STRAY KIDS Felix Sisters Profile, Moments Together, Social Media


STRAY KIDS Felix and His Relationship with His Sisters

As one of the most popular K-Pop idols, everything about STRAY KIDS’ Felix has drawn attention, including his personal life. Since he’s an Australian member of STRAY KIDS, many people are also curious about his family or siblings.

It turns out Felix has two sisters who are very supportive of his career, and even one of them is also popular on social media. Are you curious about them? Let’s get to know further details about STRAY KIDS’ Felix sisters through the article below by Byeol Korea!

Meet STRAY KIDS Felix Sisters Rachael and Olivia

STRAY KIDS Felix Sisters

STRAY KIDS’ Felix’s family consists of a mother, father, an older sister, a younger sister, and himself. As the only son in his family, Felix cares for both of his sisters very well! Felix’s older sister named Rachael/Jisue Lee was born in 1998. Meanwhile, Felix’s younger sister named Olivia Lee was born in 2004.

However, the information regarding Rachael and Olivia is very limited since both of them didn’t undergo the same environment as Felix, who is a K-Pop idol celebrity. For further details, Olivia has a TikTok and Instagram account which makes Felix and STRAY KIDS fans can see her beautiful visuals. Meanwhile, Rachael reportedly has an Instagram account.

We can tell that the three siblings, Felix, his older sister, and his younger sister, are blessed with sophisticated genes since the three of them are equally good-looking though Rachel’s visual is rarely seen; fans believe that she is as fascinating as Felix and Olivia. Many fans also think that Olivia looks very similar to Felix, especially with his freckles.

Relationship Between Felix and His Sisters

Although Felix’s sisters’ information is quite limited, on some occasions, the fans were spoiled with Felix and his sisters’ moments, just like how Felix and Olivia’s interactions. Felix is well-known for joining various TikTok challenges, and he even made one with Olivia!

Aside from that, Olivia is a supportive sister as well since she also showing-off her support and love toward Felix’s project, such as when her brother appeared in a magazine, and she reposted the picture on her Instagram account. During STRAY KIDS concerts, both of Felix’s sisters attended to support their brother, and even some fans who were lucky could see his sisters directly.

Even though his sisters lived apart from him since Felix is busy in South Korea, their connections are as strong as ever, just like how Olivia sent him a message from Australia and how Felix talked about it on a broadcast!

STRAY KIDS’ Felix Sister Social Media

Felix’s sisters are well-known to have social media, but it is only revealed on Olivia’s Instagram, and TikTok, especially after some of the people leaked her account, @oliviajiminlee.

Currently, Olivia’s Instagram and TikTok are public, which make everyone can see most of her visual appearance and her activities. Moreover, Olivia already has more than 500k followers on Instagram.

Most of Olivia’s content on Instagram is her moments with her friends, mirror selfies, her moments while on vacation, and many more. You can find her and Felix’s TikTok challenge on her Instagram post as well! Meanwhile, Rachel’s social media is reportedly named @jisue_lee, where she has over 100k followers.

That’s everything about STRAY KIDS’ Felix’s sisters! Although the information about them is pretty limited, we can tell that Felix and his sisters’ relationship is very close yet warm. We hope to see more of their moments together in the future!

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