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South Korean Celebrities Siblings
South Korean Celebrities

Learn More About Siblings Among South Korean Celebrities!

Information such as family members and siblings are no longer kept as top secret for idols and celebrities. Some of the idols’ siblings are ordinary people who do not have careers in the entertainment industry. However, there are celebrity siblings who have also worked in the entertainment industry as singers or actors and actresses. In this article, we will look more closely at idols and celebrities from South Korean who have siblings.

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Kim Yoo-jung & Kim Bu-gun

Kim Yoo-jung & Kim Bu-gun

In the past few years, photos have been circulating on the internet that show the closeness between Kim Yoo-jung and one of her brothers, Kim Bu-gun. This photo was taken from Twitter from a fan-base of Kim Yoo-jung. In the photo caption, it appears that they both have a lot in common and look very much like twins. However, it turns out that Kim Bu-gun is somewhat older than Kim Yoo-jung. This photo was discovered after being uploaded by Kim Bu-gun on his Facebook account and brought in a comment that Kim Yoo-jung’s brother has an idol-like visual.

There are also some news reports about Kim Yoo-jung’s brothers who look very similar. Many have known beforehand that Kim Yoo-jung has an older sister named Kim Yeon-jung who is 3 years older than her. Fans who see the resemblance of Kim Yoo-jung and Kim Yeon-jung will surely think that they are twins because there is no apparent difference in the faces of the two of them.

Beside that, Kim Bu-gun, brother of Kim Yoo-jung also has the same resemblance. As is well known by many people, Kim Yoo-jung is an actress who loves her own family very much and she uses a lot of her free time to just gather with her family or go on vacation together. It is clear from the photo below that Kim Yoo-jung is also very close to her brother, Kim Bu-gun.

There aren’t just one or two proofs that Kim Yoo-jung is the maknae that is loved in her family. The two older sisters of Kim Yoo-jung seem to be spoiling Kim Yoo-jung as the youngest child. Kim Bu-gun himself is the first brother of Kim Yoo-jung with an age gap of 6 years adrift of the actress who was born in 1999. With the circulation of family and sibling photos of Kim Yoo-jung, many comments have said that her family has very beautiful and handsome siblings.

The closeness of Kim Yoo-jung and Kim Bu-gun certainly is not a question anymore because they are the first child and the last child of the family structure and this means that Kim Bu-gun as an older brother also has a great responsibility to love and care for Kim Yoo-jung as his little sister. Kim Yoo-jung also receives love and affection very much from her brother and sister.

Kim Tae-hee & Lee Wan

Kim Tae-hee & Lee Wan

Next, there are the siblings Kim Tae-hee and Lee Wan. Both have the same occupation in the entertainment industry, they are both well-known artists. Their age gap is 4 years where Kim Tae-hee is the older sister of Lee Wan. Early in their careers, the drama actress starring in My Princess was once in a drama production with her younger brother who played the young Han Tae-hwa in the drama Stairway to Heaven. Lee Wan then returned to acting after being drafted in 2010 and he got a role in the online series It’s Not Over Yet.

Both of them are already known as close siblings and also together provide full support for each other’s career. In 2013, Lee Wan talked about his closeness with his sister and what the actress usually did while at home. “When she was at home, she didn’t look very attractive. She always puts on an empty face,” which made Kim Tae-hee who was sitting next to him look embarrassed.

Being siblings who are both from celebrities who are equally busy apparently did not make the two become unfamiliar. Even Lee Wan used to tease his older sister that Kim Tae-hee was so far from his ideal type of woman that it made it hard to connect when talking to his sister. Lee Wan, who is 4 years younger than Kim Tae-hee, also added, “Because we don’t care about each other, there is no reason and opportunity for us to fight,” making the audience laugh.

Their relationship as siblings also does not stop there. Kim Tae-hee was still seen accompanying Lee Wan, her brother, when he got married on December 28th, 2019. Kim Tae-hee with her husband, Rain, was also present at the wedding and the actress was seen wearing a very beautiful hanbok. Many think that Kim Tae-hee is currently filming the latest drama because around her there are many people present. Her beauty was also very radiant when attending her brother’s wedding.

Jang Nara & Jang Sung-won

Jang Nara & Jang Sung-won

Another actress who also has a sibling but was never exposed is Jang Nara with her older brother named Jang Sung-won. The actress who looks cute even though she is no longer young, also has a brother who works in the same industry as her. He is named Jang Sung-won and he is a popular actor. Jang Sung-won is no less charming than Jang Nara and even received a lot of praise from netizens because he was considered super-young at the age of 42 years old like a young man in his 20s as his younger sister, Jang Nara, who stopped aging.

