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Purple Kiss Dosie Full Profile, Fun Facts, Official Debut

Purple Kiss Dosie
Purple Kiss Dosie

Everything You Should Know About Purple Kiss Main Dancer Jang Eun-seong a.k.a Dosie Full Profile

Purple Kiss (hangul: 퍼플키스) is a South Korean girl group that consists of 7 original members with Park Jieun, Na Goeun, Dosie, Ireh, Yuki, Chaein, and Swan. They debuted under RBW Entertainment on March 15, 2021 with the title track “Ponzona”.

In this article, there is detailed information about one of Purple Kiss’ members, Jang Eun-seong a.k.a Dosie, who is the main dancer and vocalist of the group. For those who still don’t familiar about her, don’t worry! Let’s learn more about Purple Kiss’ Dosie in this article below!

Purple Kiss Dosie Profile

Purple Kiss Dosie

Real Name : Jang Eun-seong (hangul: 장은성)

Stage Name : Dosie (hangul: 도시)

Birth : Busan, South Korea, February 11, 2000

Star Sign : Aquarius

Blood Type : O

Position : Main Dancer, Vocalist

Height : 163 cm (5’4″)

Education : Hanlim Multi Arts

Nationality : Korean

Purple Kiss Dosie Fun Facts

  1. Purple Kiss’ Dosie’s representative emoji is Shark
  2. Purple Kiss’ Dosie’s MBTI type is INFP
  3. Purple Kiss’ Dosie has a twin sister
  4. Purple Kiss’ Dosie was on JTBC’s ‘MixNine’ ranked on #78
  5. Purple Kiss’ Dosie likes to draw
  6. Purple Kiss’ Dosie  was the first member of the group to join RBW (2016)
  7. Purple Kiss’ Dosie would choose teleportation if she had a superpower
  8. Purple Kiss’ Dosie, Ireh and Chaein choreographed the song “My Heart Skip a Beat”
  9. Purple Kiss’ Dosie would bring a knife if she could only take one thing to a desert island
  10. Purple Kiss’ Dosie  is a big fan of GOT7
  11. Purple Kiss’ Dosie loves to dance
  12. Purple Kiss’ Dosie can play the bass
  13. Purple Kiss’ Dosie’s favorite movie is Little Forest
  14. Purple Kiss’ Dosie’s favorite food is a hot pot
  15. Purple Kiss’ Dosie’s favorite pop singers are Kehlani and HONNE
  16. Purple Kiss’ Dosie and Yuki are roommates
  17. Purple Kiss’ Dosie’s favorite character is BOSS
  18. Purple Kiss’ Dosie likes to watch Heart Signal
  19. Purple Kiss’ Dosie frequently uses illeism
  20. Purple Kiss’ Dosie’s role model is Wonder Girls
  21. Purple Kiss’ Dosie’s fans say that she looks like WJSN‘s Yeoreum
  22. Purple Kiss’ Dosie’s Chinese zodiac sign is Dragon
  23. Purple Kiss’ Dosie prefers rain to sun
  24. Purple Kiss’ Dosie nickname was inspired by Taeyeon’s song “Something New”
  25. Purple Kiss’ Dosie loves to eat noodles
  26. Purple Kiss’ Dosie was proud when the member called her “unnie”

That was all for the information about Purple Kiss’ Dosie and everything you should know about her. Let’s keep sending her a lot of love and support, so her career can shine even more in the future. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for other interesting upcoming articles from Byeol Korea!