All Information About Cutest Red Velvet’s Member Yeri and Her Relationship With Others KPOP Idol


Ha Yeon-soo, Shim Eun-kyung, And Red Velvet’s Yeri

As mentioned previously, Yeri has made some very unexpected friends in the Korean entertainment industry, one of them being actress Ha Yeon-seo. They both bonded over having very similar visuals that fans have compared to the popular Pokemon character Squirtle. The character Squirtle is famous between fans as the ultimate representation of cutesy and sweet visuals as the character is depicted as having a very pronounced eye smile, a rounded face shape, a bright smile, and small face parameter.

The two of them are usually seen with another fan of Red Velvet and Yeri, that is actress Shim Eun-kyung. Shim Eun-kyung started falling for Red Velvet sometime in Automatic and Ice Cream Cake promotions period and was introduced to the group through SM company senior, BoA who offered to take Shim Eun-kyung with her. This led the three to be close with each other as they all are fans of each other’s work and meets up as often as they could outside of work.

Blackpink And Red Velvet’s Yeri

The newest addition to Yeri’s lineup of social circle is 2018’s hit girl group, Blackpink. Debuting in 2016, Blackpink can be considered Red Velvet’s junior and with quite a big gap at that too. Furthermore, Blackpink is from SM’s rival company, YG, and is rarely seen in events or variety. So fans wondered how did they get close, the answer being that Blackpink and Red Velvet goes to the same makeup and hair salon, thus bonding and exchanging numbers when they are at the salon. It started with Blackpink’s Jennie and Red Velvet’s leader, Irene, but soon spread amongst the member.

Yeri herself is particularly close with members Jennie and Rose, despite the age difference. Their friendship can be seen through the picture above, where Jennie and Yeri interacted at the ending of an award show. Furthermore, during Red Velvet’s Red Flavor promotions, their promotion period overlapped and during Red Flavor’s win at a music show, Rose danced along with Yeri during the encore stage. Their friendship truly surpasses borders created by their company.

Apink And Red Velvet’s Yeri

In the case of Apink, Yeri has once gone against Apink’s Nam-joo during a wrestling match on Idol Star Athletics Championship. Their match definitely sent shockwaves throughout the fandom as it is a true display of their skill and strength. The match also seems to end with no hard feelings in place, as fans hope to see them interact more in the future. Check out a cut of their match down below!

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