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Everything You Need to Know About SEVENTEEN English Names!

As we know, Seventeen is a boy group formed under Pledis Entertainment which is known for the music that they produce by themselves. Since debuting in 2015, the members are still in the same formation which consists of 13 talented members and they have their stage names, also their English names. Some of the SEVENTEEN members who came from outside Korea have an English name.

Through this article, Byeol Korea has provided detailed information about SEVENTEEN members’ English names, both official and unofficial ones from fans. Here are SEVENTEEN members’ English names that you should know!

SEVENTEEN Members English Names Official/Unofficial
S.Coups Samuel/Anthony Unofficial
Jeonghan Nathaniel Yoon
Hoshi Edward Kwon
DK Daniel Kim
Woozi Wyatt
Wonwoo Hugo
Mingyu David
Jun Jerry Wen Official
Dino Micheal Lee Unofficial
The8 Makanzie
Joshua Joshua Official
Seungkwan Kaycie Unofficial
Vernon Vernon Chwe Official


SEVENTEEN S.Coups English Name Samuel/Anthony

S.Coups is the leader of this group and he has the Korean name Choi Seung Cheol; while, S.Coups itself is his stage name. S.Coups stands for Seungcheol/SEVENTEEN Coups. Besides the stage name, fans are curious about the English name.

S.Coups actually doesn’t have an official English name, however, some of the fans have given him Samuel and Anthony as his English names. Anthony means “priceless one” or “highly praiseworthy”, while Samuel means the “name of god” or “God has heard”.

SEVENTEEN Jeonghan English Name Nathaniel Yoon

Then, let’s talk about Jeonghan’s English name. Before that, everybody knows that he’s the lead vocalist of the group who has many nicknames, such as Cheonsa (angel), Mr. Samsam, Jeongjeong, and more. So far, the English name doesn’t exist, but there’s a name that became popular among Carats for his English name, namely Nathaniel Yoon.

“Nathaniel” means ‘gift of god” in other words, people born with god’s blessing such as in skills and more. Meanwhile, “Yoon” is Jeonghan’s family name.

SEVENTEEN Hoshi English Name Edward Kwon

Hoshi is the leader of performance who is known for his specialty in choreographing and is well known as Prince Hoshi. For his English name, fans usually call him Edward Kwon (unofficial) where “Edward” means ‘guardian/protector’ or even fortune prosperous. Hoshi really likes this English name!

SEVENTEEN DK English Name Daniel Kim

DK’s real name is Lee Seok Min and he has various nicknames, such as Arthur, Megaphone, Mr. Hat, happy virus, and many more. Even though his nicknames are very unique, until now there’s no information about his official English name. However, the English name that is popular among his fans is Daniel Kim. Where people give an abbreviation from his stage name, DK.

SEVENTEEN Woozi English Name Wyatt

Lee Ji-hoon, or better known as Woozi, is a SEVENTEEN member who is one of the genius members, he can be a singer, songwriter, and producer at the same time. Even though his stage name is cool, like other members, Woozi doesn’t have an official English name. But, fans thoughts that “Wyatt” really fits him because the name means “brave at war” and it describes Woozi’s personality.

SEVENTEEN Wonwoo English Name Hugo

Wonwoo’s real name is the same as his stage name but in Korean name, his full name is Jeon Wonwoo. But, Carats choose his other name as an English name, Hugo, which means “mind intellect”.

SEVENTEEN Mingyu English Name David

When we hear the name David, it usually sounds familiar as there are many famous people called David in the world. But, David is Mingyu’s unofficial English name. David means “beloved” which is a perfect match for Mingyu who is known for the many fans that love him.

SEVENTEEN Jun English Name Jerry Wen

Wen Junhui (Jun) is a SEVENTEEN member from China. Regarding his English name, many people have mentioned “Jerry Wen” as his English name which is actually his official baptismal name. So, until now the name labeled as his English name is not official.

SEVENTEEN The8 English Name Makenzie

Unlike Jun, The8’s real name is very different from his stage name, his real name is Xi Minghao. Even though he’s also Chinese, there’s no information about his English name. But fans usually call him Makenzie, which means ‘fire-born’ or son of the wiser ruler.

SEVENTEEN Dino English Name Mikey/Micheal Lee

Dino also has an English name (unofficial). Some fans usually call him Mikey or Micheal Lee. The two names are similar and have the same meaning which refers to God.

SEVENTEEN Joshua English Name Joshua

Unlike other members, Joshua’s real name is the same as his English name. He was born and grew up in Los Angeles and lived there until he was 18. His real name is Joshua Hong so “Joshua” is his official English name.

SEVENTEEN Seungkwan English Name Kaycie

This member also has a stage name like his real name, Boo Seungkwan. But, does he have an English Name?

Like Wonwoo, Seungkwan doesn’t have an English name but he has an unofficial name from fans, namely Kaycie. This name is too cute and matches him as the name means “watchful”. Even though Seungkwan has a bright personality and is very sociable, he’s very wary of something.

SEVENTEEN Vernon English Name Vernon Chwe

The last SEVENTEEN member is Vernon. We all know that Vernon is an American-Korean singer and rapper in the group. His visual already shows half-bred as well as his name, Vernon Chwe. This stage name is his real name, and also his official English name. So, Vernon doesn’t have another English name other than that name.

So, that’s all the information that you need to know about all the SEVENTEEN members’ English names both official and unofficial. Among the 13 members, there are 3 members who have official English names.

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