SNSD Tae-yeon Incident At Jakarta Airport And How K-Pop Entertainment Companies Deal With Similar Situations

SNSD Taeyeon
SNSD Tae-yeon

This Is An Incident Due To The Enthusiasm Of The Fans When Waiting For Their K-Pop Idol At The Airport That Can Be Harmful!

The popularity of K-pop idols is huge, and many fans really want to see their idols up close. The moment many fans wait for the most is when K-Pop idols are at the airport, because it gives overseas fans an opportunity to welcome the idol. Unfortunately, this act often ends up in chaos, even to the point of putting the idols in danger. The atmosphere can became uncontrollable, and many idols have had incidents occur at airports because of the crowd of fans waiting for them.

Of the many incidents that occurred at an airport where fans were waiting for their favorite K-Pop idol, one of the worst incidents happened to the leader of the girl group Girls’ Generations’ Taeyeon. She was involved in the most serious incident to have occurred at the airport in Jakarta. Taeyeon traveled there alone, without other SNSD members, and looked confused when she landed at Soekarno Hatta Airport. She is thin and petite, and seemed to be getting swayed by the many fans waiting at the airport. Want to know about the unpleasant incident that happened to Taeyeon at the Jakarta airport?

In this article, Byeol Korea will give you the details about the incident experienced by the leader of Girls’ Generations, Taeyeon. So, stay tuned!

Tae-yeon Airport Incident in Jakarta

SNSD Tae-yeon

Girls’ Generations’ leader, Taeyeon, did not expect her arrival in Jakarta to be the cause of an incident. Once she arrived at Soekarno Hatta Airport in Jakarta on April 17, 2017, she was invaded by so many fans that she fell and was injured. The SNSD member came to Jakarta to be one of the performers for the Asian Games countdown, which was being held at the National Monument or Monas crossing field. The incident was described by Taeyeon through her Instagram account.

There was a large crowd of fans at the airport in Jakarta that made my feet trip and tripped, it was a very dangerous situation. I really fell to the floor, and shivered and did not stop crying,” Taeyeon wrote. “Maybe because I thought I saw myself in danger, security at the scene came from behind and picked me up, which also surprised me,” she said. “I panicked because someone was holding me from behind and beside me, and I was confused,” Taeyeon continued.

I am very disappointed because I think a number of people who guarded also fell and injured. Also, by accident, there was a repeated touch on my body, behind me and on my shoulders, jostling and pushing each other. I could not control myself. That is why I could not show my best when I arrived in Jakarta for the first time after all this time, I apologize to the fans who have been waiting, I hope all is going well and no one is disappointed, you are the best fans and love each other, and can understand each other, so I think today’s events just an accident. I hope no one was hurt,” she concluded.

The excitement at Soekarno Hatta Airport was also recorded and spread on social media. Previously, the organizers of the Asian Games or Inasgoc had confirmed the presence of two SNSD members, Hyoyeon and Taeyeon, in Jakarta in the context of the 2018 Asian Games.

Difference in Security Guards Before and After the Incident

As a result of the incident experienced by Taeyeon when she arrived at Seokarno Hatta airport to fill the Asian Games Contdown event in 2018, the Head of the Creative Economy Agency (BEKRAF), Triawan Munaf, had asked for a number of additional bodyguards to return Taeyeon and Hyoyeon to Soekarno Hatta Airport, so that this incident would not happen again.

Initially, the promoter had prepared a number of security officers according to SM Entertainment’s request as Taeyeon’s management, which was seven people. But after the incident, they added ten extra security personnel, bringing the number to seventeen guards so that Taeyeon and Hyoyeon would not have the same problem when they returned to the airport.

Fan Crowds Issue At Airport

The crowd of K-Pop fans at the airport is very dangerous, not only for artists but also for themselves and other visitors. Not only can it disrupt the safety and comfort of other visitors, some fanatical K-Pop fans also damage a number of facilities at the airport due to the crowd.

The way the fans get information about the idol’s flight is from sasaeng fans (fanatical fans). The flight schedule itself is supposed be kept confidential, but fans still find ways to discover the details of their favorite K-Pop idols’ flight schedules. Reportedly, confidential information can be obtained from someone on Twitter by paying less than 30 dollars.

As soon as the fee for the agreed amount is paid, Sasaeng fans will immediately get schedule information to the idol flight bench. Not only is it obtained cheaply, but the whole process takes less than an hour. This made many people suspect insiders from the airlines themselves are conducting the business, and called on the authorities to investigate further. But a source from Incheon International Airport said that the action was beyond the knowledge of the company.

Security Guards vs Fans Crowd During K-pop Artist Arrival

The large number of fans who go to the airport to see their favorite idol often causes a stir because they get too enthusiastic. Actually, there is nothing wrong with the fans’ behavior, because mostly they just want to vent their curiosity and love for idols who come far from South Korea. The security guards go to great lengths to protect the idol from the rioting fans who are present. Security officers can have a lot of difficulty evacuating K-Pop idols from the crowds of fans at the airport. Things like this often interfere with the security and comfort of the idols. Not a few of them expressed their disappointment on social media with regard to their fans’ behavior in such cases, which made them uncomfortable.

Reason Why K-pop Artists Usually Have a Secret Door to Leave Airport

The large number of fans who come to the airport to see their idols makes it hard for the idols to enter the airport and make their flights. The excited crowds can be very dense, putting the idol at risk, as well as making it hard for the idols to get where they need to go. Often, the airport finally decides to open a VIP line so that the idols can enter and fly safely, and help the idols feel comfortable.

How Agencies Are Dealing With The Situation

Most of the K-Pop idol agencies released statements after hearing about what happened with Taeyon in Jakarta. The statements they released often related to the prohibition to follow the artist, crowds that disturb the comfort of other visitors at the airport, and even offering apologies to the airport for their negligence, which makes airport visitors uncomfortable due to acts done by fans of idols who are under their agency.

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