All You Need to Know About Dating and Relationship Between Taecyeon and Yoona

Taecyeon & Yoona

Rumored About Dating Taecyeon and Yoona?

Taecyeon and Yoona are famous idol from South Korea. Each one of them rose in their career through being part of a boy-group and girl-group, respectively. Taecyeon was a member of the group 2PM, while Yoona was one of the members of Girls’ Generation. Both are also famously known by their acting abilities and their good visual! Taecyeon and Yoona even did a collaboration once, for the music video CABI Song, with some of the members from 2PM and Girls’ Generation!

People, mostly Taecyeon and Yoona’s fans, became curious about the truth of the relationship between Taecyeon and Yoona. Let’s find out together! Through this article, Byeol Korea introduces you the ‘cute-couple’ Taecyeon and Yoona, and all you need to know about their real relationship!

Dating Rumors and Evidence Taecyeon and Yoona

Taecyeon & Yoona

As is typical for dating rumours between Korean celebrities, Taecyeon and Yoona’s came up as a result of their togetherness. Basically, Taecyeon and Yoona first met when 2PM and Girls’ Generation were filming for a certain cable channel. Some sources at the time said that Taecyeon was talking about Girls’ Generation a lot.

On the second episode of Family Outing 2, Taecyeon revealed that he had a crush on Yoona in real life. His statement must’ve made people curious, right? Taecyeon said that at first he had a crush on Yuri, but then he said that it was Yoona. And in that episode, Taecyeon and Yoona were pretending to act like a real couple in real life, they were even practicing the proposal scene! On the following episode of Family Outing 2, there’s a preview of when Taecyeon sings a song for Yoona.

Taecyeon & Yoona

Their true relationship was also discussed on Strong Heart. In one of the episodes of Strong Heart, some of the 2PM and Girls’ Generation members were the guest stars. Taecyeon and Yoona were talking about their collaboration in Family Outing 2, and then they were asked about the rumor they were dating.

People never forgot about their strong chemistry in the music video CABI Song, the collaboration between 2PM and Girls’ Generation. Yoona and Taecyeon both showed  their great acting abilities, and their dance moves amazed us!

Taecyeon & Yoona


Taecyeon & Yoona


Taecyeon & Yoona

One of the other 2PM members, Junho, was then heard to say “Whenever Taecyeon comes home after hearing about the rumors, he’s always saying ‘Man, why is this happening? It’s really not true!'” and then he jokingly added, “But who knows? I don’t really know what to believe,” that made Taecyeon, Tiffany, and Yoona burst into laughter. In that same episode, Yoona was asked about which one she would pick between Taecyeon and Lee Seung-gi, and she chose Lee Seung-gi.

Taecyeon said that he actually didn’t have any kind of romantic relationship with Yoona, on KBS2TV Show Win Win. He explained that he and Yoona were together a lot due to their work, but that doesn’t mean that they were a couple in real life. Taecyeon also explained that because of the dating rumour, his relationship with Yoona had become awkward.

Watch one of their cute moment here:

It seems pretty safe to say that Taecyeon and Yoona didn’t have aromantic relationship, they were just casual friends and colleagues in their work. Perhaps it was just their natural chemistry that caused people think they were a couple in real life.

Still, they were looked cute together, right?

Taecyeon and Yoona’s Relationship Now

Taecyeon & Yoona

So, how about their current relationship? As already mentioned, they’re were professional colleagues. Their good relation never did turn into any kind of romantic relationship, although Taecyeon and Yoona support each other’s careers.

Meanwhile, Yoona was reportedly involved in a dating relationship with Lee Seung-gi, and Taecyeon is still single.

Currently, Taecyeon is still completing his military service, and Yoona was focusing on her career with Girls’ Generation and on being the model for a certain brand.

It doesn’t sound like they’ve had a chance to interact in a while.

Watch one of their interactions here:

Well, even though they aren’t a couple in real life, we always hope their good relationship will last forever, and also we’re waiting for the another project together from Taecyeon and Yoona!

That’s All You Need to Know About Dating and Relationship Between Taecyeon and Yoona. I hope you get more information about your idol and Korean entertainment. There are a lot of more information about it in Byeol Korea. So, don’t miss it! If you have some questions or want to add additional information please put the comment below.