All About Red Velvet’s Joy’s Transformations (From Cute and Sweet Girl to a Sexy Lady)

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Get Closer With The Most Sexy Members of Red Velvet, Joy

The headline already exactly describes Joy’s transformation. The younger Park Soo Young (Joy’s real name) looked pretty and innocent. There are even some photos when Joy looks a little heavier, causing her personal trainer to call her chubby.

But, as you can see her now, she is slimmer and sexier, and looks more grown-up. I can confidently say that Joy is the sexiest member of Red Velvet, don’t you think so? Take a look at her transformation, below.

Red Velvet’s Joy’s Pre-debut

joy's predebut

Being a little plumper in the past occasionally meant Joy was attacked by netizens who were saying that she had plastic surgery experience.

To be honest, she did her nose but I can’t tell other ones.”

I think she lost weight and got double eyelid surgery. But she is so pretty hahaha

Everyone has their own opinions about whether or not she’sh ad plastic surgery, but we can’t deny she was beautiful even when she was young.

joy's predebut

Everyone knows that going through puberty can make real changes in how a person looks. Do not accuse her having plastic surgery after seeing her pictures from her graduation and some of the pre-debut pictures, because everyone could be different as they grow older.

Here is the video of her pre-debut pictures. Take a look at this.


Joy’s Trainee Life

joy's predebut

Unlike the other members of Red Velvet, Joy was not introduced through SM Rookies before her debut, instead she immediately debuted as a Red Velvet member after two years of being a trainee.

Joy’s trainee life already showed her hard work for getting a diet. Doesn’t she look pretty and cute?

Red Velvet’s Joy’s 2014

joy happiness

This is the year when Red Velvet finally debuted, with the song Happiness. Joy’s appearance surprised the fans and made them wonder who she was, since she hadn’t been part of SM Rookies like the other group members.

Joy used to get sneered by netizens due to her curvy body. At the time, netizens thought that an idol should have a skinny body. But, after seeing her singing skill and the transformation from her hard work to diet, they started to change their minds.

joy happiness

Joy looked very fresh and cute as she was the maknae of the group that time (after Yeri joined Red Velvet, she became the maknae of the group). I think her body fits her well. Joy’s tall and it’s okay for her to have a curvy body. She is cute and pretty, just like a fresh graduate student.

Red Velvet’s Joy’s 2015

2015 ice cream cake

A year later, Red Velvet made a comeback with the song Ice Cream Cake. Although Joy was no longer a maknae, she still looked cute. That might be partly because the song had a cute and happy concept.

2015 ice cream cake

All the member dyed their hair blonde, including Joy. She has chubby cheeks which made her smile is very distinctive. Joy still looks like a baby in this era, a giant baby, maybe, because she is the tallest of all the Red Velvet members.

2015 dumb dumb

After the Ice Cream Cake era, Red Velvet made a comeback with the song Dumb-Dumb. As it was still in the same year as Ice Cream Cake, Joy’s appearances do not show any difference. Personally, I love Joy with dark hair like this, it made her skin looks more glowing, somehow. In this era, I think Joy’s image went from a Baby Joy to a Sweet Joy, because she is very sweet and pretty especially in that Dumb-Dumb uniform. What do you think?

Red Velvet’s Joy’s 2016

2016 one of these nights

Joy became more mature in the One of These Nights era. The short hair makes her look like a lady, not a sweet girl anymore. Instead of a sweet girl, she is more like a mature lady.

She isn’t smiling in many of the pictures from this era, but posing with a fierce face, instead. Maybe it is because the comeback concept, which was darker than the group’s previous comebacks.

2016 russian roulette

After having using a darker concept, Red Velvet came back again with another cheerful and fun concept, with Russian Roulette. In this era, Joy rocks short, straight, blond hair. I think her image changed again, from a mature lady to a ‘do not mess with’ girl.

2016 russian roulette

She looks sweet and cute, but somehow she also looks fierce, too. I think she lost some weight in this era, as she looks skinnier. Also, don’t you think she looks like Lisa with that hair, especially with that fierce face? Joy looks like Lisa’s twin, don’t you think so?

Which side of Russian Roulette-era Joy do you like? The sweet girl or the fierce girl?

Red Velvet’s Joy’s 2017

2017 joy rookie

In 2017, Red Velvet made a big comeback. The ghroup stasrted dominating the charts for whole months of the year with songs such as Rookie, Red Flavour, Rebirth, and Peek-A-Boo. Although most of them were just a single track, the group still satisfied the fans with many new songs released.

2017 joy rookie

I can say this year was the beginning of the era of Joy’s sexy image. Ok, let’s just take a look step by step, first. Rookie‘s concept is fun and cheerful, but Joy’s appearance in some photoshoots for the album shows her mature side and made her looks like a lady. With long hair and a fierce face, she looks a little bit naughty.

2017 joy red flavour

In Red Flavour, Joy still had her long hair, but colored it red. She looks thinner, somehow, I don’t know if it is because of the angle, or what. Finally, boom! Joy in the Peek-A-Boo era will leave you astonished!

joy peek a boo
joy peek a boo

Joy appears with a sexy image and she looks very hot in that black dress, and ready to tease all of you. Many people started taking about her look at that time, as she appears totally different and very confident with her sexy image.

Red Velvet’s Joy’s 2018

2018 badboy

In the earlier part of the year, Red Velvet came back with the song Bad Boy. Joy still sticks with the sexy image. The producer intentionally dressed her in a sexy outfi, I think.

joy rbb 2

Ever since the Peek-A-Boo era, no matter whether the producer or the stylist tries to dress Joy in some cute outfit, that sexy image still sticks with her, and now I think she deserves to be called a sexy lady.

Red Velvet’s Joy’s 2019

2019 zimzalabim

Red Velvet comes back again, with two Japanese songs. Then, in the middle of the year, Red Velvet releases another song, Zimzalabim.

2019 zimzalabim

Joy appears with long, dark brown hair. As she grows older, she looks more mature andm of course, sexy. What is your opinion about her look now?

Red Velvet’s Joy’s Latest News

2018 power up

Joy’s latest news is, of course, Red Velvet’s latest comeback, Zimzalabim, which was just released on June 19th, 2019. Do you already want Red Velvet to make another new comeback?

joy's gif

That’s All About Red Velvet’s Joy’s Transformations (From Cute and Sweet Girl to a Sexy Lady). I hope you get more information about your idol and Korean entertainment. There are a lot of more information about it in Byeol Korea. So, don’t miss it! If you have some questions or want to add additional information please put the comment below.