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Get To Know More About Rapper Swings’s Full Profile

Have you heard about the rapper named Swings? He’s a rapper in South Korea who made his debut in 2008, then joined a hip-hop duo with named Uptown in 2009. Swings gained his popularity as a rapper when he competed on Show Me The Money in 2013, and since then he’s become known for his style at dissing people in his raps.

In 2014, Swings came back to Show Me The Money as a producer, alongside Tablo and San E, then he started his own recording label, Just Music Entertainment, after leaving his previous label, Brand New Music.

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Profile and Facts Rapper Swings
  • Real Name : Moon Ji-hoon (문지훈)
  • Stage Name : Swings (스윙스)
  • Other Name :Jonathan Moon, Moon Swings
  • Birth : October 14, 1986
  • Zodiac : Libra
  • Profession : Rapper
  • Active Year : 2008 – Now
  • Agency : Just Music Entertainment, Indigo Music, WEDAPLUGG
  • Official Sites : Instagram (
  • Just Music Entertainment (

Discography Rapper Swings

Studio Albums

Title Released Label Formats
Growing Pains March 11, 2010 Hiphopplaya CD, Digital Downloads
Upgrade II July 22, 2011 Hiphopplaya, LOEN Entertainment CD, Digital Downloads
Vintage Swings October 28, 2014 Just Music, CJ E&M CD, Digital Downloads
Levitate 2 October 11, 2016 Just Music, LOEN Entertainment CD, Digital Downloads

Special Albums

Title Released Label Formats
#1 Mixtape Vol. II February 27, 2013 Brand New Music, NHN Entertainment CD, Digital Downloads
#1 Vol. II Instrumental June 12, 2013 Brand New Music, NHN Entertainment CD, Digital Downloads

Extended Plays

Title Released Label Formats Peak Chart Positions Sales
Upgrade May 14, 2008 LOEN Entertainment CD, Digital Downloads N/A
Mood Swings II Part. 1: Major Depression (감정기복 II Part. 1: 주요 우울증) February 26, 2014 Brand New Music, LOEN Entertainment CD, Digital Downloads 32 KOR: 500
Mood Swings II Part. 2: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (감정기복 II Part. 2: 강박증) July 17, 2014 Brand New Music, CJ E&M CD, Digital Downloads N/A
Mood Swings II Part. 3: Psychotherapy (감정기복 II Part 3: 심리치료) September 8, 2016 Just Music, CJ E&M CD, Digital Downloads
Levitate 1 October 11, 2016 Just Music, LOEN Entertainment CD, Digital Downloads
Levitate 3 October 11, 2016 Just Music, LOEN Entertainment CD, Digital Downloads

Chartered Singles

Title Year Peak Chart Positions Sales Album
As Lead Artist
“Instincively Remix” (본능적으로 Remix) feat. Yoon Jong-shin, Taeyang 2011 59 KOR: 173,772 Non Album Singles
“I’ll Be There” feat. Jay Park 79 KOR: 51,112
“Would You” (줄래) feat. Seo In-guk 2013 28 KOR: 140,819
“A Real Lady” feat. Beenzino, Gray, [[Zion. T]] 9 KOR: 315,639
“Bulldozer” (불도저) 2014 36 KOR: 107,638
“Victorious” (이겨낼거야 2) feat. Gray 57 KOR: 72,168
“Fallin” feat. Jay Park 23 KOR: 74,526
“The Wrong Way” (역주행) feat. Dok2, Genius Nochang 73 KOR: 54410
“Her Number” (전화번호) feat. Verbal Jint, 40 9 KOR: 402,617 Mood Swings II Part. 2: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
“Gravity” feat. Mad Clown, Giriboy 34 KOR: 109,911
“Pool Party” 14 KOR: 155,919 Non-album singles
“Rap Star” 85 KOR: 26,048
“My Ballad” feat. Kim Ye-rim 60 KOR: 31,942 Vintage Swings
“Your Soul” 2016 98 KOR: 20,383 Non-album singles
“On My Way” feat. Gray, Bewhy 94 KOR: 28,684 Mood Swings II Part. 3: Psychotherapy
“Clock Out” (퇴근) feat. Jay Park, Crush 2017 88 KOR: 20,596 Non-album single
Non-album single
“Money” with P-Type 2013 KOR: 24,025
“Brilliant Is…” with Skull, Haha, Geeks, Zico, Mad Clown, Double K, Zizo, Soul Dive, Heo Kyung-hwan, Kim Ji-minfeat. Gill, Jungin 75 N/A
“A Real Man” with Ailee 2014 4 KOR: 509,564
“Trap” with U Sung-eun 27 KOR: 91,161 My Secret Hotel OST

