Rumor and List of Park Shin Hye Boyfriend


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Who is Park Shin Hye?

Park Shin Hye who has appeared in various dramas with debut as a music video of “Flower” of Lee Seung-hwan in 2003. In particular, the appearance to “You’re Beautiful” made her popularity more definite. Nowadays not only in Korea but also overseas is also a popular actress Pak Sinne, but her hot love coverage has also made a lot of noise around the world.

Pak Shin hye’s beloved boyfriend The first person is Lee Jong Seok

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Speaking the most memorable thing is Lee Jong-seok acting with the popular drama “Pinocchio” last year. Even in the drama two people surprised the viewers with “Pan – me – kiss”, “Palm Kiss” etc and became a topic. Also, in an interview at the time of drama shooting, Lee Jong-seok appealed to the merits of not only drama, such as “I think Paksine is really beautiful,” and Park Shin Hye said, “This actor with such a beautiful face is the first to be born” I came.

In addition, there are many voices that bless the relationship between the two, such as the associates of both offices acknowledging the merits of the two, even among fans, such as “Beautiful couple beautiful,” “looking at me and smiling. As soon as the hot love coverage is reported, both offices denied love affair as factless but I would like to watch what kind of rumor will rise in the future as well.

Pak Shin hye’s beloved boyfriend The second person is Jang Geun Suk

In addition, Pak sin hye has been reported with enthusiasm with many co-stars in the past. Actor Jang Geun Suk who co-starred in the drama “You’re Beautiful” is one of them. Especially Jang Geun Suk said in a past interview “My mother likes Pakushine very much.”

Park Shin said, “At the fan meeting of a beautiful man, Jang Geun Suk’s mother grasped his hand and said” I am very happy if a child like you comes to bride “he said, I revealed a behind story. Among the netizens who saw this, it got a lot of attention, including being rumored until the marriage of Pak Shin and Jang-seok.

Pak Shinhe’s beloved boyfriend The third person is Jung Yong Hwa

Also, as a singer and actor as well popular CNBLUE’s main vocalist, Jung Young-Hwa also co-starred with Park Shin Hye and Drama twice and the past love affair emerged. Especially, it was two people who ended without being tied, but in the drama “I’m talking about it”, I acted as a lover and became a hot topic among fans.

Besides, although it was John Yongha who leaked as “a girl who introduces delicious shops is the ideal child”, among the netizens, saw the introduction of the shops being introduced in the magazines of Park shin hye and said It became a fuss when it was made a remark. And as definitive proof, photographs such as couple rings and matching bracelets spread by SNS, and a lot of people focused on the enthusiasm of their two people.

Actually, Jung Young-Hwa invited Park shin hye to guests of his show, opened a good figure without worrying about the enthusiasm and many fans cheering for their passionate enthusiasm, such as “they fit well” is. Although it is popular so much like this, it is Paxine which was caught up in a hot love theory, but also expect from the future activities, I will also pay attention to what enthusiasm with the actor Ikemen acts after 2016 is not it.

Park Shin hye is expected to be an even more active actress from now on. I would like to check her hot news report in the future as well.