Facts About Relationship Between Seo In-guk and Jung So-min, Real Date or Not?

Seo In-guk and Jung So-min

Seo In-guk and Jung So-min Appearance in Hundred Million Stars From the Sky

Seo In-guk and Jung So-min were co-stars in the television series Hundred Million Stars From the Sky. Seo In-guk’s latest project, before the series, was the 2016 MBC drama Shopping King Louie along with Nam Ji-hyun. This series was his first drama since enlisting in the army in March 2017 and being exempted from duty due to osteochondral lesions. Meanwhile, Jung So-min’s latest project, before this series, was the 2017 tvN drama Because This Is My First Life along with Lee Min-ki.

Wondering about Seo In-guk and Jung So-min’s chemistry in the series? Let’s check it out!

General Information About Korean Drama Hundred Million Stars From the Sky

Hundred Million Stars From the Sky

Hundred Million Stars From the Sky is a remake of the 2002 Japanese television series Sora Kara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi. The series aired on tvN every Wednesday and Thursday at 21:30 KST from October 3rd to November 22nd, 2018, for a total of 16 episodes. The nationwide average viewership rating was 2.876% with the highest rating of 3.996% for Episode 1. The series aired on a cable channel TV which has a relatively smaller audience compared to public broadcasters. The rest of the main cast, other than Seo In-guk and Jung So-min, includes Park Sung-woong, who acted as Jung So-min’s character’s older brother.

The series is a mystery melodrama, telling the story of Kim Moo-young (Seo In-guk), who works as a first assistant in a craft microbrewery. He becomes a suspect when a female university suicide case turns out to be a murder case. Yoo Jin-gook (Park Sung-woong) has been working as a homicide detective for 27 years. He is obsessed with solving the case as the case is related to Moo-young. Jin-gook also tries to push Moo-young away from his younger sister, Yoo Jin-kang (Jung So-min), who works as a product designer.

Jin-kang knows that Moo-young is not a good person, but she has sympathy for him. They also have many emotional scars respectively that make them understand each other. Moo-young’s life begins to change as he meets Jin-kang. However, their relationship faces a lot of difficulties from Jin-gook and people around them. As the plot evolves, Moo-young and Jin-kang discover and unravel secrets about their complicated past and identities.

Seo In-guk and Jung So-min’s Romantic Moments in Hundred Million Stars From the Sky

Seo In-guk and Jung So-min

Seo In-guk and Jung So-min played as each other’s love interest as Kim Moo-young and Yoo Jin-kang. The beginning of their relationship is not very good as Moo-young plays and ruins Jin-kang’s close friend’s life. There are many scenes where Jin-kang is angry at Moo-young because of his attitude toward her close friend. But Moo-young doesn’t care and starts to like Jin-kang instead.

Seo In-guk and Jung So-min

Jin-kang knows that Moo-young is wicked. But she also knows that Moo-young is a nice person. When Moo-young is missing after a fatal car accident, Jin-kang is worried and thinking about him. She keeps visiting Moo-young’s house to take care of his cat. After his hospitalization, Moo-young comes home and finds out that Jin-kang is waiting for him. He prevents Jin-kang from leaving and kisses her.

However, Jin-kang is too angry at Moo-young and she asks him not to meet each other anymore. She then hears that her close friend, who was in the same accident as Moo-young, is dead. She is feeling guilty about her friend but she can’t help but be drawn to him. Jin-kang confronts Moo-young and admits that she was only thinking about him and didn’t realize that her friend was dying at the time. She was scared that he might be dead and hoped that he would come back. With her complicated feelings, she asks him why he is so calm and doesn’t cherish his life at all. Moo-young is stunned and admits that he doesn’t know either.

Seo In-guk and Jung So-min

Moo-young keeps on thinking about Jin-kang’s words and tries to reconcile with her. However, Jin-kang tries to put up walls between her and Moo-young. Everyone around her forbids her to meet him, but she keeps thinking about Moo-young. Jin-kang goes to Moo-young’s house and vents her thoughts about how everyone forbids her. She doesn’t want him to be a bad person and pleads him to promise her that he would be a good person. Moo-young looks at her tenderly and asks her to teach him.

Seo In-guk and Jung So-min

Moo-young and Jin-kang start dating each other secretly and they are happy being together. The couple goes to Haesan together and digs information about Moo-young’s childhood. He doesn’t find anything and Jin-kang comforts him by telling her past.

Jin-gook knows that Jin-kang and Moo-young went together to Haesan. He scolds Jin-kang and is being harsh to Moo-young. Jin-kang and Moo-young end up quarreling about her brother, but soon they reconcile. Jin-kang takes Moo-young to the supermarket and buys a lot of things to fill Moo-young’s empty house.

Jin-gook is angry that Moo-young is still meeting his sister and ends up stabbing Moo-young. Moo-young seeks refuge at Dr. Yang’s clinic and he remembers some of his childhood memories. Meanwhile, Jin-kang is worried about Moo-young who disappeared without a word. Later, she finds out that her brother is the culprit and tells her brother that she won’t meet Moo-young again. However, that’s a lie as she can’t leave Moo-young alone. And Moo-young can’t leave her either.

Moo-young is then on his quest to unlock his forgotten memories and childhood. Bit by bit, he finds clues about his childhood and his relationship with Jin-gook 25 years ago. He resents Jin-gook for shooting his father and plans to shoot him. He asks Jang Se-ran a favor to give him a gun and finds information about his childhood. He then finds out that his father was a murderer and killed three people including his mother. Moo-young is overwhelmed by the facts and asks Jin-kang to leave as he wants to be alone. However, Jin-kang is willing to accept whoever Moo-young is and he says that he wants to be born again.

Moo-young gives the gun back to Se-ran and she gives information that he doesn’t have a younger brother. Seeing their burned scars seems to be connected, Moo-young thinks that he has a younger sister. Moo-young goes to Se-ran and she confirms that his sister is Jin-kang. He is in despair and broken. He breaks up with Jin-kang. Jin-kang, who knows nothing, is confused and pleads for the explanations.

Seo In-guk and Jung So-min

Jin-kang meets Se-ran and the latter tells her to ask for information from her brother about his relationship with Moo-young 25 years ago. Moo-young drives Se-ran home to find out what she was talking about with Jin-kang. However, Se-ran is toying him too much that Moo-young ends up shooting her dead. Moo-young is on the run and asks to meet Jin-gook. Jin-gook tells him that Jin-kang is not Moo-young’s sister but his childhood friend, and he asks him to turn himself in. However, Moo-young is still too angry and needs time to think.

Meanwhile, Jin-kang starts to catch up on every information that she has missed. She thinks that Moo-young went back to his old house and goes after him. In front of his house, Jin-kang remembers about her forgotten past. She meets Moo-young and stops him from killing himself. Suddenly, Se-ran’s secretary comes and shoots Jin-kang and Moo-young. In his last moment, Moo-young tells Jin-kang that he loves her. In her mind, she replies that she loves him too. And they pass away.

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