Filmography Rapper Swings


  • 2013 – Show Me The Money 2 (role as a Contestant/aired on Mnet)
  • 2014 Show Me The Money 3 (role as a Judge/Producer with San E)
  • 2017 High School Rapper (role as a Judge), Mix Nine (role as the Rap Instructor/aired on JTBC)
  • 2018 Show Me The Money 777 (role as a Judge/aired on Mnet)

Variety Shows

  • 2019 – Not The Same Person You Used To Know (aired on Mnet/role as the Main Guest with Giriboy, Han Yo-han, Superbee, Kwon Hyuk-soo, Im Bo-ra, Jenny Kim

Girlfriend of Rapper Swings

Swings was spotted in public with an anonymous girl, and they seemed to be enjoying a date in a cafe. The other guests who were there were curious about the relationship between them, and that started dating rumors circulating.

On March 25, 2017, an unknown source said that the female is apparently Rapper Swings’ girlfriend. The lady’s name is Im Bora, she’s a model who was born in Seoul in 1995. She’s truly a goddess from her looks and a source said that she’s even prettier in real life. it seemed that she’d never needed plastic surgery, since her appearance is very lovely.

Some people have left comments about Rapper Swings’ girlfriend by saying:

  1. Dating after seeing his wealth
  2. Does her heart flutter when she looks at Swings…? When I see him on TV, I can only sigh
  3. Looks like it’s not of my business to point this out, but this does this model loves Swings because of his looks or because of his money and skills?
  4. No matter how much crap Swings receives online, he’s someone who’s made lots of money because of his skills. He’s someone some pretty and young girl won’t find easily….

The following month, on April 25, 2017, more pictures were released of Rapper Swings and his girlfriend while they were on another public date.

The latest pictures of the couple were getting a whole different set of comments from the couple’s first appearance in public a month ago. Here are some of the comments taken from Dispatch via Nate:

[+20, -3] I always thought Im Bora looked prettier than this, what happened? Or is this what she really looks like… so confusing

[+13, -1] The last article said she was a beauty… she is not a beauty at all. She looks like gagwoman Shim Jin Hwa.

[+204, -2] Im Bora looks very different from the past photos I’ve seen of her. Her proportions don’t look that great either.

[+27, -1] Wow, I guess as long as the man is rich, she’s willing to have sex with a piggy ba$tard who’s busted in both mentality and body… ugh, that woman has quite the stomach

[+10, -1] That woman must be crazed for the money

[+18, -0] F*cking pig, lose some weight, you have no neck

[+19, -0] I thought she was super pretty… this is fraud-level. She looks so weird in these…

[+92, -3] That woman looks completely different from her selcas ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+43, -2] 22 years old???? She looks older than Kim Hee Sun nuna

[+6, -0] She totally frauded everyone with photoshopped pictures

[+36, -1] Hul that woman looks so different from her Insta pictures..

Neither of the two have given an official confirmation about whether they had a special relationship or not, but people currently know that the mysterious girl who’s been caught  going out with Rapper Swings was identified as his girlfriend.

It’s true that the woman has been identified as Im Bora, who was born in 1995 (9 years younger that Rapper Swings), and she worked as a model for a freelance online shopping site. She has the look of a celebrity, which led to her appearance being compared to that of several top female celebs, such as Kim Tae-hee and Gong Seung-yeon.

Check out Im Bora‘s look and appearance below :

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A post shared by 임보라(boralim) (@3.48kg) on

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슬라임 만들러😆

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There are pros and cons to the couple making their relationship together public.  She may have been getting some nasty comments, but since then, Im Bora has been seeing an increase in the number of followers on her Instagram account.

On July 3, 2018, Rapper Swings and Im Bora appeared as guests on the television program ‘Video Star’, which airs on MBC Every1. The couple has confirmed their relationship since April 2018, and Rapper Swings revealed at how they met each other for the first time.

“I asked to my hyung if he knows any models and he introduce them to me for becoming a star in my music videos. Im Bora was one of them. After we held a meeting, we went for a drinks. I asked her out and she rejected me for 3 times after I confessed my feelings to her. I just thought that this was another step and in the end, she said that she would think about my offer.”  Rapper Swings.

“Then we communicated to each other for over a month. Since that time, I already knew that Oppa is a humble person and couldn’t even tell a lie. It’s interesting since he always took care of persons who around him.” Im Bora.

