SF9 Members Profile



Group Name SF9
Debut October 5, 2016
Debut Song Fanfare
Debut Mini-album Feeling Sensation
Members Youngbin, Inseong, Jaeyoon, Dawon, Rowoon, Zuho, Yoo Taeyang, Hwiyoung, Chani
Leader Youngbin
Fandom Name Fantasy
Label FNC Entertainment

SF9 Members Profile


SF9 is a group consisting of 9 talented and gorgeous members that will give you a Sensational Feeling, just like their name, SF9. The group’s leader is Youngbin and their maknae is Chani. SF9 is the first boy group created by FNC Entertainment.


Full Name Kim Young-bin (김영빈 )
Birthday November 23, 1993
Birth Place Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do
Weight 67 kg
Height 178.6 cm
Blood Type AB
Family Parents, older brother, older sister, and a dog
Hobby playing basketball, reading, jogging, billiards, etc.
Nicknames Binnie, Bin Leader, Yongban, A-To (Agi Tokki, baby rabbit)
Position Leader, lead rapper, lead dancer

Youngbin is one of the oldest members of SF9. Besides being a leader, he is also the lead rapper and lead dancer in the group. Youngbin became the second member of SF9 who went to the military. He joined the military on March 29, 2022, and will be discharged on September 28, 2023.


Full Name Kim In-seong (김인성)
Birthday July 12, 1993
Birth Place Seoul, South Korea
Weight 70 kg
Height 184 cm
Blood Type A
Shoe Size 280 mm
Hobby Painting, playing chess, puzzle, and piano
Nicknames Insaeng, Baby Cat, 40-year old Pikachu, etc.
Position Main vocalist

Inseong is the main vocalist of SF9. Inseong became the English speaker of the group because he studied English in London for a year. He is the first member to enlist in the military. Inseong joined the military on March 2, 2022, and will be discharged on September 20, 2023.


Full Name Lee Jae-yoon (이재윤)
Birthday August 9, 1994
Birth Place Busan, South Korea
Weight 71 kg
Height 184 cm
Blood Type O
Family Parents, little sister
Hobby Watching TV, eating new snacks, exercising, listening to music, etc.
Nicknames Jjangjji, Baby White Ball, Ethan, Jaengdi, Angdi, etc.
Position Sub vocalist

Lee Jaeyoon is the sub-vocalist of SF9. He was born in Busan, South Korea. Jaeyoon is also known for his abs and he has been on the cover of Men’s Health magazine. Just like other SF9 members, Jaeyoon was cast in some K-dramas. In 2021, he starred in his first musical.


Full Name Lee Sang-hyeok (이상혁)
Birthday July 24, 1995
Birth Place Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
Weight 71 kg
Height 179 cm
Blood Type A
Family Parents
Hobby Walking, eating delicious foods, collecting clothes, etc.
Nicknames Danggo, Lee Dawon, Chiyo’s Appa, etc.
Position Sub vocalist

Dawon is the stage name of Lee Sang-hyeok. He was born in Bucheon, Gyeonggi, to a family that consists of him and his parents only. Dawon starred in some K-dramas. One of the popular K-dramas that he has been in was Doom at Your Service which also starred Seo In-guk and Park Bo-young.


Full Name Baek Joo-ho (백주호)
Birthday July 4, 1996
Birth Place Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Weight 68 kg
Height 185 cm
Blood Type O
Family Parents, younger brother, cats
Hobby Making lyrics, composing, walking, collecting candles, etc.
Nicknames Zzuongi, Baek Jjuo, Baekthoven, etc.
Position Main rapper

Zuho was born in Seoul. He was the first trainee that joined to be SF9. As SF9’s main rapper, he has featured in his labelmate’s song, Lee Hong-ki’s “Cookies.” Zuho really loves cats. He has cats named Lui and Huru.


Full Name Kim Seok-woo (김석우)
Birthday August 7, 1996
Birth Place Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Weight 74 kg
Height 186 cm
Blood Type B
Family Parents, older sister
Hobby Exercising, tennis, reading, etc.
Nicknames Teguri, Human Selfie Stick, Wink Fool, etc,
Position Center, lead vocal

You can’t say about SF9 without mentioning Rowoon. He is the center and leads vocal of the group. Rowoon is also active as an actor, he has become the lead actor in some K-drama such as Extraordinary You, She Would Never Know, The King’s Affection, etc. He is also the tallest member of SF9.

