All Information About Sistar After Disbandment, Where Are They Now?


All You Need to Know About SISTAR Member After Disbandment

Do you miss SISTAR? Well, this article might be appropriate for you if you wanna know the latest news about SISTAR! As we know, SISTAR was a girl group from South Korea under Starship Entertainment. SISTAR debuted in 2010 through their single “Push Push” and performed the song on KBS’s Music Bank.

But, unfortunately, this shining girl group disbanded in 2017 after almost 7 years. But, each member is still continuing their careers through solo activities.

If you wanna know the latest news about what they are doing after SISTAR’s disbandment, keep reading!

What Are They Doing Now?


In May 2017, SISTAR released their last album. After releasing, Starship Entertainment revealed that SISTAR was ending their group activities. SISTAR’s members and their label were discussing solo activities for each member.

And, finally, the decision was made. Hyolyn and Soyou continued their careers as solo singers. Meanwhile, Dasom and Bora continued their careers by focusing on acting activities.

About the disbandment, each member wrote a letter. Starting with Dasom, in her letter, she said that there’re a lot of things that she wanted to say, but she was tortured and would be careful with the words she wanted to say. She also thanked the fans who have been settling with SISTAR for the past 7 years.

Bora also revealed in her letter that there were a lot of moments in her mind while she was writing the letter. She said that all of them will always support each other.

Soyou’s letter seems more heartbreaking than the others. She thanked all of the fans and also apologized. No matter what she ends up doing, she said that she will always remember everything she’s been through with SISTAR and promised fans that she would come back with better music in the future.

And, in the last letter from Hyolyn, she said that the fans already gave her more love than she deserves, and she thanked her fans because they gave her strength even though she felt lacking.

Well, no matter what happens, we have to always support all of SISTAR’s members and wish all the best for their careers!



Hyolyn, birth name Kim Hyo-jung, was famously known as the leader and main vocalist in SISTAR and the sub-unit SISTAR19. After SISTAR officially disbanded, Hyolyn still continued her career as a solo singer. No wonder, even when she was still in SISTAR, Hyolyn already made her solo debut.

After the disbandment, she sang for tvN’s Live up to Your Name‘s OST with the song “Always.” She also collaborated with GOT7 for her hit track “Blue Moon.” Hyolyn sang a lot for many OSTs such as “Wind Up Watch” for the drama series Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me and “Dreamy Love” for the drama Money Flower.

Hyolyn also released a three-part single project. It included “To Do List” as the first single and “Dally” as the second single. And, she made her comeback with the single “Bae.”

Watch Hyolyn’s performance of “Bae” here:



Hyolyn also held her first solo concert! And, at that concert, Soyou and Bora attended to watch and support Hyolyn’s performance! Moreover, Hyolyn often appears in magazine photo shoots such as for Cosmopolitan. Here’re some of her pictures for Cosmopolitan:


Well, seems like she is doing her solo activities perfectly!



Soyou made her solo debut as a solo singer just like Hyolyn. After promising fans that she will return with more good music, she proved it!

Soyou recently released her comeback single “All Night” from her solo album. Previously, she released her solo albums called Part 1 RE:BORN and Part 2 RE:FRESH.


She has collaborated with a lot of artists such as Sung Si-kyung, MoonMoon, Geeks, and many more! Watch one of Soyou’s music videos here:



Just like what she said, Dasom is focusing on her solo career in acting! She made her drama debut in 2013 through Love Rides the Song, and in 2015, she appeared in The Eccentric Daughter-in-Law. Dasom recently appeared on KBS 2TV’s Ms. Kim’s Mystery as the lead actress. Not only that, but Dasom also participated in the upcoming drama That Psychometric Guy with Kim Kwon, Noh Jong-hyun, Go Youn-jung, Jang Eui-su, GOT7’s Jinyoung, and Shin Ye-eun.

In one occasion on an interview, Dasom revealed her passion for acting. She loved the way the director would take off the camera and give a compliment to her for her good work.

Previously, Dasom showed her best appearance on the drama My Sister Is Alive as Eun Ji-soo as an investigator. Because of this role, Dasom got an award at the 2017 SBS Drama Awards for Best New Actress!

Who is curious about the upcoming drama with Dasom? Well, let’s wait together!



Just like Dasom, Bora is continuing her solo career through acting. Right after SISTAR disbanded, Bora starred in the drama Hwayugi with Kim Ji-soo. She played the role of Alice. She also changed her name to Yoon Bo-ra to be considered a serious actress.

Bora also recently appeared on OCN’s God’s Quiz: Reboot this past November in 2018. Not only an actress, but Bora is also continuing her career as a television host on Produce 48 and models for a lot of fashion brands!