All About Reason Why MBLAQ Disbanded and Where All Members After That


MBLAQ’s Members Where Abouts Now

Although MBLAQ is still in an unclear status, Seung-ho, G.O, and Mir still have their individual activities, check this out!


In April 2017, Seung-ho decided to sign with Will Entertainment (an acting agency) and made his official solo debut under his new agency in Japan in August 2017. Seung-ho will not only act, but also release music and actively promote himself in various ways. Besides the group activities, Seung-ho also guest on various television shows as a solo artist as well. These include Super Junior Miracle, Idol Maknae Rebellion, Kara Bakery, and, Running Man among others.

G.O Activity

In an interview, G.O revealed his new job as Jung Ji Oh TV jockey announcer. Netizens who know about G.O’s work feel sorry because G.O cannot develop well in the music world. “It’s nice to see people’s reactions,” he said.

“I say what I want, and if I want to sing, I sing and have fun while broadcasting. His income is similar to when I was promoted as part of MBLAQ.”

Currently, G.O is also in a relationship with one of the actresses, Choi Ye-seul. Even his girlfriend openly revealed that he was a big fan of BTS’s V. Choi Ye-seul said, “My ideal type is V not G.O, even I wasn’t interested in G.O at the beginning of our meeting.”

G.O also revealed that Choi Ye-seul likes to listen to BTS songs in his car and G.O has also found out that Choi Ye-seul likes to find out about V and his activities. G.O is also busy with his own youtube channel.

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Mir Acvtivity

Mir revealed that now MBLAQ members have very busy individual activities, Mir is also busy with her individual activities such as hosts, rappers, and models. Mir also participated in the vlog made by G.O and Choi Ye-seul. Long time no see, Mir and G.O talked about many things. MBLAQ’s meaning claimed to have a lot of time now to think about his future.

“Nice to meet you. Fans really miss you because you don’t post much on social media. Do you want to go back?” asked G.O. Mir then explained, “Now myself, I have a lot of thoughts about what I have to do.”

“When we are at MBLAQ, we travel a lot. We will wake up and travel to other countries. Or we will sleep and when we wake up in another city. I am very used to it,” Mir continued. “But when I try to do it myself it’s like waiting, how do I do this.”

MBLAQ’s Latest News

Thunder and Mir Talk to the First Time in Five Years

Thunder and Mir were reunited after five years at Video Star on February 12, 2019. Mir said, “I was young then, and I was hurt by the fact that the group became a trio. I could’ve contacted him, but it took a long time to settle my heart. That was passed 5 years. I changed my number after 2014, and I didn’t really come out of the studio for 2 years. I still don’t have Thunder’s phone number.”

Thunder revealed he had Mir’s number in his phone, but it was his old contact. “I have a bad habit, I hate being lonely, but I have forgotten how to meet with people,” and Thunder said, “It’s been 5 years. I had no idea he was that hurt.”

The two then hugged after Mir said, “I’m sensitive. I was hurt, so I was in hiding. Let’s not misunderstand each other, and let’s meet with each other for a drink. I can’t drink alcohol though, so I’ll drink a cola as we talk it out.”

So glad to see them like that, right?

G.O sings Jennie’s SOLO

One of the songs that hits in 2018 is a song from Jennie titled SOLO. G.O also didn’t want to be left behind and tried to cover Jennie’s song with an acoustic rock. So, whatch here!

That’s All About Reason Why MBLAQ Disbanded and Where All Members After That. I hope you get more information about your idol and Korean entertainment. There are a lot of more information about it in Byeol Korea. So, don’t miss it! If you have some questions or want to add additional information please put the comment below.