All Information About Seventeen’s Wonwoo (Close With Mingyu and Look alike Red Velvet’s Seulgi)


Get Closer with Seventeen’s Rapper, Wonwoo!

Wonwoo who was born with a name Jeon Won-woo is a South Korean Rapper under Pledis Entertainment. He was born in Changwon, South Korea, on July 17, 1996. Because of his birth date, he is often called “Seventeen since birth” by other Seventeen’s members even their fans.

Before his debut as a rapper of Seventeen, he spent his childhood outside Seoul then moved to Seoul when he was a third grader in middle school. After graduating, he continued his high school life at School of Performing Arts Seoul in the broadcasting department and graduated in 2015.

At first, he joined the audition of Pledis Entertainment only to find another experience. Luckily, he passed the audition at the first trial, while the others had to try many times to pass the audition. Then, he became a trainee for 4 years at Pledis Entertainment and practiced rapping, because the management said that he was more suited for being a rapper than being a vocalist.

As we know, the work of fictions, artists, and idols are no longer stranger to the term “shipping” and “OTP (One True Pairing)”. In Korea music industry itself, “shipping” between idols or between members is very common, whether it’s a couple of girl with boy, even boy with a boy which is commonly called by bromance. So, how about Wonwoo?

“Meanie” for Wonwoo and Mingyu

Wonwoo is one of many idols that has bromance life with fellow members. Fans of Seventeen often “ship” Wonwoo with Mingyu which is often called by “Meanie”. Even though they are not only “ship” Wonwoo with Mingyu, “Meanie” is a couple who has the most lovers and was the first known couple in Seventeen.

There are so many moments and facts of their closeness that are said to be cute and lovely by Seventeen’s fans as well as other netizens. This “meanie” couple is so chummy, even they are always together everywhere. On a TV show named Seventeen TV, Mingyu and Wonwoo always stand close together,  hold each other hands, and always stare to each other eyes when they laugh.

Wonwoo and Mingyu also often looks jealous of each other. In a fan sign event, Mingyu, Jun, and Joshua were told to make a ‘Love’ sign using their hands and there was Wonwoo who stood up behind them while paying attention to them. Wonwoo looked annoyed to see Mingyu, Jun, and Joshua laughing, then he approached them and pulled Mingyu’s body, than Mingyu looked back at Wonwoo while smiling broadly. Wonwoo who put on an annoyed face before, instantly his face returned to be cheerful after seeing Mingyu’s smile.

Why Does the Name Have to be “Meanie”?

The name “meanie” came when Seventeen TV was aired and fans could see the closeness of Wonwoo and Mingyu through that TV program. At that time, Mingyu’s name was already revealed in Seventeen TV, while Wonwoo’s name was still a secret. But, at the same time, Wonwoo loved to wear a beanie throughout that TV show. So, fans of Seventeen called him Mr. Beanie and gave “meanie” for the couple name that stands for “Mingyu + Mr. Beanie”.

The Charming Wonwoo and Joshua

Wonwoo and Joshua are well known for their positive habit that impresses many people. If other people usually leave their trash after being somewhere, they are different from Wonwoo and Joshua. Both of them always bring a plastic bag to carry their trash away and throw it to the place where it should be. That’s why Wonwoo and Joshua are often seen carrying a plastic bag contained garbage every time they get out of the plane, train, as well as other public places.

Seeing their habit, some netizens reacted to it and left some comments through a site named Instiz. “They are so cute TT TT”, “I love them more when they do good things”, another netizen added, “it seems like they consume a lot of snacks while traveling”.

Being a “BFF” to Hoshi

If Wonwoo and Mingyu are often called by a romantic couple, Wonwoo and Hoshi are often called by a Best Friend Forever a.k.a BFF. Fans said that Wonwoo is closer to Hoshi than Jun and Mingyu, Hoshi looks out for Wonwoo a lot and genuinely finds his hilarious jokes and they are pretty much adorable to be paired, even Seventeen members also said that they are really close to each other.

Wonwoo and Woozi, the 96 Liner

Being the 96 liners in the group makes Wonwoo and Woozi become close even more.

‘Wonwoo + Junhui’ is Such a Cutie Pie

Fans said “You should “ship” Wonwoo and Jun because extrovert Jun is actually one of introvert Wonwoo’s favorite members”

Is Wonwoo Red Velvet’s Seulgi Twin Brother?

This is not the first time that female and male celebrities are considered to have similar faces. Previously, EXO Xiumin and ex-Wonder Girls Sohee, also NCT Dream Renjun and actress Kim Sae Ron were considered to be similar to each other, so do Wonwoo and Seulgi.

A post on a site named Instiz tries to prove the resemblance of Wonwoo and Seulgi. When their faces are compared, there are some similar characteristics of their faces. Both of them seem to have monolid and pointed eyes, small-but-high pointy nose, even the shape of their lips and jawlines are the same.

Some netizens agree that Wonwoo and Seulgi have similar faces. But, the other netizens assume that both of them look similar just because they equally have monolid eyes.

“In my opinion, they don’t look the same. Seulgi is similar to Kim Yuna, whereas Wonwoo is similar to Joon Ji-hoon”, a netizen said. “It’s because they equally don’t have double lids. They are not similar”, another netizen said.

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