All About Rumor Plastic Surgery EXID Members, Let’s Find The Truth!


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Rumor EXID Members Doing Plastic Surgery

From the Korean amusement or music industry, it is not a surprised anymore when an artist has done plastic surgery. In fact, it is not only for the actors but for the netizen as well. It has grown into things you need to do.

But it’s still taboo to discuss it openly. Becoming a celebrity means that life has been exposed, whether you want it or not. We have among the gifted girl groups EXID to talk about. How a lot of you understand about every member’s plastic surgery?? Now let us talk about it!

EXID Hani Before and After Cosmetic Dentistry


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The 22-year-old lead vocalist Ahn Hee Yeon, aka Hani, is overly busy fielding sex scandal rumors to be concerned about being accused of plastic surgery.

To start with, there’s much speculation concerning Hani’s nose operation. There’s evidence from the photos above that when Hani was still a pupil, her nose was level. And her nose is far too sharp. The transformation is overly important, so it caused much speculation. Some people also stated that the photos are not great quality and that is why Hani nose appears so flat.


In order to dispel rumours of her having surgery done to her face and body, EXID’s Hani supplies some solid evidence in a broadcast. The series unveiled childhood photos of Hani as evidence to convince fans of her natural beauty and stop rumours of her alleged plastic surgery.  Even though the graphics were revealed to describe plastic surgery rumours, fans were eager to learn just how natural Hani really does look before and after her debut.

Hani Evidence

Let’s See EXID Solji Before and After Plastic Surgery Comparison


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And now let’s talk about the pioneer’s plastic surgery. Following the previous photographs of Solji were revealed in the media, a bunch of folks paid attention to Solji’s changes.  The difference in how she is now, compared to back then, have sparked dialogue that she has had plastic surgery.


However, just as most are saying it is the difference in hairstyle, makeup, and a reduction in weight. Well there’ll be critics and fans.

EXID Jeonghwa Plastic Surgery Comparison


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The Maknae (youngest), Jeonghwa, is known as the pure beauty one of the members, but should you see and compare the image above you can see something has shifted.


One noticeable Jeonghwa plastic surgery change is at the eye pouches beneath her eyes.  This really is a much sought after feature in Korea and it’s not surprising that top Korean actors are flocking to receive it.

EXID Hyerin Plastic Surgery


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If we examine the picture closely we could clearly see the difference in Hyerin’s nose shape.  She’s definitely had a nose job done to correct the rather bulbous tip she used to have by having had her ears shaved down.

Seo-Hye-Rin -Plastic-Surgery

Additionally, the top of her nose was large as well. Hyerin had that fixed by shaving the bone and having a straight Silicone implant inserted to create it the slender nose.

EXID LE Before and After The Plastic Surgery


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As the primary rapper from the group, LE has that charismatic appearance, but also a feminine one. Few people talked about her plastic surgery and there is not any proper visual evidence that can prove that LE did plastic surgery? But like the past members, in this picture you can also see the difference in LE’s nose shape.


The Former Members Plastic Surgery Rumors

1. EXID Na Haeryung Plastic Surgery


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EXID Na Haeryung Plastic Surgery After departing EXID, it did not take a long time until Haeryung’s comeback to start her second introduction as a Bestie member. She turned into a success in her own way and acquired much fame due to her natural beauty. There are no powerful rumors concerning Haeryung’s plastic surgery, as there are for different actors. Haerung simply put her make-up-on  without any surgery. But who knows? Maybe we just does not have the suitable visual evidence?

2. EXID Jung Yuji Plastic Surgery


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Just like Haeryung, there is not much evidence to prove U.ji did plastic surgery. And there is no youth photo on the media nor on net. But there is a rumor that she has had her nose done.

3.  EXID Kang Hyeyeon Plastic Surgery


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Now, Hyeyeon is in a girl group Named Bestie with Yuji and Haeryung. There are no clean rumors about Hyeyeon’s plastic surgery either. Even though it exists, it is just some anti-fans who spread the rumors. But, the rumors is that Hyeyeon did plastic surgery to get eyesbags.