All About Rumor of 2NE1 Member Plastic Surgery! Did Park Boom Get Addiction With it?


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Rumor and Facts About 2NE1 Undergo Plastic Surgery

I bet all of you know this very legendary yet charming woman group in South Korea. Yup! 2NE1 is a kpop idol beneath YG Entertainment which surfaced in 2009. This girl group’s members are CL, Sandara Park, Minzy, and Park Boom. CL became the leader of the woman band and has a lot of charm of her own.

They become more powerful and well known, not just in South Korea but also increasingly around the world. Like many other Korean celebrities rumored to have done a plastic surgery the very same rumors circulate about 2NE1.

Rumor of CL’s Plastic Surgery, Let’s Compare Her Before and After!


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CL is just one of those 2NE1 members who has not completed plastic surgery yet. Quoted from her media social, CL hasn’t completed plastic surgery. She enjoys her figure as CL, but she loves her own body as Chaerin. Known by a K-Pop forum, CL is popularly referred to as a performer who averts plastic surgery, even though her entertainment agency, YG, advised her to do it. Here is the before and after debuted CL. Take a look!


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In the photographs above, really there are no significant changes in CL appearance. And I believe her eyes became so much bigger because of the ability of make-up. I can conclude that CL hasn’t completed plastic surgery. Frankly I’m also relieved to know that CL is still’original’.

Let’s See Sandara Park’s Before And After Photo Plastic Surgery


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Sandara Park is known to possess an everlasting cute face. She is currently 30 years old, but her look remains the same because it was in her 20’s. Some people today think the Dara has done a little work on her nose because the shape of her nose has shifted a bit from the image published when she debuted.


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But some others denied it and advised that it was done by makeup. What exactly do you believe women? In fact, the view is yours!

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