SEVENTEEN Jeonghan Sister Profile, Moments Together, Instagram, Etc


SEVENTEEN Jeonghan and His Relationship with His Sister

As the visual of SEVENTEEN, Jeonghan has becomes the center of attention most of the time. Not to mention his unique skill and other achievements that SEVENTEEN has made so far.

All information about SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan is precious for the fans as if they are ‘thirsty’ for it. One of the common questions about Jeonghan is about his family members, including his sister.

Since Jeonghan has talked about her on some occasions, many fans wonder who Jeonghan’s sister is? How close their relationship is? You can find all of those answers through the article below by Byeol Korea!

Meet SEVENTEEN Jeonghan Sister


SEVENTEEN Jeonghan’s family consists of a mother, father, and sister. Yes, Jeonghan is the family’s first child, and he has a younger sister who was born in 1999! The age difference is 4 years since Jeonghan was born on 1995.

Although the name of Jeonghan’s sister has not been revealed yet, the K-Pop idol used to talk about her quite a lot. However, during one of Jeonghan’s V-Live with SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan, he abruptly said a name like ‘Soobin’ when talking about her sister and his moments during school.

Jeonghan once showed off a beautiful bracelet that his sister made through one of his posts. He also said that his sister always supported him during the group’s promotion and wished him luck.

Aside from that, Jeonghan’s sister reportedly loves everything about art and craft since there was also a moment when she made nail art on Jeonghan’s nails. From the bracelet gift and the nail painting, many fans thought Jeonghan’s sister was a crafty and creative girl!

Relationship Between Jeonghan and His Sister

CARAT (SEVENTEEN’s fandom) can get to know the interactions between Jeonghan and his sister directly from the K-Pop idol. During one of the clips of “ONE FINE DAY SEVENTEEN”, there was a moment when Jeonghan talking on the phone with his sister. Like the typical brothers, Jeonghan asked her about her days, what she did at home, and other trivial questions.

Moreover, Jeonghan was very serious yet hilariously revealed that he won’t let any SEVENTEEN members date her beloved sister on other occasions. There was a heartwarming reason behind that since Jeonghan said that he might feel disappointed if her sister brought her boyfriend to their family’s house.

“Of course, I can introduce my sister to the members, and they can get along, but I kinda sad and disappointed when my sister brings her boyfriend over, regardless of who is her boyfriend,” Jeonghan once explained. Well, we can tell that Jeonghan is a protective yet caring brother to his younger sister, isn’t he?

SEVENTEEN Jeonghan Sister Social Media

Since the fans are fond of Jeonghan and his sister’s lovely interactions, some are curious and want to know her sister even deeper through her social media. However, there is no legit information about Jeonghan’s sister, and she probably private her social media if she has one. But still, let’s protect her privacy and just let her do what she wants! At least we can get to know her better through Jeonghan’s story, right?

That’s all about SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan’s sister! Well, although the moments between Jeonghan and his sister are pretty limited, we can tell that they have such a strong bond as a sibling. Let’s hope to see more interactions between them in the future!

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