Interesting Facts About Namgoong Min and Jin Ah-reum’s Relationship!


Get Closer With Namgoong Min and Jin Ah Reum

Namgoong Min is an actor, director, and screenwriter, who was born on March 12, 1978. He began his career in a film called Bungee Jumping of Their Own in 2001, where he played as the protagonist’s best friend. He started to gain recognition by playing in the neo-noir film, A Dirty Carnival, that was released in 2006, Namgoong Min also drew widespread attention for his performance in the melodrama Listen to My Heart in 2011.

After the series was complete, Namgoong Min decided he would only accept lead roles, going forward, due to his new-found popularity and recognition, and started turning down any offers for supporting roles. That lead to him taking an unwanted two-year break from acting.

He returned to acting with a changed mindset and newly found determination. Namgoong Min took a role in The Girl Who Sees Smell in 2015, as the serial killer, and from there his efforts paid off by getting him a lot of recognition. Namgoong Min then got his break-out role, playing in the hit comedy-drama Good Manager in 2017, where he played as the main protagonist. In the drama, he was praised for his “perfect amalgamation of character creation and acting”, which also contributed the success of the drama.

Jin Ah Reum was an Korean Actress and Model who was born in Seoul on November 9, 1989. She started her career as a model in 2008 before shifting her focus to acting by playing in a movie called Troubleshooter in 2010, where she played as a female jogger. Her most recent movie was Planck Constant in 2015, where she played a female cafe worker.

Then, in 2016, she was cast on a drama series called Vampire Detective, which was aired by OCN, in a supporting role.

Namgoong Min and Jin Ah-reum’s Confirmed to be Dating

Namgoong Min and Jin Ah Reum Are Officially in a Relationship!

On February 25, 2016, another new couple confirmed their relationship!

An insider news outlet, Sport Chosun, revealed that actor Namgoong Min and model Jin Ah Reum were dating. The source explained that they first met each other as director and lead actress when they were filming a movie called Light My Fire during the summer of 2016. Their relationship started to shift from friends to sweethearts, and they became a couple who makes everyone around them jealous.

They started dating last August and continue to shower each other with love and affection, according to the source. Namgoong Min even prepared a special romantic event for the birthday ceremony of Jin Ah Reum in November. The couple is also known for their 11-year age difference! Age sure isn’t a problem in love, right?

A couple of hours after the report came out, Namgoong Min and Jin Ah Reum’s relationship was confirmed by the agency after checking with the actor and model themselves. The agency stated “We were just in contact with Namgong Min. He and Jin Ah Reum are dating. We’re that you support their relationship, which has just started.

Namgoong Min Shares the Story of How He Met Jin Ah Reum

On an episode of MBC’s Radio Star, Namgoong Min made his appearance as one of the guests, and thanked his fellow actor, Yang Joo Ho, for helping him meet his precious girlfriend on March 30, 2016.

When he was asked how he met his girlfriend, Namgoong Min commented “My friend Yang Joo Ho is the acting instructor for my girlfriend’s agency. He was instrumental in setting up dinners with her and that’s how we exchange our numbers. He generally has a good feeling about things and has a good network of friends.”

“I didn’t have to say anything, but he’d call and say ‘Ahreum is coming to my class today. Do you want to have dinner with us?’ I’m grateful to him.” Namgoong Min added.

While talking about his girlfriend, who is also the lead in his movie, he expressed his love towards Jin Ah Reum, saying, “She’s patient and mature. This is the first time i’m dating someone openly, but there are many advantages. I recently put an event together for her birthday.”

Here’s the video of Namgoong Min’s appearance on Radio Star, below:

Jin Ah Reum Talks About Her Relationship With Namgoong Min

Jin Ah Reum recently did an interview and photoshoot with International bnt, where she opened up about living a healthy lifestyle, and also her romantic life.

When the interviewer asked about her boyfriend, her eyes grew wider and she smiled shyly, saying “We’re doing quite well.” The interviewer continued by asking what about Namgoong Min had attracted her, and Ahreum responded, “I was drawn to his gentle and warm characteristic, he didn’t seem like a celebrity. He is someone i can learn a lot from and also work together to fill in what we each lack.”

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