These SNSD Tae-yeon Transformations Throughout Time Will Shock You

SNSD Taeyeon
SNSD Tae-yeon

Details About Taeyeon Transformations Throughout Time

She is the leader of one of the most popular South Korean girl groups, main vocalist, and also a solo singer. She is none other than Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation. Taeyeon debuted as the leader and member of Girls’ Generation under SM Entertainment in 2007 with the group’s debut song “Into the New World.” 

Kim Taeyeon is known as one of the best singers in K-Pop. She gained popularity through her golden voice and her beautiful face. She started her career with a minimalist sweet appearance, and now the diva is transformed into a singer with an increasingly attractive appearance and always can be an inspiration.

In this article, Byeol Korea will provide you with SNSD’s Taeyeon’s transformations throughout the years that will shock you. Let’s check out more about her appearance since her debut until the present time. So, stay tuned and keep scrolling down this article.

Pre-debut Era

Even before her debut as an idol, Kim Taeyeon looked beautiful in her teenage years. In the pictures of young Taeyeon as a child, she looked really adorable with her innocent appearance.

SNSD Tae-yeon

When Taeyeon was still a student and wore a school uniform, she already drew attention with her amazing figure. During her school years, fans could see that she has a nice jawline and chin shape with a chubby cheek.

In the photos of her pre-debut era, Kim Taeyeon still had chubby cheeks. However, Taeyeon has a very beautiful and cute appearance. The picture was taken during her training days at the Starlight Academy of S.M. Entertainment.

Debut Era

At 18 years old, with her musical talents, Kim Taeyeon debuted as a member of Girls’ Generation and became the lead vocalist of the group. Debuting as a Girls’ Generation’s member in 2007, Kim Taeyeon’s appearance was still innocent with minimalist and light makeup.

SNSD Tae-yeon

During her debut era, Taeyeon had a wavy long hairstyle without bangs. It can be seen during her first appearance in the music video of Girls’ Generation’s debut song “Into the New World.” Her appearance with the long curly hair totally suits her baby face.

Since the beginning of her debut, Taeyeon’s natural face has looked charming and attracted the attention of K-Pop lovers. Even Girls’ Generation members agreed that Taeyeon was the most beautiful among them.

Active As SNSD Member

After successfully debuting with 8 other members in the South Korean popular girl group Girls’ Generation, Taeyeon’s beauty is still unchanging, but she looks more beautiful after her diet. During her starting years as a singer, she had chubby cheeks, giving her a youthful and adorable look. However, many fans have noticed that Taeyeon’s face has thinned out quite dramatically since her debut through her strict diet. She has lost weight even in her jawline and achieved the amazing “v-line”.

Taeyeon gained her amazing figure due to her consistent hard work in maintaining her figure, which includes watching what she eats and diligently exercising. This doll-like look took years for even Taeyeon to achieve.

SNSD Tae-yeon

Besides paying attention to her body shape, Taeyeon also started to experiment with her hair to support her appearance. In 2009, Girls’ Generation released a song titled “Genie.” During this era, Taeyeon’s appearance looked charming with wavy hair which is colored balayage caramel highlights without bangs. The song “Genie” indeed gives off a cute and sexy impression of every Girls’ Generation member including Taeyeon and she looked attractive and beautiful.

Since the early debut era, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon often appeared with long hair. However, Taeyeon refreshed her appearance by cutting her hair short when appearing on the song “Mr. Taxi.” And it turned out that even with short hair, Taeyeon still looked amazing and charming.

Taeyeon is a K-Pop artist who changes hairstyles every year. During her appearance in the Girls’ Generation “The Boys” era, Taeyeon decided to appear with short and ombre haircuts. She looked attractive and lovely with her short hair.

Since she debuted with Girls’ Generation, Taeyeon has appeared more with looks who tend to be calm. However, when the group released the music video of “I Got a Boy” in 2013, Taeyeon appeared cooler and different from her usual appearance with vibrant make-up and ombre-colored hair, namely brown at the top and bluish green at the ends of the hair. It was totally different from her usual look, but Taeyeon still looked pretty and chic at the same time.

SNSD Tae-yeon

After enduring long enough with short hair to shoulder length, finally, when Girls’ Generation made a comeback with a brand new song titled “Mr. Mr.” Taeyeon appeared again with long hair. Appearing elegant with long curly hair at the bottom, Taeyeon’s hairdo was getting sweeter with bangs.

The cheerful summer theme, which appeared during Girls’ Generation’s comeback with the song “Party” in 2015, made Taeyeon try on a combination of pink, coral and blonde hair color. In the music video of “Party,” Taeyeon has her pink hair changed in a variety of styles, ranging from parsing, ponytail, to a messy bun.

SNSD Tae-yeon

Active as a Solo Artist

In 2015, Taeyeon debuted as a solo singer by releasing her debut single titled “I,” which is a collaboration with rapper Verbal Jint. During her solo debut, Taeyeon transformed herself with blonde hair that was parsed, until braided. She looked exceptionally beautiful during her solo debut.

SNSD Tae-yeon

In early 2016, Taeyeon came back with her second extended play Why. During this era, the solo singer again cut her hair short. Her hairstyle at that time had a flood of praise for making her appearance look really cute and chic.

SNSD Tae-yeon

On February 28th, 2017, Taeyeon dropped her first studio album My Voice along with the title track “Fine.” Through the single, Taeyeon showcased her soulful vocal skills and incredible voice. The powerhouse singer still looked pretty with her long brown hair completed with the bangs which made her look cute but amazingly beautiful as always.

SNSD Tae-yeon

In October 2019, Taeyeon released her second studio album, Purpose featuring its single “Four Seasons.” In the music video for “Four Seasons,” Taeyeon displayed a wistful impression both through her appearance and the scenes in the music video. During this comeback, Taeyeon returned with her long brown hair which made her more mature and beautiful.

SNSD Tae-yeon

On October 28th, 2019, Taeyeon released the music video for her title track “Spark” from her latest album Purpose. In this music video, Taeyeon looked mature with bold make-up wearing a black dress and a red leather jacket.

SNSD Tae-yeon

Latest News

To celebrate her 31st birthday on March 9th, 2020, Taeyeon planned to release a surprise single “Happy” for her fans as a special gift. Originally, “Happy” was set to be released as a digital single originally on March 9th, 2020, by the singer under SM Entertainment. However, the release date of the song had to be postponed due to Taeyeon’s father who passed away on the same day of her birthday, March 9th, 2020.

Before “Happy” was set to drop, Taeyeon shared a special interview for her birthday on March 9th, 2020. She sat in front of a birthday cake and answered questions about her upcoming single. The singer introduced “Happy” as a pop song that blends doo-wop and R&B and is about the warmth of spending time with the people you love. She also sang a small spoiler of the song for her fans.

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