Let’s Check Out SNSD Seohyun Appearance On MBC King Of Masked Singer

SNSD Seohyun

SNSD Lead Vocalist & Maknae Seohyun Awesome Singing Skills!

Seo Joo-hyun ((서주현), or also known as SNSD’s Seohyun (서현), is the youngest member of the legendary K-Pop girl group SNSD, that just celebrated their 12th anniversary this year. Through their debut song, “Into The New World,” Seohyun has an innocent and pure image as a young girl. As time goes by, her talent as a singer has exposed more and she became the lead vocalist along with the other members, such as Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Jessica.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at Seohyun’s performance on MBC’s King Of Masked Singer and how her sweet and golden voice left the viewers and panelists alike amazed by her performance in this singing show.

About The Show

King Of Masked Singer

King Of Masked Singer (미스터리 음악쇼 복면가왕is also known by the title Mystery Music Show: Masked Singer’s King and is aired on MBC TV every Sunday at 16:50 KST. The show is a singing competition program in South Korea that reveals its guest stars wearing a mask, and each set of masked singers would compete against each other for two episodes.

The masks that the singers wear are made by the designer Hwang Jae-geun, to hide their real identities. The format of King Of Masked Singer has two sessions. In the first session, the singers perform the same song together, and in the second session, the singers have to sing a solo song. The winner is chosen by an instant live vote from the audience and celebrity panelists.

The contestants can’t reveal their identity and take off their masks unless they are eliminated or become the new Mask King.

First Battle

Seohyun appeared on MBC’s King Of Masked Singer as the 48th Generation Mask King and appeared in Episode 95 and 96 that were aired on January 22nd and January 29th, 2017. On her first appearance, Seohyun wore the mask called New Year New Bride Cackle.

SNSD Seohyun

Seohyun appeared in the last match of the 1st Round. The girl who was wearing a white dress and a chicken mask was the queen of the hens and she mentioned in the backstage that she will light up the New Year’s morning with her song. The panelist commented that she looks so composed and elegant while walking onto the stage.

The guests who wore the mask Happy New Year Bride Cackle and Happy New Year’s Card already went to the stage and they were singing a song from Park Hye-kyung, “Goodbye” (안녕). However, only 1 candidate could move on to the next round.

The two were harmonized and sounded fresh like a blooming flower and Seohyun took the first line of the song while singing her part with an amazing voice. As she was singing the second line, Seohyun was in control of her stable voice and the dynamics as if she’s talking.

The song itself, “Goodbye,” is a song about forgetting the past and enjoying the happy days ahead. Instead of competing with each other, they made the song more refreshing with their clear voices. Seohyun’s voice was very soothing, firm and solid as she was singing this song.

They also made a great duo with each other while singing “Goodbye” with many cute gestures. Seohyun’s lovely voice really came out great and the New Year vibes suited well with the performance they brought on MBC’s King Of Masked Singer.

Even the panelists were amazed by them as her voice started to sound familiar to them. Seohyun and Jiyai Shin who were singing behind the masks were having fun while singing together on the stage for the rest of the performance.

Comment From The Panelist

After their performance ended, the panelists gave them big applause and commented that they are very lovely and cute. Kim Gu-ra also said that their voices sound like they came from a popular person because they sang very well.

One of the panelists, Young-seok, greeted them with a great big smile and said, “It’s not a matter of good or bad, I just couldn’t take my eyes off the ‘Happy New Year’s Card’ person. When they sang together looking at each other, she was one beat behind. ‘New Year New Bride Cackle’ looked very natural by doing that and even lead her partner.”

Young-seok was more into Seohyun’s performance than her rival at that time. “‘Happy New Year’s Card’ kept forgetting the gestures and looked at her partner one beat late. But she was also lively and natural at that time. I can’t give a rating to her characterful performance. In fact, ‘New Year New Bride Cackle’ is a master singer.”

The MCs were surprised when Young-seok said that she is actually a professional singer by listening to her voice. “On a grand piano, there is the thinnest string. It is the hardest and tightest string. When you strike the note, it makes a clear sound. Her voice sounds like that note. She even has great singing technique. I loved it.”

