Wendy’s Recovery

During Wendy’s recovery, the members of Red Velvet gave updates regarding her condition to their worried fans.

On December 29, 2019, Red Velvet held a fan sign event in celebration of their recent comeback, The ReVe Festival: Finale and accompanying title track, “Psycho.”

At the fan sign event, only four members were present, as Wendy recently suffered an accident during the stage rehearsals for the 2019 SBS Gayo Daejun. The members talked to the fans about lots of things, and also opened up about Wendy’s current condition, thanking fans for supporting them during this difficult time.

When a fan expressed concerns for Wendy’s condition, Irene comforted the fan by telling them that Wendy’s recovering and that she’s resting well. Yeri revealed that every year, the members have a Christmas party, but because they couldn’t have one this year, she was looking forward to uploading pictures of good food and a healthy Wendy at next year’s Christmas party.

Seulgi then revealed that for the time being, they’ll be promoting as four members, and will have to split Wendy’s parts among them. She asked fans for their understanding if their voices crack while performing Wendy’s parts, because Wendy’s such an amazing vocalist that they’ll all have a tough time reaching those notes! She also said that after the fan meets, they were going straight to Wendy’s to cheer her up!

Joy was the next to speak up, and talked about how Wendy loves singing so much. She revealed that Wendy was so excited to perform at the event that she clutched the microphone close to her all the way to the hospital, and wouldn’t let go. She then smilingly said that at the hospital, Seulgi told her to rest because they can still perform “Psycho” ten years later, as well!

Seulgi then also said that Wendy’s parents are both in Korea. Wendy likes to talk a lot, so she kept chatting with everybody to the point where her mother even jokingly said: “At least your mouth is fine.”

They then brought up how Wendy had been sharing all the fruit that well-wishers had sent her, and that despite having a hard time, she still tries to be bright for the others, worrying about them more than herself. Seulgi spoke proudly of Wendy’s hardworking personality, saying that even while on hiatus, Wendy was still thinking of how best to utilize the time to learn something new.

But while trying to be bright, Wendy still has moments where she’s sad. Joy revealed that due to the fractures in her cheekbones, she can’t chew, and can only eat food that has been smashed first. Seulgi brought her fresh fruit juice, but couldn’t get her favorite drink, bubble tea, because the pearls in them have to be chewed. At this, Wendy sadly said, “But Gongcha (bubble tea) is all about the pearls…”

Joy then tearfully revealed that she had been angry at the apology that SBS had issued regarding the incident as well, and thanked fans for supporting them and giving Wendy the love she deserves.

” There’s something that I really want to thank the fans for. There are a lot of times where the situations on stage have been dangerous, but I’ve always thought that since its my job, these things were obvious or okay.

But when that happened to Wendy, I was so sad, and the apology that was given to her made me angry, too. I thought that it was wrong to just wrap it up like this. But the fans supported Wendy, and expressed that we need to fix this. When things get tough, that is when we really need to join forces.

This kind of incident should never happen again. Honestly, even though she’s badly hurt physically…it could be because she doesn’t want us to worry about her, but she tries to be bright. Seeing that honestly makes my heart hurt.

When I’m with unnie, its not this sad but when I’m working and she’s not there, since this is the first, official time, I think about her a lot. But Wendy’s told me this before; that when you’re sad, its okay to cry.

So when you’re sad, too, just cry and let’s pray for her to recover quickly together. We will pass on your feelings and words to her, and we will work hard next year too…Its true that I’m really worried about her…

Let’s pray for her.”

It must be really hard for them. Himnae, Wendy!

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