All Information About Cutest Red Velvet’s Member Yeri and Her Relationship With Others KPOP Idol


TWICE’s Chae-young And Red Velvet’s Yeri

Another Twice member that Yeri is close with is her same-aged friend, Chae-young. Just like Na-yeon, it seems that the two got close after attending a few events together and exchanging phone numbers at Idol Star Athletics Championships. They can be seen hanging off of each other, taking pictures and joking around during their off time, waiting for each other’s events. They support each other in their own events too, making sure that the other knows they have their backs.

Aside from that, the two also post about having meetups with each other, such as grabbing lunch or dinner together when they have free time. Not only that, but there have also been stories of the two having sleepovers and chatting with each other on online messengers until late at night. As the two are the same age, they could comfortably talk about each other’s worries and hopes without the boundaries that can be seen with other idols who have an age gap with each other.

SNSD’s Tae-yeon And Red Velvet’s Yeri

One of Yeri’s most unexpected friendships is with company senior, SNSD’s leader, Tae-yeon. The two are dubbed Pisces twins as they share the same astrological sign, making their personalities almost identical. Pisces is a very big part of Tae-yeon’s identity and sense of self as she thinks of it as what makes her who she is today, seen from the tattoo she has displaying the astrological sign. The two can be seen supporting each other both in their rest days and on social media.

Yeri has confessed on air that she likes coming over to Tae-yeon’s house to hang out and have a meal together. Since both of them are known to be people who enjoy staying at home and lazing around, most of the time they just order takeout and watch a movie, just like friends normally. Not only that, but Yeri also actively support her senior by going to her events and concerts, taking proof shots backstage such as the one above, where the two share an almost kiss to show their intimacy.

Their friendship is also displayed through the two who are very active on social media, Yeri through Red Velvet’s official Instagram and Tae-yeon on her personal account. There have been instances where Yeri spammed the comment section on Tae-yeon’s Instagram live with comments calling her ‘unnie’ and such. Furthermore, Yeri has been gone as far as to upload a cover of herself singing Tae-yeon’s B-side track on Red Velvet’s official Instagram, check out the cover below!

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IU And Red Velvet’s Yeri

IU is one of the seniors Yeri has admitted to admiring since her debut days, as she respects the artist for her songwriting and producing skills. What is funny about their friendship is that IU’s manager is also a very big fan of Red Velvet, making their friendship inevitable and just a miracle meant to happen. Recently, the two has met and taken pictures together at one of the major year-end music festivals as proof of their friendship. Not only that, IU raved about the meeting on one of her vlogs detailing the preparations of her promotions, as she recounts the time she met Yeri and how her manager is more excited than she is at the opportunity to take a picture with Yeri.

At one of her interviews, Yeri also reveals that helping IU has been helping her in writing and composing songs, as she has recently picked up the hobby of doing so. Hopefully as a more experienced senior IU can give her meaningful advice and become the mentor Yeri needs.

AKMU And Red Velvet’s Yeri

Another one of Yeri’s friends is AKMU’s Lee Su-hyun, who she has gotten to know from promoting during the same period and meeting backstage. The two are extremely close even though they have very little interactions that can be seen by fans directly. Unlike previous friends who can be seen interacting with Yeri in Idol Star Athletics Championship event and the like, AKMU rarely promotes and goes on variety shows but when they do, Su-hyun never fails to mention her friendship with Yeri.

Fans who have a keen eye first noticed their friendship through Yeri’s slight cameo as the friend that Su-hyun is chatting with in Hi Suhyun’s I’m Different music video. The music video itself tells a story of Lee Su-hyun and Lee Hi having a crush on IKON’s Bobby, and when Su-hyun is gushing about him, fans saw that the contact name spells Yeri and refers to Red Velvet’s Yeri as Lee Su-hyun confirms in another interview.

Yeri, Kim Sae-ron and Lee Su-hyun are also often seen hanging out together and have been dubbed the golden trio. One of the fans recalls seeing them going around Seoul shopping for makeup and generally being the teens that they are. As seen in the picture above, Yeri and Kim Sae-ron can be seen joking around with Lee Su-hyun’s older brother, AKMU’s Lee Chan-hyuk before his enlistment. The caption that Lee Chan-hyuk wrote makes a jab at the trio, stating that two more of his sister has appeared, referring to how the three as very much alike. Yeri can also be seen in another post made by Lee Su-hyun of the two hanging out at a cafe during one of their rest days.

Another proof of their friendship is Lee Su-hyun being one of the friends comforting Yeri when she broke down during Shinee’s Jong-hyun tribute on one of the year-end music festivals, wrapping an arm around Yeri and making sure she is okay.

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