Their cohesiveness as siblings is often shared by Jang Nara on social media accounts. The fact is that not only their faces are equally beautiful and handsome, but their chemistry as siblings also makes many people jealous. Many say that they are siblings who don’t age at all. Even every time Jang Nara and Jang Sung-won take a picture together, many people ask their real age because these two brother and sister look like vampires whose appearance hasn’t changed at all.

Ha Ji-won & Jeon Tae-soo

Ha Ji-won & Jeon Tae-soo

Next is actress Ha Ji-won and her younger brother, Jeon Tae-soo. Ha Ji-won is also an actress who has a sibling who works in the same field, namely the entertainment industry. Jeon Tae-soo who was born in 1984 is 6 years younger than Ha Ji-won who was born in 1978. They live as siblings who get along very well and always support one another, especially in their respective jobs. Ha Ji-won also has other siblings, 2 sisters who are not celebrities.

Ha Ji-won often shares her closeness with her younger brother, Jeon Tae-soo. The photo above is the moment where Ha Ji-won who was still shooting the drama Empress Ki (2013) and the actress visited the shooting site of Jeon Tae-soo when she had free time. At that time, Jeon Tae-soo was in the process of filming for King’s Daughter Soo Baek Hyang where both shared the same filming location. Both of them look very young and Ha Ji-won is also seen as a sister who is always there to support her brother’s career.

Ha Ji-won and her family also had a joint photo session for The Celebrity magazine. The photo shows Ha Ji-won with her parents and siblings, showing happiness that can only be found in family relationships. Of course, Ha Ji-won’s younger brother stands out because his face is well known. Ha Ji-won was seen to have a very warm and complete family at the photo session. As for her expression in an interview for the magazine, Ha Ji-won shared, “At this time, I hope to gather with my family. I always want to take a family photo and I believe this opportunity allows me to cherish every moment with the people I care about most.”

However, sad news came to Ha Ji-won’s family when news circulated that Jeon Tae-soo had been found dead on January 21st, 2018. Many fans were also sad about this news because Ha Ji-won was also known as an always supportive brother and loved his older sister. Jeon Tae-soo died at the age of 33 years and according to the agency that oversees Jeon Tae-soo, he died due to suffering from depression. The agency said that Jeon Tae-soo was also being treated for mental health issues. The funeral of Ha Ji-won’s younger brother was held secretly and was attended by family and acquaintances.

Even though it was hard to say goodbye to her little brother who is gone, Ha Ji-won posted a photo with the Black and White filter where she and her brother were sitting together with big smiles. In the photo uploaded on January 24th, 2018, she posed with her younger brother. Ha Ji-won is wearing sunglasses and a black coat, and Jeon Tae-soo is wearing a jacket of the same color. In the photo caption, Ha Ji-won then wrote a sweet sentence for her brother.

“My beautiful star. I hope you will be born in a world where it shines forever. The star I love. I hope it will be happier than anyone in this world. I hope it will be loved by everyone in the world. I love you, my beautiful star, Tae-soo.”

– Ha Ji-won

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Not only that, but Ha Ji-won also uploaded a photo showing handwriting. In this photo caption, she wrote, “Jeon Tae-soo your light is brighter than sunlight.” Nothing is sadder than a sudden separation, but behind it all, let’s pray for Jeon Tae-soo so he can rest easy in his final resting place and for Ha Ji-won who will continue to be active with her career as an actress.

Go Eun-ah & MBLAQ Mir

Go Eun-ah & MBLAQ Mir

This time, we will discuss the siblings in the same occupation but one of them being a K-Pop idol who is quite well known. Actress Go Eun-ah, who was born in 1988, is 3 years older than her younger brother, MBLAQ’s Mir, who was born in 1991. Previously, not many people knew that they were brother and sister.

Go Eun-ah, who is famous for her role in Golden Apple, and also a small role in the drama Bad Guy, is known to have a very close relationship with her brother, Mir, who is a member of the music group MBLAQ. In 2010, netizens were furious when Go Eun-ah gave her a kiss on his lips in front of the camera and that was one of the scenes from Mnet’s Scandals. Even after that, they said that it was normal familiarity between siblings.

This is a scandal that occurred from Go Eun-ah involving her younger brother, MBLAQ’s Mir. She was even invited to a talk show to clarify his actions which were the subject of much discussion because she had kissed her younger brother who had grown up. On January 14th, 2013, in the Talk Club Actors program the older sister of the MBLAQ boy band member, Mir, shared her thoughts about it. “I get more rumors than anyone of my age. But I have no place to explain it clearly. Mir is my brother,” she said. The woman revealed that her relationship with Mir was very close. But the public mistook them both.

