Let’s See Song Jae-rim’s Appearance (Long Hair, Shirtless, and Fashion Style)


Take A Closer Look At Actor Song Jae-rim’s Appearance!

Do you know about the South Korean actor, Song Jae-rim? The actor who starred on the television drama, The Idle Mermaid, with actress Jo Bo-ah is well known for his manly looks and for having a visual like a Prince Charming. He is also popular for his appearances in many dramas and his fans have praised him for always looking good.

In this article we’re going to take a peek at Song Jae-rim’s best looks, whether in his dramas or his daily life!

Song Jae-rim, Visual Appreciation

The actor, who was born on February 18, 1985, is really known with his handsome visual as an actor. He’s signed under S.M. Culture & Contents, a talent company under SM Entertainment, which is one of the Big 3 companies in South Korea.


The actor, who starred in the drama Goodbye Mr. Black (2016), playing the character of Seo Woo-jin, represents one of the best body goals that an actor can achieve. He’s very tall and works out to maintain a muscular body, as well.

Song Jae-rim’s Long Hair


Song Jaer-rim started his career as a runway model and appeared in many fashion shows in South Korea. He mostly did photoshoots as a cover model for magazines such as Bazaar Korea, Vogue Girl Korea, Dazed & Confused Korea, Nylon Korea, GQ Korea, Arena Homme + Korea, Esquire Korea, and Marie Claire Korea.


In 2009, Song Jae-rim began his acting career and started appearing on television dramas in supporting roles. While he worked as a model and actor at the same time, he still maintained his perfect body and the long hairstyle that he used to when he was a cover model.


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