Yoo Taeyang

Full Name Yoo Tae-yang (유태양)
Birthday February 28, 1997
Birth Place Seoul, South Korea
Weight 67 kg
Height 186 cm
Blood Type O type
Family Parents, older brother
Hobby Walking, cooking, collecting flowers, playing the guitar, etc.
Nicknames Tyang, Yoo Tyang, Taeyami, Nico, Venus, etc.
Position Main dancer, sub vocalist

Yoo Taeyang is the main dancer of SF9. He is also known as a big fan of EXO as he looks up to EXO’s Kai and D.O. He shares a given name with BIGBANG’s Taeyang, that’s why his stage name is his full name, Yoo Taeyang, instead of just Taeyang.


Full Name Kim Young-gyun (김영균)
Birthday May 11, 1999
Birth Place Busan, South Korea
Weight 64 kg
Height 180 cm
Blood Type B
Family Parents, older sister
Hobby Watching movies, reading books, webtoon and anime
Nicknames Hwimura Takuya, Kim Nyang-gyun, Hip Hop Kangaroo
Position Sub rapper

Hwiyoung is one of the rappers of SF9. He is also in the maknae-line along with Chani who is the youngest member. Hwiyoung participated in High School Rapper Season 2. In Kingdom which was aired in 2021, Hwiyoung did a collaboration with IKON’s Bobby and THE BOYZ’s Sunwoo.


Full Name Kang Chan-hee (강찬희)
Birthday January 17, 2000
Birth Place Daejeon, South Korea
Weight 59 kg
Height 177 cm
Blood Type A
Family Parents, little brother
Hobby Singing, watching movies, playing the piano, etc.
Nicknames Chaney, Peach, Blueberry
Position Sub rapper, main dancer

All of SF9’s members have made their debut in a drama, but no one did it before Chani. The youngest member of SF9 was a child actor. He starred in TVXQ’s music video as one of the “mini-TVXQ” when he was 7 years old. Now that he’s older, not only that he has starred in some popular dramas such as True Beauty or SKY Castle, but he has also become the talented rapper and dancer of SF9.

SF9 Member Age and its Order

SF9’s members were all born in the 90s except the maknae Chani who was born in 2000. The oldest members of SF9 are Inseong and Youngbin who were born in 1993, followed by Jaeyoon who was born in 1994, Dawon who was born in 1995, Zuho and Rowoon who were born in 1996, Yoo Taeyang who was born in 1997, and Hwiyoung who was born in 1999. Let’s see the details of SF9’s members’ age order.

Name Date of Birth
1. Inseong July 12, 1993
2. Youngbin November 23, 1993
3. Jaeyoon August 9, 1994
4. Dawon 5. July 24, 1995
5. Zuho July 4, 1996
6. Rowoon August 7, 1996
7. Yoo Taeyang February 28, 1997
8. Hwiyoung May 11, 1999
9. Chani January 17, 2000


SF9 Member Height

SF9 is a group that is known for its height. The average height of SF9’s members is around 181 cm, which is considered tall. Let’s check out the height of SF9’s members from the tallest to the shortest!

Name Height
1. Rowoon 190 cm
2. Zuho 185 cm
3. Inseong 184 cm
4. Jaeyoon 184 cm
5. Yoo Taeyang 181 cm
6. Hwiyoung 179 cm
7. Dawon 179 cm
8. Youngbin 178 cm
9. Chani 177 cm


SF9 Facts

Let’s see some of SF9’s facts that you probably didn’t know before.

  • SF9 is the first-ever boy group made by FNC Entertainment. Before debuting SF9, the agency was known for its boy band such as CNBLUE, F.T. ISLAND, etc.
  • F.T. Island and CNBLUE as their seniors really took care of SF9 members, such as giving them advice, encouragement, etc.
  • SF9 members often do skinship such as back hugging, kissing, hugging, etc. That’s because the older members have seen the younger members since they were in middle school so they just love to give affection to each other.
  • SF9 has various nicknames such as Sepgu, Songpa-gu, Seupgu, etc.
  • The order of SF9 members who joined the company is Zuho, Rowoon, Chani, Hwiyoung, Youngbin, Dawon, Inseong, Jaeyoon, and lastly Yoo Taeyang.
  • Zuho and Rowoon have been trained for over six years. Meanwhile, Youngbin, Dawon, Inseong, and Jaeyoon became a trainee after they were 20 years old.
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SF9 Debut Song (Fanfare) vs Latest Song (Savior)

Let’s compare Fanfare the very first song by SF9 which was released in 2016 and their latest song in 2021, Savior!

SF9 Debut with Fanfare

SF9 released Fanfare on October 5, 2016. Check out the music video!

SF9 Latest Song, Savior

Savior was released on December 30, 2021. Check out the music video, here!