RHEA Byeolha Full Profile, Fun Facts, Etc.

RHEA Byeolha

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Do you know about the South Korean girl group, RHEA? If you are still unfamiliar with them, they are 5 members K-Pop group consisting of Soojin, Jiye, Eunjeong, Byeolha, and Jaeeun. RHEA (hangul: 레아) officially debuted under I.O Entertainment on October 1, 2021, with the song “Time Travel”, but they had to disband in 2021 since they’re not promoting further.

This article contains detailed information about RHEA’s Byeolha, known as the ‘Goddess of Water’ and known for her beauty. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more and get closer with RHEA’s Byeolha, starting from her complete profile and fun facts in this article below.

RHEA Byeolha Profile

RHEA Byeolha

Stage Name : Byeolha (hangul: 별하)

Group Play Name : Thetis (hangul: 테티스)

Nationality : Korean

RHEA Byeolha Fun Facts

  1. RHEA’s Byeolha’s representative color is Sky Blue
  2. RHEA’s Byeolha was the fourth member to join the group
  3. RHEA’s Byeolha is the ‘Goddess Of Water’ according to Greek mythology
  4. RHEA’s Byeolha has the same stage name as ZeroSix’s Byeolha

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