The next panelist is 2AM’s Seulong, he said that the 4th match was his favorite round because it had the energy that makes men happy. “New Year New Bride Cackle’s voice made me want to go out with a girl. Her voice makes you feel that way. Meanwhile, Happy New Year’s Card made me want to get married.”

The two differences made the other panelists and contestants laugh after his comment. Seulong said that New Year New Bride Cackle’s voice was actually Seohyun who sang behind the mask and is cute and lively. While Happy New Year’s Card was shy and modest.

The other panelist, Kai, was being asked about his opinion about their performance. “New Year New Bride Cackle is a sign that this is the year of the rooster and eggs are very expensive these days. It’s expensive and she’s valuable.” His comment made the people at the studio laugh because of his joke.

Kai continued, “When she sang ‘Goodbye’, she looked elegant waving her hand and I fell in love with her there. Meanwhile, it’s not a common thing that people exchange greeting cards. In fact, I felt as if I got a greeting card from an unexpected person. I was very excited and grateful for listening to Happy New Year’s Card sing.”

When it was time for them to show off their specialty and hidden talent, Seohyun was singing Wonder Girls’ “Tell Me” while imitating how the members sing the song and dance along. The panelists were amazed that her voice sounded just the same as Wonder Girls’ and she could dance very well too.

One of the panelists commented that she is a great dancer and a great singer, but as time went by, she ran out of breath. “She began breathing hard. I don’t think she’s a dance music singer.” DIA’s Yebin who appeared as the panelist commented, “I think New Year New Bride Cackle is an idol singer. She’s a great singer and dancer. I bet she’s a new singer, though. It hasn’t been a long time since her debut. She must have worked hard for her performance as she wanted to show all about herself today. So I guess she’s a new singer.”

The other panelist, Yoon-seo, hinted that New Year New Bride Cackle is a professional singer because she did a gesture that only veteran singers do. He guessed that the singer behind New Year New Bride Cackle is DAVICHI’s Lee Hae-ri.

During the announcement of the winner of the 4th match, it was announced that Seohyun, who was behind the New Year New Bride Cackle mask is the winner and she defeated Jiyai Shin who wore the Happy New Year’s Card mask with a final score of 70 to 29. “It was so fun and I will do better in Round Two,” she said while entering the backstage and going to her waiting room.

Second Battle

In the second battle, Seohyun appeared in episode 96 and her rival was Norazo’s Lee Hyuk who wore the 2017! Only The Flower Road mask. They performed in the 2nd round as the Pair 2.

New Year New Bride Cackle made her appearance again after defeating the golf player, Jiyai Shin, who had to reveal who was under the mask in the previous episode. As she was making her entrance to the stage, the panelists who still remembered her previous performance were commenting that she looks cute and strong.

Young-seok as the panelist also said that this match would be a though one along with a comment from 2AM’s Seulong that he was actually wondering about her identity behind the mask. Through her performance in episode 96, she would make the evening rich and warm with her voice.

The music started playing and the panelists already knew that this song was from MAMAMOO titled “You Are The Best.” Her voice was clear and high-pitched while singing to this song as she demonstrated her falsetto skills in her awesome singing.

She even did the rap part of the song and could absolutely sing the four different voices. During this performance, it was clearly shown that she sounds experienced. Seohyun also showed her dancing skills that made the whole studio surprised by her performance. Before ending her stage performance, Seohyun also hit the highest note in this song and made the audience amazed by her singing skills.

Comments From The Panelists

New Year New Bride Cackle once again received a standing ovation from the panelists and ended her performance just like after holding a party.

Kai was among the panelists who got a chance to comment on the performance and said that both of them are talented. “What she did well is that she managed to sing a group song all by herself. She expressed her own color while doing so. On top of that, she had a chance to show her gracefulness and sexiness through her voice and body language.”

He continued, “I bet she moved many male audience’s hearts.” The other panelist replied that New Year New Bride Cackle is a type other girls don’t like. “If some guys and girls go on a trip and a girl like that tags along, she’ll be the star of the whole trip.” The panelist mentioned that she’s perfect, that’s why other girls don’t like her.

