Top 10 Songs From SS501 Kim Hyun-joong That Should Be Added On Your Playlists


SS501 Kim Hyun-joong

Break Down

Kim Hyun-joong 1st Mini Album Break Down was his first solo mini album. This album made for his solo debut. The album was released on June 7th, 2011 under KeyEast Entertainment with the main song “Break Down”. Break Down concept R&B genre with perfect sound quality. This song was produced by Steven Lee.

In music video showed how R&B music became one with masculine Kim Hyun-joong. The dance choreograph matched so well with the song and show-off that this song was only made for Kim Hyun-joong. “Break Down” is a high energy dance track featuring Double K. The lyric of this track tell us about the deep relationship between a couple with sexy and sweet meaning.

The album was released in Taiwan by Warner Music Taiwan in two versions: Regular and Commemorate Editions. This album has six track lists such as, “Let Me Go (Intro)”, “Break Down feat. Double K”, “Please”, “Kiss Kiss”, “Yes I Will”, and “Please (Instrumental)”. The album also has three official video such as, Making Film, Break Down Music Video, and Please Music Video.

Kiss Kiss

‘Kiss Kiss’ is the second track from Kim Hyung-joong 1st Mini Album Break Down. This song is composed by Steve Lee, Sean Alexander and Jimmy Richard. The genre it’s a pop-dance song filled with acoustic guitar sounds. Kim Hyung-joong’s different style of music is well represented through the song.


This song expressed Kim Hyun-joong’s appreciation and love for his fans. However, the lyrics of the track tell us about how sweet a man expressed his feeling toward his girl. In fact, in this song story showing-off how sweet and loving Kim Hyun-joong loves his fans. The Music Video itself features actual footage from his fan signing event and showcase, as well as behind-the-scene rehearsal videos. Also, there are exclusive shots of the star singer enjoying his time at the beach.


The third track of Kim Hyun-joong 1st Mini Album Break Down is ‘Please’. This song composed by Steven Lee, Drew R. Scott, Sean Alexander, Jimmy Burney, and Greg Watton.

This song lyrics tell about a man and woman become as a passionate and loving couple but broken in the end of their love story. The story was from the man view that he was saw his girlfriend cheating with other guy. He explained to his girlfriend how sad he is when he saw his girls kiss and hug with another man in front of his eyes.

The music video representated the visual meaning of the song lyric so well. So make sure you must check the music video!

Lucky Guy

LUCKY GUY is the Kim Hyun-joong’s 2nd mini album. This album released on October 31th, 2011 with main tracklist “Lucky Guy”, the same name with the album name. The album was released under KeyEast Entertainment in Korea and released by Warner Music Taiwan on November 18th, 2011 in Taiwan.

Lucky Guy has six tracklist in totals such as, “Do You Like That”, “Lucky Guy”, “Smile”, “I’m Your Man”, “U”, and “Lucky Guy (Instrumental version)”.

Kim Hyun-joong has transformed into a chic dandy guy this time. The song is funky rock song with rhythmical electric-guitar and brass session in it. The most special things in this song is Kim Hyun-joong has participated in organizing the concept of this album and Steven Lee has participated to be the producer of this album again.

Lucky Guy song lyrics tell about a man who has confidence that the girls will like him so much. This time, the album peaked number one on Gaon Album Chart for the week starting on June 9th, 2011. The album also debut at number five on Billboard’s World Chart for the week of October 29th, 2011. It also top category in Japan’s Oricon weekly chart.

Marry Me

The Reason I Live (나 살아있는 건)


Your Story (Kor. Version)

Beauty Beauty

This Is Love