All About Rumor of Ju Ji Hoon Girlfriend, Let’s Find Out!


Ju Ji Hoon byeol korea

Who is Ju Ji Hoon?

Ju Ji Hoon originally played as a fashion model appeared in numerous collections.

He received the 21st Best Dresser / Swan Award model category in 2004 and received the “Best Fashion Visual Model Award” selected by the Korea Fashion Photographers Association in 2005. It attracted attention from before debut. After that, it was a big break with the role of the crown prince who played in <Miya> broadcast in 2006.

It is Ju Ji Hoon who is active in various fields such as drama and movie, but what kind of ladies are so far lovers who have been rumored to have such enthusiasm with him?

Rumor Ju Ji Hoon with Yoon Eun Hye

A drama that was broadcasted in Korea in 2006 and gained tremendous popularity <Palace>. This drama, which is also his debut work, attracted attention not only in Korea but also in Asia, and became a top actor in Korea at once. Actress Yoon Eun-e that co-starred in that drama. After the filming of the drama, they were rumored to be passionate because they took the same plane to Bali.

But the two deny this. Ju Ji Hoon and Yoon Eun Hye announced that they went to Bali with different magazines shooting, but it is a miraculous coincidence if it happens by the same plane. I was also witnessed to see me eating and enjoying shopping with them, and I was told that it was a love relationship as well.

Rumor Ju Ji Hoon with Shin Min-ah

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Drama broadcasted at KBS 2 in 2007 <Demon King>. After fulfilling with actress Shin Min-ah with this drama, enthusiasm became troubled by co-starring in the movie <kitchen> twice in 2009.

Speaking of Shin Min-ah as a model he appeared in numerous dramas and movies, especially in the beautiful days of his debut work, he acted enthusiastically as a sister actor Byeong, Lee Byung-hun. At the time of the shooting of the kitchen, Ju Ji-hoon further suspected enthusiasm relations such as praising Shin Min-ah for “beautiful” all the time.

In response to this, Ju Ji-hoon said “In order to concentrate more on the role of acting, the other party is an actress and Shin Min-ah is really beautiful, but a loving relationship is also different. I have never been to eat rice or anything. ” Shin Min-ah then discovered a relationship with young actor Kim U-bin in July 2015 and continues to be involved in the summer of 2017.