Rapper Swings’s Military Service

Swings joined the military on November 25, 2014. He received his basic training with the 306th battalion in Uijeongbu, Gyeonggido. Before he officially enlisted for his military service, he appeared in front of the media who waited for him at the location, and thanked the people who keep supporting him over times, especially his parents.

He expressed his feelings that he was sorry for mistakes he made and ashamed for his failure.

Before he joined the military as an active duty soldier, Swings initially went for an exam in KATUSA (Korean Augmentation To the United States Army), but he didn’t pass.

For his basic training, he was located at the 306th battalion in Uijeongbu, Gyeonggido, but after 10 months of military service, he was discharged due to medical issues and left early, on September 4, 2015.

He wrote on his Facebook page and revealed that he ended his military service with 11 months left.

“I have been receiving treatment since I was young for obsessive compulsive disorder, stress, and depression. I’m under stress since these disorders flares up.” Rapper Swings.

Rapper Swings’s Speaking English

Swings is actually very fluent in English, since he lived in Atlanta, Georgia, and studied English at Sungkyunkwan University.

You can hear how fluent he is in the videos below.

Swings (Just Music) – BBC News Korea Interview


VolumeTV/ Exclusive Interview of South Korean Super Rapper MOON SWINGS

Swings talks about his passion for music

Diet of Rapper Swings

Swings was known for having a bigger body, and some people looked at him harshly, saying he was a pig. The criticism didn’t affect his self-confidence, instead, he used it as motivation and he started exercising hard to get his body fit.

His hard work paid off, and made quite a body transformation. He even wrote on a caption below his picture by saying, “There is two people who inspired me and wake up in the morning to move. I love you so much.”

On July 3, 2018, Rapper Swings announced that he opened a fitness center near Hongik University in Seoul, named Gym Tipi. During the announcement he revealed the weight loss he achieved over the previous six months through intense exercise and diet control, which amounted to 40 kilograms.

People were shocked by his first appearance in March, 2018, when he uploaded his 5th full album, Upgrade III, on his personal Instagram account.

In May, 2018, after shocking fans with his weight loss, other people starting making funny memes about his weight loss efforts. One person even made a comparison of Swings’ before-after transformation using the cartoon characters “Pit & Mat”.

The difference in Swings’ appearance is evident in how much slimmer and more defined his facial features now seem.

Net Worth of Rapper Swings

As reported from KoreaBoo, Swings earned about 1.25 billion won (~$1,040,087 USD) in 2015. The amount of Swings revenue was revealed from a television program, Documentary Special, aired on MBC said that Rapper Swings earned hundreds of millions of won for his appearance on the television show.

The rapper and producer, himself, even showed off the payment receipt with his earnings, but it make viewers happy. It was clearly seen that Rapper Swings earned 10 thousand dollars for teaching  rap lessons and giving lectures.

Swings didn’t receive any positive comments from the show as he revealed the real amount of his earnings, especially since he once lied about it by saying that he was low on cash.

Here are the comments reacting to Swings’ disclosed net worth, as taken from Koreaboo :

[+61, -1] Mentally ill freaking pig rapper yo~~♪

[+1133, -10] This is the same guy who said he wouldn’t make money until the date his release was supposed to be and then claimed he gave rap lessons because he was running low on money? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+896, -13] He’s going to have a tough time being active in Korea.

Instagram Feed of Rapper Swings

These are the latest updates from Rapper Swings on his personal Instagram account :

Latest News of Rapper Swings

On December, 2018, there was a rumor about Rapper Swings.  Some news headlines were saying that he was bisexual.

Swings even added a screen-capture from a fan comment on his Instagram saying that “I heard that Swings was bi (bisexual). I never such an information like that before, but I ended up knew that. I think everyone need to know about this.”

He also responded to the comments by saying, “Well, I feel like I’m a Freddie Mercury when he mentioned like that. I wonder if I take legal action and what would s/he reacted to this. I really want to do that.

The rumor about Swings sexuality was circulated on the Internet, but he responded quickly by posting a screenshot of the comment on his Instagram, although the actual person who originally wrote it had since deleted it.

On October 11, 2018, Swings finally opened up his 3rd music label with Giriboy. The rapper and producer posted on his Instagram about his brand new label, named WEDAPLUGG. The artists who joined under the label are younger, but they definitely have the hip hop vibe.

The acts associated with the new label are Lil Cherry, Jhnovr, Yunhway, Jito Mo, and producer sAewoo. Swings had previously started two other labels, Just Music Entertainment and Indigo Music.



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