Get Inspired By Shinhwa’s Dongwan Perfect Body (Abs, Workout, Diet, and Solo Career)


Kim Dong-wan’s Diet Tips and Workout Routine


Shinhwa, Korea’s longest-lasting idol group who debuted in 1998, appeared on KBS 2TV’s talk show Hello and displayed their unique wit and conversational skills. During the recording session, a college girl appeared onscreen and appealed for a solution to her problem with her mother, who has forced her onto a diet that required her to eat only sweet potatos instead of boiled rice.

The MCs asked Shinhwa: “Have you ever experienced in dieting?” Kim Dong-wan revealed his own dieting experience, saying “Once, I went on a diet that involved eating only rice puffs for one year. I gradually felt my body became abnormal and had skin complaints due to malnutrition. After that, I quit the rice puff diet.”

After a while, the girl with the problem appeared and said about her agony “It is hard because my mother forces me to diet even though I would make my own dieting efforts. 

An MC requested that Shinhwa “Motivate the girl in agony to succeed in her diet.” At that, Shinhwa promised a surprising commitment, which received much applause from the audience in the studio.

Kim Dong-wan’s Solo Career

Kim Dong-wan made his solo debut as a singer on July 5, 2007 by releasing a solo album ‘Kimdongwan Is’. And after that, Kim Dong-wan also debuted as an actor by starring in a number of the best dramas in Korea. In fact, most of them think of Kim Dong-wan’s debut as a myth, but he has appeared in some dramas as a child actor before. He appeared as a child of Park Se-jun in the MBC mini-series ‘San’ and also showed his face in all the diary. After debuting as a myth, he started his career in 2002, starting with KBS drama (Children of Heaven), and appeared in various weekend dramas, miniseries, feature films, movies, independent films, and musicals.

It shows a level of acting that is not like an active idol and digests acts of various genres. Eric’s recognition as an actor in the myth is unique, but if Eric has been established as a male actor in the Locomul mini-drama, the difference is that Kim Dong-Wan challenges acting in various genres.

In the KBS2’s weekend drama (Sorrow bye), she starred as an optimistic and sincere heroine ‘Han Jung-woo’ who never lost a dream even in difficult surroundings. ‘Sorrow, Goodbye’ gained popularity so that the last rating of the audience exceeded 30%, and Kim Dong-Wan could also be imprinted in the public as a performer rather than a singer with stable acting ability. And the role was high in synchro rate, and it was selected as the top talent to be selected in TV dramas selected by corporate personnel in that year.

He debuted as a solo singer in 2007, releasing two regular albums and three single albums. After the debut of mythology, he started to act as an actor through his 2002 film The Children of Heaven. He is the most active member of the band, along with Eric. In addition, the image of myth as ‘the first performing stone’ was noticed with witty words since the first album to the extent that even Kim Dong Wan made it. Among the mythical members who had a lot of personal activities, they challenged the most diverse fields such as acting, entertainment and musicals.

Kim Dong-wan’s Latest Song

On November 27, 2015, Kim Dong-hwan released a mini album titled “W”, with a total of 5 songs in it, including; 잘자 (feat. Andy of Shinhwa), DU DU DU, HE_SUNSHINE, DU DU DU (Inst.), And 잘자 (Inst.). With its flagship song being DU DU DU.

Kim Dong-wan Will Be a Part of a New Concept Knowledge Documentary Show, Prism


Shinhwa’s Kim Dong-Wan embarked as the sole MC for current affairs program. Kim Dong-Wan’s trusted voice and relaxed progress caught the eye. On February 12, KBS 2TV ‘Prism’ was first broadcast. Prism is a new concept knowledge documentary show that analyzes the issues that heat up our society and the hidden stories of knowledge in various ways and ways. Kim Dong-Wan becomes a single MC and guides viewers into the world of infinite knowledge of this era.

Kim Dong-Wan, who wore a suit at the opening, said, “Light illuminates the darkness, but it is invisible to our eyes. But when it passes through the prism, it shows its presence in various spectra.” “The same is true of the world we live in. How about looking at the hot issues of society through prism and spreading the world through various perspectives?”

Since then, three issues prepared by Prism have been released. The first issue was the politician’s transformation of YouTube and the problem of YouTube politics. The second issue was the face of the Republic of Korea, which changed before and after the construction of a new city. Kim Dong-Wan led the program through a calm narration.

The most eye-catching feature is the four key issue. Kim Dong-wan, who opened his mouth and said, “I’m the first to see this in detail, and these eight letters represent Kim Dong-wan.” Since then, Choi Chang-min, who was a handsome handsome man in the 90s and swept the music industry with the song ‘Chan’, appeared under the name Choi Je-woo. He was a highly popular singer in the late 90s and a high-ranking singer. However, managers were forced to fold all their activities because of their large debts.

However, Choi Jae-woo forgives the manager while studying four weeks theory. “I’ve lived that luck and he was the one who was there,” he said. “I knew I could have gone through this without him. I could put it.”
Like this, ‘Prism’ introduced three issues and delivered the knowledge to viewers. Of course, the issues prepared by Prism were not exceptionally fresh or interesting. Compared to other current liberal arts programs, there was no big difference in ‘Prism’. However, the serious progress of Kim Dong-wan, who became an MC, caught the eye.

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