All Detail and Information About WINNER’s Jinwoo Solo Debut That You Don’t Know!

Winner Jinwoo

WINNER Jinwoo Making His First Solo Debut!

WINNER is known as a group who has quite a different style of music than anything that has been produced until now. Of course, it’s not on the bad side, but rather the music itself has its own artistic and aesthetic side to it making it very distinct. Not only that, but each member also has his own colors and skills which make them shine together as a group. One of the two vocalists of WINNER, Seungyoon, made his solo debut even before joining WINNER as a member through the survival program Superstar K. Soon, the other vocalist, Jinwoo, will also make his debut as a solo artist! Are you curious about what kind of album will he produce? Let’s take a look at it!

Solo Debut of Jinwoo

Winner Kim Jinwoo

On December 3dr, 2018, the CEO of YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun-suk, surprised the fans of Winner after posting a photo of Jinwoo laying on top of white fur gazing at the camera, on his Instagram account. In the post, he only put the caption “Who are you?” making the fans speculate about many things. They speculated that there are two meanings to the photo, either WINNER will make another comeback, or Jinwoo will make his solo debut, after his fellow member Mino. Here is the post that made the fans speculate about Jinwoo’s solo debut:

Moreover, he also added a short clip featuring Jinwoo on his Instagram account! This definitely made the fans even more curious about it. Here is the post that contains a short clip of Jinwoo in it:

Not long after he posted both updated, WINNER appeared in Idol Room as a guest and introduced their newly released song “Millions.” While the MCs were talking about WINNER’s Seungyoon and Seunghoon, who are known to have written some of the music, they then turned to tease Jinwoo and joked that he can’t be doing anything. At that time, Seungyoon responded to the joke by saying that actually, Jinwoo is in the middle of preparing his solo act. He also added that there are a few songs already and they sound good. They said that not only Jinwoo, but Seunghoon as well is preparing for his solo debut.

If we look at other WINNER members who have made their debut, there’s no doubt that they will produce a piece of good music. As one of WINNER’s vocalists, we can expect to listen Jinwoo’s soft, honey-like voice in his upcoming solo album! In addition, he might show us a different color from other WINNER members in his solo album.

What do you think about this? Don’t you want to see his solo debut as soon as possible?

Jinwoo’s Instagram Feeds

As a celebrity, Jinwoo shares his activities outside the promotions of WINNER with his fans through his Instagram account. Here are a few of his posts on his Instagram account!

1. In this post, he shared a photo of him wearing a white suit. The outfit that he wore makes him look classy and elegant, don’t you think?

2. Not only does Jinwoo love to take selcas, but he also loves to share photos of him together with his members!

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3. In the post, he recorded a video of himself while wearing a light blue colored hoodie. He looks incredibly cute in it!

4. Not forgetting his fellow member’s birthday, he posted a photo of WINNER’s Seunghoon to congratulate his birthday.

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5. In this post, he shows us his playful side as he took a candid photo of WINNER’s Seungyoon.

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If you want to see more of his updates on his daily activities, you can visit his official Instagram account here!

Latest News About Jinwoo

Winner Jinwoo

Recently, Jinwoo appeared on the tvN variety show Life Bar that was aired on December 20th, 2018. He came on the show together with WINNER’s Seungyoon, as a guest in the show. In the episode, Kim Hee-chul, one of the MCs, said that Jinwoo had revealed that Kang Seung-yoon is using a hairpiece because he doesn’t have a lot of hair.

Hearing that his secret is revealed, Seungyoon struck back at Jinwoo and said that his personality has changed and become really sharp these days. Jinwoo defended himself by saying that he has to be sharp in this line of work, but Seungyoon added more to his story and said that one day he complimented Jinwoo because his stage outfit looks nice. Surprisingly, Jinwoo responded by saying, “Hey! Keep that kind of talk to yourself,” to Seungyoon. Later, it was found out that Jinwoo didn’t like the outfit.

If you want to see more of their hilarious moments on the program, you can watch the broadcast of tvN’s Life Bar that was aired on December 20th, 2018!

So, what do you think about WINNER’s Jinwoo debut as a solo artist? Do you have high expectation for his upcoming solo debut? Don’t forget to share your thoughts about Jinwoo’s solo debut in the comment section below!