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Actor Ryan Reynolds Shows His Support For EXO As The Newest Member

EXO and Ryan Reynolds
EXO and Ryan Reynolds

Please Welcome EXO Newest Member!

Yup, that’s right! You didn’t misread when you read this headline. After years and years of being together with OT9, finally, worldwide popular boy band EXO announced their newest member! And that member turned out to be… none other than the voice of Deadpool, Mr. Ryan Reynolds! :p

Are you curious about the story behind this title? Scroll down this article to find out the details about Ryan Reynolds and EXO!


First Meeting

Finally, South Korean boy band EXO and Ryan Reynold, who was in Seoul along with other casts of Netflix’s new movie 6 Underground, had the chance to meet!

On the afternoon of December 2nd, 2019, a red carpet event was held in Seoul for the film 6 Underground and cast members Ryan Reynolds, Mélanie Laurent, and Adria Arjona, as well as director Michael Bay and producer Ian Bryce, took part in the event. EXO’s Suho, Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol, Kai, and Sehun also joined and performed their new track “Obsession.“

Before the 6 Underground cast members came on stage, EXO got everyone hyped up with their performance. Suho also said, “Chanyeol really likes Ryan Reynolds” and mentioned that he’s even cosplayed as Deadpool.

Chanyeol said, “It’s such an honor to be able to meet an actor that I’ve always liked. I’m really excited about 6 Underground. I want to watch it right away.”

Once Ryan Reynolds came on stage, he said EXO’s performance was amazing and gave them a thumbs up. He even gave hugs to EXO members.

After the event, Chanyeol shared a photo on his Instagram with Ryan Reynolds and wrote in the caption, “Successful fan.”

Becoming An EXO Member

As it turns out, it’s not only EXO who has a lasting and special impression of their first meeting with Ryan Reynolds. After Chanyeol, Ryan Reynolds also shared the memory of their first meeting with a witty caption.

He posted photos on his Instagram with the group and from the event. He wrote, “I’m in the band. No, for serious. The security guard who tasered me was part of a carefully choreographed sequence me and the guys have been working on from our basement studio in my imagination.”

It seems like he was dead serious about this announcement, seeing that he also posted a similar caption in his own Twitter while mentioning EXO’s official account–a sign of a loyal team member. Hmm.

And he also emphasized the claim by reposting Chanyeol’s selfie with him on his own Instagram story with the caption: “This means I’m in the band.” Okay Mr, you got our blessing.


How EXO Members Reacted To The Statement?

EXO members were surely ecstatic with Ryan Reynolds’ enthusiastic support and admiration for them. The members of EXO returned the love, as Suho commented on Ryan Reynolds’ Instagram post, “It was nice to meet you. I hope you have a good time in Korea. I’m looking forward to the movie.”

Sehun also posted the K-Pop band’s shots with Reynolds and his 6 Underground co-stars Mélanie Laurent and Adria Arjona.


Ryan Reynolds Support Of EXO

It seems like Ryan Reynolds’ undying love and support of EXO won’t be stopping anytime soon and it’s good.

During the December 22nd, 2019, broadcast of the SBS variety show Running Man, Ryan Reynolds and his 6 Underground co-stars Mélanie Laurent and Adria Arjona appeared as special guests.

Before the mission officially began, the SBS Running Man cast members casually interviewed the special guests.

When Adria Arjona talked about her musician father, Kim Jong-kook asked, “Do you know any Korean music?” Ryan Reynolds immediately joined the conversation as he pointed at Adria Arjona’s shoulder and joked, “Show them your BTS tattoo!”

The actor continued to joke around as he said with a straight face, “I have an EXO tattoo on my lower back.” He then stood up from his seat and told Yoo Jae Suk, “I’ll only show you.” Yoo Jae-suk was taken aback, but he laughed and commented, “A worldwide star just showed me his skin.”

Hmm, he started to get used to the role of the newest member it seems.


Latest News


Currently, the group EXO has been on a break from any group activities in order for the members to focus more on their respective solo careers and unit promotions following the sudden announcement of Chen’s marriage, as stated by SM Entertainment.

On February 20th, SM Entertainment released an official statement to the press, updating fans as well as the public on EXO’s stance regarding member Chen’s marriage news.

The label stated,

Hello, this is SM Entertainment. We notify you the agency’s official stance regarding EXO’s future direction. 

As EXO’s management label, we have always held lengthy discussions regarding the team’s career path, as well as various important matters, with each of the members’ input held in the highest regard. 

Before officially announcing member Chen’s marriage plans, all of the EXO members took time to discuss the matter critically, and as all of the EXO members have previously suffered the hardships of losing members in the group, the team as a whole relayed their wishes to continue with the current members without changes. We also respected the members’ wishes in this matter, and so we again notify that there will be no member changes in EXO. 

Furthermore, with several members currently awaiting their mandatory military enlistment duties, it has been decided since last year that EXO will focus on solo and unit promotions for this year. We will reveal the members’ individual promotional plans accordingly from here on out. 

EXO will continue to promote actively as EXO, as solo ARTISTS, and as unit groups in a variety of fields, repaying the fans for their love. 

We also vow to do our best in all areas so that the EXO members can continue to grow. Thank you.

Meanwhile, you could already catch Ryan Reynolds’ role in 6 Underground on Netflix since December 13th, 2019. Check out the trailer below!

Those are all the details that we have summarized for you regarding Ryan Reynolds’ meeting with EXO. Now, we’re calling all the EXO-L: what do you think about Ryan Reynolds as EXO’s newest member? Do you agree or disagree? Please, kindly share your thoughts by dropping a line in the comment section below!