“When the public saw Mir, they saw him as an idol and a celebrity. But to me, he was a little brother. Our family is very close. Nevertheless, we live far apart, so we express our love strongly. We kiss each other, do not care about people. But one day after that, there was an article that said that we were involved in a love affair between us siblings,” she said. Go Eun-ah then revealed her frustration, “I think the public does not see me as Mir’s sister but a woman,” she said.

Kim Hye-soo with Kim Dong-hee & Kim Dong-hyun

Kim Hye-soo with Kim Dong-hee & Kim Dong-hyun

Next, there is one actress who is already quite well known and has starred in many K-Dramas and South Korean movies. She has also obtained a lot of achievements because she is a legendary actress that is part of the history of the entertainment industry. Kim Hye-soo is known for several important roles in Tazza (2007), Signal (2016), and many more. Not only she is famous on her own, but Kim Hye-soo also has siblings who are also famous celebrities.

Kim Dong-hee is one of the actors who is the younger brother of Kim Hye-soo who started his career in the entertainment industry in 2009. He also played the younger brother of Gong Hyo-jin in the K-Drama Pasta (2010). In one of his interviews, Kim Dong-hee once talked about his older sister giving him many lessons to become an actor who has good talent and acting skills. “My sister gave me a lot of acting advice, but I want to learn a lot from Gong Hyo-jin senior.” Kim Hye-soo is indeed older than Gong Hyo-jin, but Gong Hyo-jin’s experience as a veteran in the acting world is worth even more than Kim Hye-soo’s.

Besides appearing in Pasta (2010), Kim Dong-hee who was born in 1978 has also played in other dramas such as Gye-Baek (2011) and The Great Queen Seondeok (2009). Kim Dong-hee has also appeared in several music videos, but he first made his debut in small roles in dramas.

Besides Kim Dong-hee, Kim Hye-soo also has another younger brother who managed to become an actor. Kim Dong-hyun who was born in 1974 is the older brother of Kim Dong-hee. The career of Kim Dong-hun has also been as good as his sister’s and he first appeared in one of the films titled Change (1997). Kim Dong-hyun is also still quite active in some of the recent dramas, such as Syndrome (2012), Road No. 1 (2010), Hyangdan (2007), and many more.

Kim Hye-soo also turned out to have 5 siblings and some who managed to become actors were Kim Dong-hee and Kim Dong-hyun. Although the careers of Kim Hye-soo’s younger brothers are not as fruitful as her’s and have yet to get lead roles, they have managed to debut as actors and continue the career of their older sister who is famous for her characters who are always fierce and strong. Hopefully, in the future, we can still see the appearance of Kim Dong-hee and Kim Dong-hyun in their new dramas or movies.

Chae-rim & Park Yoon-jae

Chae-rim & Park Yoon-jae

K-Drama lovers who have watched the old drama All About Eve must be familiar with the beautiful figure of actress Park Chae-rim. Beside that, Chae-rim is also popular through the drama Oh My Lady, where she stars alongside Choi Siwon. Rarely exposed to the public, it turns out Chae-rim also has a younger brother who works as an actor named Park Yoon-jae, who started his career in acting in 2002 and seems to be still active. Chae-rim, whose real name is Park Chae-rim, was born in 1979 and Park Yoon-jae who was born in 1981 is two years apart. Chae-rim as an older sister is usually called a Noona in Korean.

These brother and sister rarely show their closeness together. However, Chae-rim first made her debut as an actress by attending one of the dramas titled Warm River (1994). Chae-rim and Park Yoon-jae have received many awards for their hard work as artists with exceptional acting skills. Many people have praised their roles in the entertainment industry. Their latest news comes from their personal lives, Park Yoon-jae who is confirmed to be dating a woman who is a non-celebrity, and Chae-rim who announced that she is getting divorced from her husband who is a Chinese actor in 2019.

Earlier in 2015, Chae-rim and Park Yoon-jae had a problem over an insult and they were both charged in the case. Sidus HQ as one of their agencies acknowledged this fact by saying that someone named Lee sued them. The brother and sister were reported on February 13th, 2015, they insulted Lee’s mother at their home in Gangnam, Seoul.

According to what Lee had said from Hancinema, he went to his mother’s house to get the money lent to him and met the two siblings at the front door. He was insulted during the process. A source says financial truth is not all true and vice versa, Lee has caused mental stress on the family, abusing the fact that they are celebrities. This case also happened when Lee appeared at home without being invited. This has also been handled legally.

Those are some of the South Korean celebrities that you might not have known beforehand whether they have siblings or not. Some are indeed working as actors and actresses, but some are just non-celebrities. As siblings, they certainly still support and give love to each other because they are still in the same family. Let’s also continue to support and pray for the best for South Korean celebrities, their personal lives, and also their careers in the future!