Everything about My Liberation Notes Actor Son Seok-koo Profile, Fun Facts, Drama List

Son Seok-koo

The Charismatic Actor Son Seok-koo

Have you heard about Son Seok-koo? He is one of the most popular and amazing actors based in South Korea and has starred in several movies and dramas. Recently, Son Seok-koo received many praises for his acting in My Liberation Notes, especially during the beginning of the drama, he doesn’t have much dialogue, but he can express the character’s feelings only with her facial expression. Let’s learn more about actor Son Seok-koo through this article written by Byeol Korea!

Full Profile of Son Seok-koo

Son Seok-koo

Birth Name: Son Seok-koo (손석구)

Stage Name: Son Seok-koo (손석구)

Date of Birth: South Korea, February 7, 1983

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Blood Type: N/A

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 80 kg

Nationality: Korean

Occupation: Actor

Years Active: 2012 – present

Label: SBD Entertainment

Instagram: @sonsukku

Don’t Miss Out On Son Seok-koo Fun Facts

  • Son Seok-koo has studied acting since he was in middle school. He also studied acting for 10 years in the USA, continue his study in Canada, and then return to South Korea
  • He studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago
  • When Son Seok-koo living abroad, he used to dream of being a basketball player
  • His initial dream was to be a film director
  • Son Seok-koo is friends with Lee Je Hoon and Choi Hee Seo
  • Son Seok-koo got his first major role through the drama Mother (2018)
  • It is rumored that Son Seok-koo came from a wealthy family, and he used to be a CEO

Son Seok-koo Drama and Movie List


Year Title Role
2014 Scarlett Innocence Casino Henchman 2
2016 Black Stone
2017 Wedding Sung Hoon
2019 Hit-and-Run Squad Kim Tae Ho
2019 Shimchung Girl Doctor
2021 Romance Without Love Woo-ri
2021 Unframed – Rebroadcast Director, Script
2022 The Roundup Kang Hae-sang



Year Title Role
2016 Kidnapping Assemblyman Mr. Clean Sang-chul’s Subordinate
2017 Sense 8 Detective Mun
2018 Mother Seol-ak
2018 Suits David Kim
2019 Designated Survivor: 60 Days Cha Young-jin
2019 Be Melodramatic Kim Sang-soo
2021 D.P Im Ji-seop
2021 Jirisan Lim Cheol-kyeong
2022 My Liberation Notes Goo Ja-gyeong (Mr. Goo)

Son Seok-koo in Be Melodramatic

Be Melodramatic is a romantic comedy-drama that depicts the life of 30-years old best friends, they are Lim Jin-joo (Chun Woo-hee), Lee Eun-jung (Jeon Yeo-been), and Hwang Han-joo (Han Ji-eun). All of them are having their personal matters and different problems as well.

Meanwhile, Son Seok-koo appeared as a special appearance in episodes 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16 which made him gain a lot of attention. Son Seok-koo played the role of Kim Sang-soo, a director who is well-known as a stubborn person and talked about everything as it is. He is also successful and rich, but living a humble life. Kim Sang-soo, later on, fell in love with Lee Eun-jung, his fellow director friends, despite their everyday arguments for the first time.

Son Seok-koo in D.P

D.P is a military drama that depicts the struggle and difficult times during the military service era. It also tells the story of a team of Korean military police who get the mission to catch deserters, or simply some of the military service employees who run away from their camp.

In the drama, Son Seok-koo played the role of captain Im Ji-seop. Although he is a captain, Im Ji-seop is one of the villain characters in the drama. He is described as an arrogant and careless person, and he doesn’t like the team that gets the mission to catch the deserters. Before Son Seok-koo filmed D.P, he once explained visiting his captain during his military service era to immerse in his character and asked for some advice from his captain.

Son Seok-koo in My Liberation Notes

My Liberation Notes is the latest drama of Son Seok-koo in early 2022. It depicts the story of siblings Yeom Ki-jung (Lee El), Yeom Chang-hee (Lee Min-ki), and Yeom Mi-jung (Kim Ji-won). All of them somehow felt kind of suffocated within their life and want to find their ‘freedom’. There is also a mysterious guy named Goo Ja-gyeong or Mr. Goo who works as a worker for their parents in the family.

One day, Yeom Mi-jung asked Mr. Goo to worship her so she doesn’t feel ‘alone’ and empty anymore. She is also asked that request him to make Mr. Goo live a new life. As time went by, Mr. Goo and Yeom Mi-jung get to know each other better, and they have such great chemistry together.

That’s everything about the charming actor Son Seok-koo! Although some people might haven’t noticed him yet, he is a very talented and amazing actor which can make you fall in love at the first sight with him. Let’s always support and root Son Seok-koo for his career and happiness!

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