Did Stray Kids’ Members Had Plastic Surgery? Take a Look at Their Past and Current Appearances Here!

Stray Kids

Stray Kids

Anything You Need to Know about Stray Kids’ Plastic Surgery!

Since its debut in 2018, Stray Kids’ (or SKZ) songs and performances have grasped everyone’s thought. Many people surprised that the JYP Entertainment’s (JYPE) group has so much talents making music.

The greater the success, the bigger the rumors that follows. This fact is also applied to SKZ. Many people speculated that some of its members have undergone some plastic surgeries. However, are these spreading rumors true? Did SKZ members really do some procedures? To know the answer, keep reading this article and you’ll find the truth behind those rumors.

Stray Kids’ Plastic Surgery Rumors is Not Confirmed by Its Agency

Stray Kids

As of today, there’s no statement from JYPE confirming that the SKZ members have followed some surgeries. Because there isn’t any official statement, many fans are guessing the kinds of surgeries that the members might have done. Here are some kinds of surgeries speculated by fans for each member:

  • Bang Chan: Rhinoplasty and/or nose fillers
  • Lee Know: Don’t get any surgery, he looks different due to weight loss
  • Changbin: Don’t get any surgery, he looks different due to weight loss and/or weight gain
  • Hyunjin: Lip fillers and mass Botox injections to his jaw, chin, and muscles
  • Han: Don’t get any surgery, he looks different due to heavy makeup and puberty
  • Felix: Botox injection to his face
  • Seungmin: Don’t get any surgery, his face just looks the same
  • I.N: Don’t get any surgery, his face just looks the same

These are the kinds of surgeries fans have predicted that SKZ members might have performed. Again, these rumors weren’t confirmed by JYPE, so we don’t know for sure if the rumored members actually did those procedures. So, to find out the truth, we’re going to jump right into these rumors, and we can also take a look at some of their photos, including their before-and-after debut photos.

Bang Chan’s Before and After Debut Appearances

Bang Chan before debut

Many people speculated that Bang Chan has undergone rhinoplasty to make his nose look bigger. However, there are some fans who disagree; the SKZ leader has done nose fillers, not rhinoplasty. Actually, when we compare his debut and pre-debut photos, his nose becomes pointier and bigger after he officially debuted with SKZ.

We don’t know whether Bang Chan actually did the surgery or not. Many people also gave their opinions that the oldest member may not have had any surgery. They said that the photos look different because of the visual effects and different angles, or perhaps, the leader’s extreme weight loss.

Lee Know’s Before and After Debut Appearances

Lee Know before debut

Unlike his team leader, Lee Know has never been in the spotlight for any surgery rumors. He is known as a member who has never drastically changed his appearances, even long before his debut with SKZ. To compare his before and after debut, check out these photos below.

When you look at these photos, you can see that the second-oldest member always looks the same! You can also notice that since he was a kid, he always had double eyelids, and he still keeps them to this today. The only difference in his appearance lies on his cheek faces, which have been largely reduced due to weight loss.

Changbin’s Before and After Debut Appearances

Changbin before debut

Same with Lee Know, Changbin is known by Stays (SKZ’s fans) as a member who always looks the same. His appearances are mostly changed due to weight transformation, either increase or decrease. Here are some of his debut and pre-debut photos.

When Changbin just officially debuted with SKZ members, it seemed that his face was more triangular than after debuting. He also had no fat in his cheeks, and this was caused by the extreme weight loss that Changbin experienced right before his debut. However, after debuting for a while, he has tried to manage his healthy lifestyle, and his body weight has gained to a normal level, and this also affected his facial appearance.

Hyunjin’s Before and After Debut Appearances

Hyunjin before debut

Different than Bang Chan, Hyunjin was speculated to have procedures not on his nose, but to his lips, jaw, and muscles.

Many Stays noticed that right after he made his debut, his lips were plumper than before. That’s why Stays speculated that Hyunjin has applied some filler to his lips. However, the size change of his lips wasn’t actually noticeable enough.

Stays also predicted that the visual’s jaw and chin were Botox-injected. The injection has made his jaw became more prominent than before. Before that, Hyunjin was known to have wider, stronger, and more natural jaw. Many Stays said that he looked great either way, but most of them stated that Hyunjin’s natural jaw was already looking good, so they thought that he didn’t have to do anything to his beautiful jaw.

In addition to his jaw and chin, Hyunjin was rumored to have injected his muscles with Botox.

Han’s Before and After Debut Appearances

Han before debut

Han Jisung is the third SKZ member with no plastic surgery rumors. Stays noticed that he really looks the same; both pre-debut, debut, and post-debut.

Considering his young age when he debuted with SKZ, it seemed that Han’s appearances were mostly changed because he was just entering puberty at that time. The changes were also quite obvious because SKZ stylists seemed to like to apply many makeups to his wonderful face.

Felix’s Before and After Debut Appearances

Felix stray kids before debut

The Sydneysider is known as a member who has a very boxy face shape. Regarding his face shape, Felix was reported by Stays to have injected his face with Botox. However, it wasn’t clear enough which part of his face he has injected.

From the comparison above, we can see that his appearance was slightly changed. Actually, there are some Stays who believe that Felix didn’t apply them. They stated that there are a lot of Felix’s pictures that were taken at slightly odd angles, making his face look quite different, while in reality, it’s just the same. Again, we don’t know anything for sure about this matter.

Seungmin’s and I.N’s Before and After Debut Appearances

Seungmin stray kids before debut

These two maknaes are also known as members without sudden changes in appearance. You can see some of their amazing photos.

You can see that there’s no visible change on Seungmin’s and I.N’s faces. Therefore, we can safely say that the two haven’t got themselves under the knife.

I.N stray kids before debut

So, that’s the full explanation about Stray Kids’ plastic surgery rumors. What do you think about the explanations? Do you think that the members didn’t really undergo plastic surgery? Or, do you think that there are members who were rumored but they just look the same?