SHINee Onew Profile, Pre-debut, Solo and Acting Career, Controversy, and Military

SHINee Onew

One of the Best Selling SM Entertainment Idols of the Second Generation K-Pop Industry

Onew became a South Korean idol after doing an audition at the 2006 SM Academy Casting in SM Entertainment. Then, Onew became a trainee and debuted with the boy group SHINee in May 2008.

His cute and fresh face really stood out when SHINee debuted. Onew also eventually became the lead vocal, which is proof that his ability in singing is incredible. Curious to know more about SHINee’s Onew profile, debut, career, military enlistment, and news about him in 2021—read this below!

SHINee Onew Full Profile

SHINee Onew

Stage Name: Onew (Hangeul: 온유)
Birth Name: Lee Jin Ki (Hangeul: 이진기)
Position: Leader, Main Vocalist
Hometown: Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Birthday: December 14th, 1989
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 177 cm (5’10”)
Weight: 61 kg (134 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Twitter: @skehehdanfdldi
Instagram: @dlstmxkakwldrl

22 SHINee Onew Fun Facts

1. Onew was born in Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.

2. Onew doesn’t have any siblings.

3. Onew graduated from Chungwoon University, majoring in Music Broadcasting.

4. He was discovered after joining the 2006 S.M. Academy Casting audition.

5. Onew’s nicknames are Leader Onew, Dubu, Ontokki, Onewhan, Tofu.

6. Though he is the group’s leader, he revealed that he has weak energy.

7. Onew is often doing mistakes during practice.

8. Onew has the ability to play the piano.

9. Onew used to be a very shy person, and was even afraid to join an audition.

10. His favorite number is 2.

11. Onew loves to listen to music, play the piano, and eat chicken.

12. Onew had to undergo surgery on his vocal polyps, which caused him to lose his voice for a while.

13. His original color is green.

14. Onew’s fans call him MVP because of the song lyrics of “Replay”: “Noona you’re my MVP.”

15. Onew was involved in a sexual harassment incident in August 2017. Yet, it was dismissed as a misunderstanding since he drunk at that time and grabbed a woman’s leg at a nightclub in Gangnam.

16. He won the Rookie Award at the 2016 Scene Stealer Festival because of his role in the drama Descendants of the Sun.

17. Onew made a solo debut with the extended play VOICE on December 5th, 2018.

18. After releasing her first solo album, Onew enlisted in the military on December 10th, 2018.

19. Onew finished her military service on July 20th, 2020.

20. Onew’s girl type is a girl who has a cute aura and has short hair.

21. Onew has a unique habit that is doing something funny when members say “Onew condition”.

22. Onew has even appeared as a cameo in some dramas including Dr. Champ (2010), Pure Love (2013), Royal Villa (2013), Descendants of the Sun (2016).

SHINee Onew Pre-debut Story

SHINee Onew

Onew joined SM Entertainment Casting in 2006 and got special appreciation from Lee Soo-man, the founder of SM Entertainment because of his vocal ability. In the beginning, he was hesitant to join the audition because he was a very shy person. He couldn’t present himself well in front of people, yet he tried anyway.

Onew, succeeded in being discovered by SM Entertainment and signed a contract as a trainee. Onew later debuted with boy group SHINee along with Taemin, Key, Minho, and Jonghyun on May 25th, 2008.

SHINee Onew Debut and Career Highlights with SHINee

Debuting in 2008 with Taemin, Key, Minho, and Jonghyun was definitely a historical journey for Onew and all the members. They instantly hit with R&B and contemporary vibes and got popularity.

Onew with bang hairstyle and adorable face was really spot on in the SHINee debut song “Replay”.

At the beginning of 2009, SHINee came with a new song “Juliette”. This song has an addictive phrase on the refrain and unique dance moves. Onew always shows his genuine and distinctive voice. They performed with various colors and a cute hairstyle, including Onew. You should check it out below!

In 2009, SHINee released the enchanted refrain song “Ring Ding Dong”. Onew came out with brown light hair with a cool and manly style. His voice was soft and stable, so nice to listen to!

Another SHINee hit song was released in 2010 titled “Lucifer”. In this song, Onew could let go of his cute image to a manly and cool image. His voice is always promising and legit on this song. His stable vibration on the bridge part really fits and gives energy to this kind of black song.

Onew SHINee in the “Hello” MV is also to be remembered. The song has fresh and lovable lyrics. Onew here is looking so suitable to this kind of image, yet his hairstyle is also too cute to not get noticed. Check him in this “Hello” MV below!

SHINee Onew Military Enlistment and Discharge

SHINee Onew

Onew joined the military on December 10th, 2018, and was discharged on July 8th, 2020. Couldn’t be separated from music: Onew during his military service also joined the military musical Shinheung Military Academy. This Shinheung Military Academy is about a patriotic youth who fought against Japan in order to pursue independence.

SHINee’s Onew was supposed to be discharged from the military on July 20th, 2020, however, to combat COVID-19 he was let out of service 12 days earlier.

SHINee Onew Solo Activity

Onew made his solo debut with the release of the mini-album VOICE on November 29th, 2018. Almost one month before he enlisted in the military. This solo debut revealed his strong voice in a ballad with dramatic and mature vocals.

Onew vocal is packaged on a solid and suitable case. He will give you the goosebumps when listening to his soft ballads yet strong vocal! Check out his solo song “Blue”!

SHINee Onew Controversy of Harassment

In 2018, Onew got into a harassment issue when he visited a club in Gangnam. He was congratulating his friend who debuted as a DJ. He was reported of having had physical contact with a woman. He grabbed the woman’s leg when he was drunk.

This scandal ruined his image for a while. Onew dropped out from the drama he was involved in, namely Hello, My Twenties! SM Entertainment made a statement that all of this was just a misunderstanding. Onew never intended to harass the woman in the first place. He admitted that he was not conscious because he was still under the influence of alcohol.

Onew wrote an apology letter and took a hiatus for four months. He later got dismissed from the charge by the prosecutor.

SHINee Onew Acting Activity

Onew has demonstrated that he also has some sensational acting capabilities. He first appeared as a cameo in some dramas such as Dr. Champ, Athena: Goddess of War, Oh My God x2, Pure Love, and the sitcom Royal Villa.

Moreover, Onew ever got an award for his acting in the popular drama that starred Song Hye-kyo and Song Joong-ki, Descendants of the Sun. He played a first-year resident, Dr. Lee Chi-hoon. Onew received the Newcomer Scene Stealer Award because this drama got massive success.

SHINee Comeback with Don’t Call Me in February 2021

On February 22nd, 2021, SM Entertainment released news that SHINee are coming back on 13 years of their career. The song is so sophisticated, Onew looks so cool with the hip-hop clothing style, and also his nice vocal.

SHINee finally could team up and release a song again after some years, one by one, all of the members got discharged from the military service. The song “Don’t Call Me” marks their comeback after two years of not releasing any songs together.

That’s all about SHINee’s Onew’s profile, pre-debut, debut, military, and his career along the way. Do you like Onew’s performance in SHINee’s song “Don’t Call Me”? Put your comment below and share it as well on Twitter.