Young-seok commented that he has no idea who is the singer behind the New Year New Bride Cackle mask. “The songs she chose and the way she acted tell me that she’s a cat. She’s devious and delicate, smart and sly. That’s why I think she’s a cat. She’s pretty.”

Meanwhile, when it was time for Kim Gu-ra to guess the contestant, he said that New Year New Bride Cackle is really an actual singer. “I have no idea who is she, that’s why I don’t want to guess anything.” He said, making the whole studio laugh. Another panelist even guessed that she is Choi Hwa-jung.

Without any expectations, 2017! Only The Flower Road was the winner of this match and he defeated New Year New Bride Cackle with a total score of 57 to 42.

Final Stage

Although she failed to defeat Norazo’s Lee Hyuk, Seohyun got a chance to sing one more time before revealing her mask. Nobody had guessed who she was and the song that she sang on her last stage in MBC’s King Of Masked Singer was a part of the My Strongest Suit OST, the musical Aida.

A charming vocalist, New Year New Bride Cackle had another challenge as the female lead in Aida. She chose the song that suits best her beautiful voice. The audience and panelists couldn’t help but fall in love with her performance. She sang with emotions as if she was acting.

Taking Off Her Mask

The time came for Seohyun to take off her New Year New Bride Cackle mask and show her identity in front of the panelists and audience of the show. Each of their reactions was surprising and they couldn’t even guess it was actually Seohyun from Girls’ Generation.

It was a performance where they could see a new side of her as a solo artist since she has a powerful voice after 10 years of experience as a singer. The song was beautiful as she tried her best even the panelists were into the song and danced along.

Her sophisticated gestures and splendid singing skills amazed many people through this show by her attractive charms as well. Seohyun’s performance was beyond entertaining and now she has an image of a soft and charismatic singer. In this song, Seohyun also did her best by hitting high notes as much as she could.

After she ended her performance on stage, the MC said that her singing skills are great. “You sounded totally different from when you sing in Girls’ Generation,” the MC said. Seohyun replied to him by saying, “In fact, Girls’ Generation has many members, so I get to sing only a few parts of a song. It’s like only 5 or 10 seconds. I didn’t have many chances to sing a whole song.”

The MC asked her again how old she was when debuted and she answered – 17 years old. The young girl has transformed and grown into a lovely lady over the years.

“Today, I want to show myself the way I am, not as the youngest member of Girls’ Generation.” Those are the words she mentioned while joining MBC’s King Of Masked Singer. The singer who released her own song “Don’t Say No” revealed that she has been the youngest member of the group for the past 10 years.

“People think I’m just a young girl. I’m very thankful in a way. However, sometimes I want to show a different side of me, but people seem to have some stereotype about me. I was frustrated when I felt that way.” Seohyun said.

We have to acknowledge the fact that Seohyun is already a grown-up woman and she wants to show everyone her image of a mature woman through her singing and acting. After receiving a big round of applause from the panelists and audience, Seohyun went back to the backstage and expressed her feelings about joining the show.

The member of Girls’ Generation’s subunit, TTS, revealed that she loves everything about the show and even the fact that her cheekbones behind the mask actually hurt because she kept smiling during the filming. “It was one of the happiest moments after debut. They praised my performance without knowing who I am. I took that as a real compliment,” she continued, “I’ve lived my life pretty well, all my efforts have not gone in vain.”

Latest News

On November 5th, 2019, Seohyun showed off several photos of herself as she helped the design of a sport purple padded jacket. The brand, MICHAA, collaborated with Seohyun while designing the Violeta jacket. Beside the photos, Seohyun also appeared behind the scenes of making the design for the jacket with a variety style that suits her character.


In the making video, Seohyun revealed that she has worn many padded jackets before, but she hasn’t found the one who suited her tastes in fashion. The singer who has also become part of the cast of a drama musical revealed that she would personally choose Purple for the padded jacket and she also paid a lot of attention while designing the new collection with MICHAA.


Well, Seohyun is one of the talented members of Girls’ Generation and now she has enlarged her career as a singer and she does a lot of her favorite things while enjoying her life to the fullest. Let’s hope for the best for Seohyun’s career, upcoming schedules and solo comeback or reunion with Girls’ Generation in the future!