Complete Compilation List of SNSD’s Yoona’s Solo Songs That You Need to Know!


All Solo Songs By Im Yoona That You Need to Listen

Im Yoon-ah or familiarly known as Yoona, is rising up her name by debuting with SNSD or Girl’s Generation, the second generation girl group which popularity is becoming worldwide for their uniqueness and catchy songs. She also involved in SNSD’s sub unit Oh!GG. Yoona also known for her innocent and pretty visuals, also with her nice tall body and her sexy abs.

Yoona has been known for active in acting career and solo promotion right now, although she is still the part of SNSD. Since March 2016, Yoona released her first solo single titled Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway, and many singles after that. This time, Byeol Korea will show you Yoona’s solo songs that you might not wanna be missed, so stay tuned!

Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway

This song is Yoona’s solo single debut which released in March 2016 featuring 10cm, South Korean indie group as a part of SM Station. As people really anticipated Yoona’s solo debut so much, the song successfully peaked at number 24 on Gaon Digital Chart. The song was described as ‘breezy and easy-listening’ song.

Yoona’s voice is really sweet and lovely, singing the song about a couple who deeply in love and having a date at Deoksugung Stonewall Walkaway. The couple really believe that their love is so strong that they would never break up. Yoona’s sweet voice really suit 10cm’s voice, like it’s a drama soundtrack.

The MV giving the pinky light set, with full of Yoona’s footage having fun at Deoksugung Stonewall Walkaway. The MV is really pleasing the eyes as we could see how pretty Yoona is, zoom in or zoom out. She looks really happy, describing a girl who fell in love with a boy that much and would remember the place as the best memories they had.

When The Wind Blows

In September 2017, Yoona released her second solo single titled When The Wind Blows. If the previous single is about a couple who falling in love each other, this song is a breakup song. Once again Yoona comes with easy listening song but with ballad vibes. She also using her deep voice more, adding the sad feeling to the song. Yoona herself participated in writing these such a good lyrics, what a multi talented queen!

The lyrics are about a girl who remembered her ex-boyfriend when she passed through the wind blows. She remembered how sweet their memories were, their first meeting, how they walk under the moonlight, etc. She thanked for him to came into her life, and hope when he thinks about her too he will instantly smile.

The MV is really supported the mood of the song, as it pictured how sweet Yoona with the ex was, with the blue light set. At the end, Yoona lay above the table and smile, thinking about the sweet memories. Many fans speculated that this song is the reply song for Lee Seung-gi, Yoona’s ex-boyfriend. At the song, it’s being said that the boy is the first who confessed the love, and it’s the same as Lee Seung-gi. And for the lyrics “we stand and the end of the season” means when Seung-gi discharged from military. Well, people could be speculated but only Yoona knows the meaning.

Summer Night

This song one tracks of Yoona’s extended plays debut titled A Walk To Remember in order to celebrate her 29th birthday (30th in Korean age). The album became the fastest-selling album in its first 24 hours by a female soloist. This seems like fans are really thirsty to hear Yoona singing! Summer Night was made featuring an indie singer 20 Years of Age, and released in single.

The song is the typical ‘easy-listening’ Yoona’s song, really suitable to hear while chilling in your summer day. The lyrics are simply about how beautiful the summer night was, after she spent the exhausting days before. The sun, the cool wind, until she feel speechless to describe about how she enjoy summer.

The MV also set in bright and colorful vibe, showing how Yoona prettily enjoy her summer activites. Yoona looks so happy and relaxed, wearing her pretty summer outfits which suitable for her body type. She actually texting with someone, which might be her crush or someone else.

To You

In 2018, Yoona released a single as the collaboration with Lee Sang-soon titled To You. This song is very very calming with a sense of nature in it. You might want to hear the song while riding a bus, take a morning walk, sipping coffee, etc. Many people love this song because it makes them feel so relaxed and calm, along with Yoona’s sweet voice.

Besides it’s calming vibes, the lyrics are quite sad. It’s about how strange the surrounding was when she lost his love. She also imagined how he would remember her, would it be nice? Or would she be forgotten? Well, she really hopes that there will comes the time to them meet again, and she wish happiness for him.

Besides Yoona’s natural visuals, the MV also show much of nature beauty. How pretty the green grass, the sound of the calming sea, the pretty spring flowers, anything that seems pretty but felt so strange for the heartbroken one.

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