The Unforgettable Bromance Of SHINee Jong-hyun and Min-ho Will Warm Your Hearts

SHINee Jonghyun and Minho

Look Back At Jonghyun and Minho Brotherlike Friendship

Jong-hyun and Min-ho met for the first time during their days as SM Entertainment trainees. Min-ho and Jong-hyun debuted together as members of SHINee in May 2008 and, together with other members, they became one of the most successful K-Pop idol groups.

On all sorts of occasions, at concerts, off screen, or on TV appearances on variety shows, Min-ho and Jong-hyun showed their bromance and their affection to each other. They were very supportive with each other and were present for the most special days in each other’s careers. Let’s take a look back at the brother-like relationship between Jong-hyun and Min-ho.

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During Trainee and Dorm Life

During Min-ho’s surprise appearance in Jong-hyun’s last shooting of Blue Night, he told stories about their trainee days and early dorm life. At the time, Min-ho and Jong-hyun shared a room in their dormitory. Jong-hyun was working on a song and he asked Min-ho’s opinion about it. Mi-nho said that he couldn’t forget the look of excitement in Jong-hyun’s eyes when he talked about the logo song. Jong-hyun was so excited when approaching Min-ho, and Min-ho couldn’t forget the Jong-hyun’s eyes at that time. Min-ho said “As a younger brother, when you were excited; I also became excited too.

During Concerts

In the middle of concerts or during rehearsals, Jong-hyun and Minho showed affection and bromance to each other. As the stage set moved and gathered at the center, Minho acted as if he wanted to kiss Jonghyun but he stopped at the last second. However, Jong-hyun planted a swift kiss on Minho’s cheek. Min-ho looked embarrassed and awkward after the kissing, but none of the other members seemed surprised. According to fans, the two of them showed their closeness on many occasions, and kissing each other’s cheek was just one of the ways they did it.

During TV Shows

Min-ho is famous among Korean celebrities for being competitive in everything. He doesn’t like to lose and he always wanted to come out as the best in everything. Being the tallest member of SHINee, Min-ho boasted that he was the only SHINee member who was 180 cm tall. He said that many times, in several TV programs.

However, in one episode, Jong-hyun expressed his discontent with Min-ho’s revelation. He revealed that Min-ho wore insoles at almost every possible opportunity. Min-ho even wore insoles even though he was already taller than the rest of the SHINee members. Jong-hyun screamed, “If you are over 180 cm then stop wearing insoles!” In their early debut years, both Jong-hyun and Min-ho always argued with each other about simple things.

In an appearance on KBS’s Happy Together, Min-ho was being bullied by the rest of the SHINee members. At the time, the topic was about Min-ho’s highly competitive attitude. Jong-hyun said that he saw examples of Min-ho’s competitive edge with his own eyes. He said that Min-ho didn’t like to drink alcohol, since he hated to lose from alcohol.

Regarding their early debut days, Jong-hyun said that his relationship with the other member of the group was strictly business. However, Min-ho felt very sad about Jong-hyun’s statement. He thought of the SHINee’s members’ relationships as more than business relations. Min-ho considered Jong-hyun as close friend or brother.

Become Supportive Fans

SHINee’s members have always been supportive to each other. On Jong-hyun’s last recording of MBC Radio’s Blue Night, Min-ho paid a short visit to his beloved SHINee member and brother. Min-ho said that he enjoyed listening to Jong-hyun’s voice on the radio. In the middle of his busy schedule, Min-ho shared his time to congratulate Jong-hyun on his special day.

In August 2012, Min-ho joined the cast of SBS’s drama To The Beautiful You as one of the leading male roles. Jonghyun congratulated Min-ho for his achievement, and supported Min-ho’s drama through his Twitter account. Jong-hyun wrote, “First episode of Min-ho’s drama To The Beautiful You. Min-ho, you look very cool after all the practice that you did. I can wait to see the first episode, tomorrow.” Min-ho’s first drama episode debuted well, and received a good rating of 7.3%.

On May 23, 2016, Jong-hyun released his new single, Good, at a showcase event in Nonhyeondong, Gangnam, Seoul. A few days before the release of Jong-hyun’s new single, Min-ho visited Jong-hyun on the recording set for his music video. Min-ho showed his support to Jong-hyun and the friends enjoyed meal together. Min-ho said that Jong-hyun was very good at acting, and Jong-hyun acted well on his music video.

The night after his showcase, the SHINee members threw a surprise party to celebrate Jonghyun’s new album. Minho acted as cameraman, and he recorded the party throughout the evening. It showed that all the SHINee members were supportive to each member’s activities outside the context of their group.

During the Last Day of Jong-hyun Blue Night Radio

After three years of being involved in MBC FM4U’s Blue Night, Jong-hyun stepped down from being the radio DJ host on March 9th, 2017. A mutual understanding between Jong-hyun and MBC was reached after a thorough discussion. He decided to leave the program to focus more on SHINee’s upcoming World Tours in 2017.

On the last episode of Blue Night, several guests appeared to greet and congratulate him for three years of excellent work. Jong-hyun had a hunch before Min-ho entered the recording room. The previous two guests came in after the sound of drum rolls. When he heard a drum roll, he expected the third surprise guest to appear.

From the moment he saw Min-ho enter the room, Jong-hyun started to cry. He hugged his SHINee bandmate and “younger brother” tightly. While shedding tears of joy from the corner of his eyes, Jonghyun asked, “Why did you do this to me? What have I done to you?” He was happy because Min-ho took the time to greet him and appear on his last episode. Jong-hyun said “What is this? I am already 28 years old (but I’m crying right now).

Min-ho made a joke out of Jong-hyun’s last appearance. Min-ho thought about the present that he would give to Jong-hyun. Other people brought cake and champagne, but Min-ho brought used tissue for Jong-hyun.

However, since it was a very special moment, Min-ho wanted to congratulate and greet Jong-hyun. He also thanked Jong-hyun for introducing him to radio, and cherished the time he spent listening Jong hyun’s voice on the radio.


Backstage or onstage, Jonghyun and Min-ho always stand close to each other. Sometimes, both of them tease Key and make funny faces to mock other SHINee members. They weren’t shy about showing affection to each other by hugging, patting, or just simply looking at each other warmly.

During Music Programs

During music programs, Min-ho and Jong-hyun always stared and looked at each other affectionately if they were standing close to each other. If the choreography allowed them to pass by each other, sometimes Jonghyun or Min-ho grabbed the other person’s wrist or touched touched some part of their body. Whenever SHINee won an award, Jong-hyun and Min-ho hugged at each other warmly.

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