All You Need to Know About Boy Band Sechskies (Profile, Reunion, Latest Album, and Knowing Brothers)


Sechskies’ Reunion in 2016

On April 14, 2016, Sechskies was reunited through the reality show Infinite Challenge as part of a guerrilla reunion concert in Seoul World Stadium. At the time, YG Entertainment had contracted with them and they officially became active in the entertainment industry again on May 11, 2016.  YG Entertainment announced that they given signed contracts only for five of the members, because Ko Ji-yong was now focusing on becoming a businessman and was no longer active in entertainment. Other than that, Lee Jai-jin and Kang Sung-hoon signed individual contracts with YG Entertainment. Sechskies also held concerts on September 10 and 11 at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena, which impressively sold out in just five minutes.

Here is the video from when they were involved in Infinite Challenge, which brought them to reunite.

After signing the new contract with YG, Sechskies released a new single, Three Words, which was a huge success on domestic music charts like Melon, Mnet, Genie, Naver Music, Bugs, etc. Next, on December 1, they also released their 2016 Re-ALBUM,  which had ten new arrangements of their old songs and the bonus track Three Words.

Secshcskies’ Latest Album, Another Light

On September 21, Sechskies released their long-awaited fifth album, called Another Light.  This album left them ranked at number 10 in the Billboard World Album chart. The title song, Something Special (Hangul: 특별해), hit the number one spot on the Gaon BGM Chart for six consecutive weeks. This song achieved a double crown on Gaon for the month of October, and also hit number one on both the digital and BGM charts.

Sechskies also made their Japanese debut 20 years after debuting in South Korea. Some  popular songs from the Japanese versions that released on July 19  were Be Well, Sad Song (Hangul: 슬픈 노래) and Three Words. They held a fan meeting in Yokohama Bay Hall in Kanagawa on July 23 and another at the Namba Hatch in Osaka on September 3.

They also did a 20th anniversary concert on September 23 at the Seoul Gocheok Sky Dome.

Sechskies also performed at the annual music event the Busan One Asia Festival (BOF) at closing stage on October 22. At the Busan One Festival 2017, they received the Legend Star award, along with YellowKies.

Sung-hoon’s Departure

On January 1, sad news was heard from Sechskies. Kang Sung hoon announced that he would leaving both the group and YG Entertainment because of his recent controversies.

He has been hiatus from some group promotions because of several scandals, including cancelling a fan meeting that scammed fans and his breaking into and entering an ex-manager’s apartment. On his Instagram account, he unfollowed some of his former bandmates. YG Entertainment chose not to address the controversies or his departure, nor did they mention his absence from the Season’s Greetings in 2019.

That’s what you need to know about Sechskies, the first generation K-Pop boy band. Keep inspiring and stay solid for next album, we are rooting for you!